Yugioh story part 3 (with AtemxTea and JoeyxMai)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kaiba is hosting a dueling tournament, but it's much different than what it used to be with many more twists and turns! However, something goes wrong and someone was able to hack in, making the events occur during the tournament real! The contestants find themselves fighting not only for the championship title, but for their lives! Will the Pharoah and his friends be able to make it out alive & what sacrifices will each one of the duelist will have to make to save the ones they love?

Part 3


“Mokuba?!” Tea cried.

“It must be some kind of joke!’ Seto protested, getting angry, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Mr. Kaiba sir, we’re positive. We’re now working on what this virus does to prevent any harm to come to your technology.”

“Keep working.” Kaiba hung up. He turned to Tea.

“Well it would make sense if Mokuba triggered the virus. I mean, he’s your brother. He knows the system just as well as you do, let alone hack it with some unknown virus.” Tea offered an explanation meekly.

“That’s ridiculous!” Kaiba protested. “Mokuba would never do something like this!”

Kaiba placed his weight in front of him, “There must be some sort of explanation for all of this.”

Tea didn’t say anything. She didn’t know what to say.

Kaiba pressed his intercom button, “Mokuba, come in.”

No response.

“Mokuba,” Kaiba repeated louder, “Do you hear me?”

After a second round of no replies, Kaiba grew incredibly frustrated and irritated.

Tea ran towards the elevator. “I’ll go look for him in his office. He probably just didn’t hear your call”


Tea pressed the elevator button to Mokuba’s office and while the elevator moved up, her phone rang.

She took her cell out of her purse and answered,” Hello?”

“Tea, it’s Tristan,” Tristan nearly yelled into the phone, “Where in the world are you?!  Why do you keep ditching us?”

Tea looked like she got electric shocked, but she made a quick temporary excuse, “Tristan, I’m in the middle of an emergency. I can’t talk to you right now!”

“An emergency?!” Joey grabbed the phone, replacing Tristan’s voice, “What kind of emergency could you possibly be in?”

“I can’t explain right now. I’ll talk to you guys later,” Tea hung up and ran out of the elevator, her boots clicking on the ground. She found Mokuba’s office completely empty, but Tea stepped in anyways, looking around.

“Mokuba?” Tea called. “Mokuba?”

She noticed his computer still on to his email page. He had no new mail but Mokuba was in the middle of replying a message to some stranger Tea had never heard of named Spencer.

Tea sat down on the chair, scrolling through the previous emails.


To Mokuba

From Spencer


I need your help Mokuba. Things around here are getting worse and if it gets any more, there’s no hope that I’ll survive. My parents are really ill and resources are running low. If anyone can help, it’s you.


Reply: Spencer

From Mokuba


Of course Spencer! It’ll be no problem. My brother’s hosting a big duel monsters tournament that’s coming! Haha no one’s really supposed to know, but you being my longest friend ever, I can totally trust you. Once we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ll send in agents to help you.



Reply: Mokuba

From Spencer


Thanks Mokuba! You’re a great best friend! In return, maybe I can help with this duel monsters tournament. You know I’m exceptionally good with computers, so any difficulties, let me know!



Reply Spencer

From Mokuba


Great! I’ll send a private plane to your place and we can work on this together.


Tea launched out of her seat, and pressed the intercom button, “Kaiba! You won’t believe what I’ve just found out!”

“You found Mokuba?!” Kaiba exclaimed.

“No, but I found some emails he’s been emailing to a guy named Spencer Green.”

Kaiba didn’t respond for a while. “Spencer?”

“You know this guy?”

“He was Mokuba’s friend is all I know.”

“Mokuba invited this Spencer over to his office,” Tea scanned the computer, “I can bet he’s the one messing around with your dueling system! According to this email, he’s a computer genius— ”

Suddenly, something launched out of the arm rest on the chair and seized Tea’s wrists. It wouldn’t let go but tightened its metal grip.

She gasped in surprise, “What’s going on?”

“Tea?” Kaiba asked from the intercom.

The metal cuffs forced her down on the seat, as much as Tea tried so hard to resist by struggling.

“Tea!” Kaiba demanded, “What’s happening over there?”

Cuffs grabbed ahold of Tea’s legs and soon she couldn’t even budge an inch.

“Kaiba!” Tea cried, “Help me!”

From behind someone had a piece of cloth and forced Tea to be quiet with it, tying the remains to the back of her head.

“Mmhm!” Tea screamed without words.


“She’s not answering her phone,” Serenity reported sadly, “I’ve called her 15 times, literally!”

Joey plopped down on a cusion, “Aah. What has gotten into that little mind of hers?”

“I hope she’s not in any sort of trouble, “Duke commented, folding his arms, “There’s no way we can find out where…she..”

His eyes grew wide, realization hitting him, and he snapped his fingers, “What if we track her cell phone?”

“Track it?” Yugi repeated.

“Of course!” Tristan exclaimed, “Duke, you’re a genius!”

“Duh,” Duke picked up the phone and dialed 911.

“We have a friend who we may think is in some sort of trouble,” Duke explained in to the phone, then smiled, “Yes I’m the famous Duke Devlin.”

The rest of the gang sweatdropped.

“her number is 021-443-2417..Ok.”

After a couple of seconds, Duke nodded gravely, frowning, “Thanks Officer.”

And he hung up the phone.

“Soo..” Joey leaned in, “Where’s Tea at, ponytail?”

Duke said slowly, “According to the police’s tracking cell phone system, Tea’s cell phone…doesn’t exist.”


“Rolan, what’s going on in Mokuba’s office?!’ Kaiba demanded into the intercom.

“Nothing, sir. The room is in perfect condition.”

Kaiba thought to himself, If what Tea said about Spencer was true, then we’d be in big trouble. Spencer knows absolutely everything there is to know about a computer, and that’s bad. But what is he truly capable of is the question.

Mokuba stepped into the room, “Hey Seto—”

Kaiba looked up surprised and wide eyed, “Mokuba? Where were you?”

“Doing the tournament contracts like you said to Seto..”

Mokuba looked at his brother and realized something was wrong, “Seto…where’s Tea?”


“What do you mean her phone doesn’t exist?” Yugi exclaimed.

Duke shrugged, “The officer that I talked to said that there was no number by that at all existing anywhere in the world.”

“Things just don’t’ make any sense,” Joey complained, running his fingers through his blonde hair. “Why do these complicated things always happen to us?”

“Joey..” Serenity started.

“We saved souls from Pegasus, and made him stop capturing more with his freaky millennium eye! Then Merrick tried to take over the world! Then Dartes! What is coming next?” Joey said, “It’s like the fate of the world always depends on us! Someone else should play hero once in a while.”

“Calm down Joye,” Tristan said.

“We need to focus on finding Tea,” Duke interrupted, “I have a feeling she’s in big trouble!”


Tea couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, all alone in the room when a figure stood in front of her. He had dark green eyes with black hair that flowed perfectly, dressed in a tuxedo. He was about Tea’s height, well figured, and extremely handsome.

“Well well here,” he said, leaning in towards Tea, “looks like I caught one of Seto’s henchpeople.”

He removed the cloth around her mouth. Tea sat in stony cold silence.

“What’s a pretty girl like you working for a nasty guy like Kaiba?” he reached in towards her.

“Don’t …touch me.” Tea gritted her teeth.

He walked around the room. “Forgive me for having you in this state but I heard you reading my emails to Mokuba…and I can’t let that happen.”

“You’re Spencer?”

Spencer opened his arms. “Isn’t it obvious?”

Tea sighed, her hands itching from the cold metal braces.

“I’ve deactivated your cell phone so no one will know where you are.” Spencer typed on his computer

“Kaiba’s gonna catch you,” Tea warned as a feeble threat.

“Kaiba,” Spencer scoffed, “isn’t going to do anything.”

Tea chewed her lips, trying to think of a way to get out, but she can’t even move!

“So,” he scanned the computer screen, “You’re friends with the Yugi Moto aren’t you? And Joey Wheeler? Mai Valentine? Duke Devlin? Whew, so you’re friends with famous people aren’t you? Are those the kind of friends you prefer? No wonder you associate with Kaiba.”

No way! Tea thought, How did he know about my friends?

“You seem to be quite popular Tea. You know how many girls would die to be in your shoes?”

“Well,” Tea murmured, “If those girls like to be captured by crazy lunatics and get strapped to a chair, then yes, I guess they would die to be in my shoes.”

“You’ve got spunk,” Spencer leaned towards Tea’s face. “I rarely meet girls like you. No wonder you’re friends with Yugi Moto, Joey Wheeler, Mai Valentine, Seto Kaiba or Duke Devlin.”

“Where’s Mokuba?” Tea demanded.

“How will I know? I didn’t’ do anything. I’m sure he’s perfectly safe,” he stepped away fro her, “It’s just you that’s not.”

Spencer grabbed the phone, put it on speaker, and dialed Kaiba’s office.

“Yes?” Kaiba’s terse voice answered.

“Kaiba, my old friend.”

A moment passed before an answer, “Spencer” he said in a seething rage.

“I called to make an agreement, more like a business deal.”

“I don’t’ have time for business deals.”

“Oh but you will. When you find out the pretty little girl I have captured with me.”

“You have Tea?” Kaiba exclaimed.

“She’s quite enjoying herself, in a chair..not being able to move.”

“You monster.”

“Now kaiba, how about that business deal we were talking about?”

Kaiba didn’t reply for a while. “Let’s hear it.”

Spencer grew all excited. “I knew that you’ll see things my way. Now, I’ll give you pretty little Tea back, but in return, you have to sign me up for your upcoming dueling tournament.”

Kaiba actually laughed through the phone, “you really think I’ll let you enter my tournament? They’re for the dueling elite, not for complete amateurs like you.”

“I’d let me enter if I were you, or Tea isn’t going to have a great ending to her life.”

“Kaiba!” Tea yelled into the phone, “Don’t let him enter! Forget about me!”

Spencer laughed, “Acting so very heroic. Alright. But I don’t think your firneds will take your disappearance very well.”

“You creep.” Tea muttered.

“Fine,” Kaiba retorted, “You’ve got yourself a deal Spencer.”

“I knew you’d see things my way. I’ll bring Tea right up.”

“You’d better.” Kaiba hung up the phone.

Spencer looked up at Tea in happiness, “How sweet of Kaiba to take such dramatic sacrifice.”

You…” Tea snarled, “are so gonna pay.”

“Pay how?” Spencer replied innocently, “Anyhow, I’m a man of my word so I’ll let you go.”

 He pressed a button and then all the metal cuffs released Tea. Tea immediately stood up, reubbing the soreness around her wrists. “I’m out!”

Spencer grinned. “Whatever, you’re not worth anything to me anyway. Get going.

Tea thought What am I supposed to do with this guy? I should arrest him for kidnapping me. But technically, he didn’t kidnap me. He just strapped me to a chair, and there’s no way I can prove that.

Tea walked out of the room stiffly and climbed the stairs instead of using the elevators.

Just in case Spencer did something funny to the elevators, Tea thought grimly. What am I going to say to Kaiba when I see him?

She reached Kaiba’s floor. Taking a deep breath, Tea opened the door. Kaiba was behind his desk, typing away on his computer, obviously busy.

Mokuba was on the phone, “---find out Roland.”

Tea slid inside the room. Kaiba looked up at Tea and Tea felt the heat creeping to her face.

“Are you..ok?” Kaiba asked in a flat tone.”

Tea rubbed her wrists, “I’m fine. Sorry about the …deal you had to make.”

“Hmph,” Seto Kaiba turned back to his computer, “Apparently he can’t penetrate Kaiba corp main frame from the outside well, so he wants to do it from the inside.”

“What are you going to do about it Seto?” Mokuba asked.

Kaiba intertwined his fingers together, “I can’t let him sabotage this tournament. But I promised I’d register him.”

“Well,” Tea said slowly, “I bet he just wants to get your attention.”

Kaiba glared at Mokuba, “And none of this would have happened if you never communicated with Spencer in the first place. I told you to stay away from that guy.”

“I’m sorry Seto,” Mokuba put his head down, “But he used to be real nice.”

Tea plopped down on the chair, “I can’t believe I’m doing this all for just a dancing scholarship>”

“All part of the job,” Mokuba commented.

“We won’t register him,” Kaiba concluded, “I can’t take the risk.”

“But what about the virus?” Tea asked, “What if Spencer—“

Ring ring.

Kaiba snatched up the phone. “What is it?”

“It’s Joey, Kaiba.”

“Not you again.”

“Look Tea’s been missing all day and suddenly her cell phone doesn’t exist. We need your help.”

“Tea’s with me, Wheeler.”

“Wha? With you? Why is she with you?”

“she’s fine.”

“Urgh answer my question rich boy!”

Kaiba handed the phone to Tea, and she took it hesitantly, “Joey?”

“tea!’ Joey nearly screamed into the phone, “Why are you with Kaiba of all people?”

“Umm…” Tea scrambled things in her head, “I came…to visit Mokuba.”

“Oh boy,” Kaiba murmured, leaning his head on his hands.

“Mokuba?’ Joey repeated.

“Uh, yeah.” Tea fumbled for the right words, “Because…because… he’s sick.”

Kaiba and Mokuba looked completely shocked.

“What are you saying?” Kaiba demanded roughly, sitting up straighter in his chair.

“Mokuba’s sick?!” Joey cried from the other side, “Is he all right? We’ll be there right away!”

“No!” Tea yelled, then realizing she spoke to loud, she softened her voice, “No. He’s fine. He’s almost…recovered! I was….just about to leave.”

“Oh…okay then,” Joey smiled over the phone, “We’ll see you soon then?”

“Yeah,” Tea mumbled, then hung up the phone.

“I’ve never met anyone who can create lies like you,” Kaiba smirked digustedly, “Well..at least it worked.”

Mokuba grinned, “Sort of.”

Tea shouldered her handbag. “I should go. I’ll…try to be here tomorrow.”

“Fine.” Kaiba turned to Mokuba, saying in a mocking tone, “Mokuba, see to it that Tea doesn’t get lost.”

Tea glared at Kaiba, tossing her hair, “That won’t be necessary Kaiba.”

She left towards the elevator, and Kaiba watched her thoughtfully as the elevator door closed.

To be continuedd...

Submitted: January 27, 2012

© Copyright 2021 summerlove650. All rights reserved.

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lolz!!!!!!! that was so... lol!!!! hahahahahaha! i like it! good job ;)

Tue, May 29th, 2012 4:55pm

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