He was never there

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My FRIENDS thoughts of god.
This is in her POV
b/c I havent lost a bff b4

Submitted: July 15, 2008

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Submitted: July 15, 2008



She didn't care anymore. Her life might as well've been over. Done with. She just kept screwing up and screwing up, so why even bother with herself? She was useless. She had lost a few pretty good friends, to let them trash talk her to the ends of the earth, and after that ended up losing more friends after hurting some stupid guy's feelings when she didn't even like him.  Most of the things she did either messed her up in some way, or made her feel like a slut.  Her brother started calling her 90 lb self fat, so she went bulemic. The yells of her parents made her cut.  There was only one person she thought she could turn to, in the night they would talk for hours. Or, she would talk to him.

"God, do you love me?" No answer.

"God, will you help me?" No answer.

"Will you save me?" the silence buzzed on.

The night she asked that, she cut herself a little deeper. The blood ran from her wrists, onto the floor. She purged herself, only to repedeatly hemorrage and throwup blood.  Her last words were "Why God? Why me?"

She ended up as nothingness, since the bible was a lie. No heaven, or hell.

The only thing left was her blood, her body, her pain and suffering. She had prayed for an unexistent God to help her, when he wasn't even there.

She could have turned to a REAL being, but decided to turn to God.

Now let me ask you this, Did he help her?

Don't give me your rage.

"Oh she should've prayed"-you say that when you talk to god he listens

"She wasnt specific" Oh thats a bunch of bs

"Your atheist. You wouldnt know." please. i was very christian.

So was my friend.

He didnt save her.

He isn't there.

He never was.

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