Yugioh story (with AtemxTEa and JoeyxMai) part 1

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Kaiba is hosting a dueling tournament, but it's much different than what it used to be with many more twists and turns! However, something goes wrong and someone was able to hack in, making the events occur during the tournament real! The contestants find themselves fighting not only for the championship title, but for their lives! Will the Pharoah and his friends be able to make it out alive & what sacrifices will each one of the duelist will have to make to save the ones they love?

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



"Mokuba? Kaiba?" Yugi exclaimed, surprised when he opened the doors, he found them two standing in front of his grandfather's shop. "What's up?"
Joey, Tea, Tristan, Duke, and Serenity appeared next to Yugi, all with questioned looks.
"What's rich boy doing here?" Joey demanded.
Kaiba stepped into the store, with Mokuba following right behind his feet like always.
"Hey!" Joey balled a fist, "Who invited you in, Kaiba? Don't think that because you're the owner of the biggest company in the world means you can just barge in here!"
"Relax Joey," Tristan cautioned.
"Hmph," Seto Kaiba completely ignored Joey, inspecting the place, "Is this your grandfather's shop? It hasn't changed a bit."
Kaiba turned to Tea. "Tea, I need to talk to you for one minute."
"Huh?" Tea asked, her eyes wide with confusion.
"What for-" Joey began to protest.
"Calm yourself Wheeler!' Kaiba interuptted, "Go back to the dog cage where you belong!"
"Say what?!" Joey hurled himself at Kaiba, but Tristan held him back, "Are you calling me a dog Kaiba?!"
"Hm," Kaiba turned around out the door, "I'm done with you people. Tea, are you coming or not?"
"What?" Tea watched him leave the store, and quickly followed him outside, "Sure."
"What do you think, Pharoah?" Yugi asked within his millenium puzzle. "What do you think Kaiba wants?"
"I don't know," the Pharoah replied, "But we can trust kaiba. There's no need to worry."
Mokuba however, stood behind, smiling up at them, "So how've you guys been?"
"Mokuba!" Joey broke free of Tristan's grasp, "What does your brother want from us now?"
Mokuba folded his arms, "Oh he doesn't want anything from you guys."

"What is it you want Kaiba?" Tea asked, once they reached a clear distance away from the card shop.
Kaiba took out a package, wrapped in brown paper, out of his jacket. "Here."
"Wha- What is it?" Tea took it.
"It's something that you'll find pretty irresistable, I'm sure. Your friends must never see it! Got that?" Kaiba said in his rude tone as always.
"What is it?" Tea repeated.
Kaiba turned around, "My company is running a new project, and I think you could be of some use to me."
"What makes you think I'll do it?" Tea demanded. "Why should I do anything for you?"
Kaiba laughed, "Why don't you let me finish what i'm going to say and then you start yelling at me? I haven't even told you what I'd give you in return."
Tea glared at him in silence.
"I have a reward for you of course," Kaiba assured her, "and I'm pretty sure it's something you'll find hard to resist."
"What must I do?" Tea asked after moments of silence.
"Put that package into your purse, dont' tell anyone about anything I said to you, and open it when you get home. Is that clear?" Seta demanded.
"Crystal," Tea murmured sarcastically, stuffing it in her purse, "But what should I say when my friends ask me -"
"Just tell them it's none of their buisness and to take a hike!"
"Watch it," Tea warned, "or i won't do this for you."
Kaiba scoffed, "You're in no position to make any threats to me."
He walked away, "Tell Mokuba to catch up to me."
Tea watched him disappear, then headed back to the shop. The door ring rung when hse entered and she saw all her friends waiting on the floor.
"Mokuba?" Tea smiled when she saw the little boy, "Uh, your brother's waiting for you. Well, sort of ditching you."
Mokuba stood up, as if it didn't bother him at all, waved back at them, and headed towards the door, "Thanks Tea. Bye guys."
he left.
Tea put her purse aside and sat down on the floor with everyone else.
"So," Serenity scooted in closer, "What did Kaiba want?"
"He..he asked me a favor."
"Yeah?" Yugi grew interested, "What kind of favor?"
"Well," Tea tried looking honest, "he thought I...could work for him in his company."
"Say what?!" everyone repeated.
"Why didn't you tell Kaiba I could have worked for him?" Duke demanded, "you know how much money I'd make?"
"Why would Kaiba want you to work for him?" Joey asked teasingly.
"What'd you say?" Tristan asked Tea.
Tea looked down at the ground. "I said I would think about it."
"Don't take that job!" Joey stood up, "Kaiba just wants you to become one of his Kaiba Corp flunkies so he can take you away from us!"
"Don't get so excited Joey," Serenity advised her brother.
The Pharoah spoke in Yugi's mind, "I don't think kaiba offered Tea a job. There's something she's not telling us. And I have a hunch it has something to do with Kaiba."
"Uh, how do you know that Phaorah?" Yugi asked, scratching his head.
"I know her," the Pharoah folded his arms, "The look in her eyes. She's hiding something."
"You think we should confront her?"
"No, we'll wait. I'm not sure about it quite yet."
"Hey, Yug, " joey interuppted their thoughts, "You think we can eat something? I'm starving!"

Tea grabbed her home phone and dialed kaiba's office after dinner over at Yugi's place. Waiting for the ring tone, Seto kaiba finally answered.
"Yes?" his terse voice answered, chopping like a blade.
"I told them you offered me a job. Go along with it."
Kaiba was silent for some time. "You're absolutely horrible at making lies!"
"I asked you to make up one for me-"
"I did."
"But I can't say that! Look it doesn't matter."
"Right. Did you open the package?"
"Um..."Tea took out a knife and began opening the brown package, "I'm working on it."
"Well stop didly dadlying, hurry up!"
Tea put the phone on the speaker phone, placed it on the couch and opened the package, "Be patient with me Kaiba!"
"In case you haven't known this before, I'm not a very patient man."
"Huh," Tea finished the rest of teh wrapping, "I didn't notice."
Inside, were two envelopes, one that was thicker and the otehr one is a bit thicker, both white with the Kaiba Corp logo inscribed on it.
"Listen Tea, I dont' have all day. I have a company to run. So if your puny little brain can't figure out what everything in the package means, then allow me to quickly explain."
"Fine. You explain it."
"In the thicker envelope, is the mission I'm askign you to help me with. Not by yourself, of course. I'm working on creating the biggest duel monsters tournament!"
Tea began to open the big envelope, "You've said that millions of times and already done it millions of times."
"I'ts not going to be just a regular dueling competition, Tea. It's going to be so much more!"
"How?" Tea found a long piece of paper that seemed to go on endlessly with intricate plans.
"You'll see soon enough. Come to Kaiba Corp tomorrow at eight o'clock, as it already says, and we'll meet in person. And whatever you do, don't bring Yugi or Wheeler or any of your other pathetic friends!"
"What's in the smaller envelope?" Tea held up the other envelope, trying to ignore Kaiba's churlish attitude.
"Your reward."
"Oh," Tea breathed, becoming more interested in the small thin envelope in her hand.
"I've got to go now. Be here tomorrow, and dont' be late." He hung up and the dial started to beep from her side of the phone.
"Sheesh," Tea murmured, putting down the phone and opened the smaller package. Inside, was a full scholarship to the best dancing academy, "Solo."
Tea gasped, staring down at the piece of paper, "How does kaiba know I love to dance?"

Tea put on her light blue and white stripped tanktoop, black leggins, and a pair of boots. She slung bracelets around her wrists, and two necklaces around her neck, put her purse on her shoulders and headed out. She locked the door behind her, when suddenly a voice said, "Where are you going Tea?"
"Eek!" Tea jumped in surprise, seeing the Pharoah approach her, "Oh it's you. Boy you scared me!"
"Sorry," he appologized sincerely, "I didn't mean to frighten you."
Tea sighed, "Well I can't ever get mad at you can I? So unfair.."
"So why are you leaving this early? Don't you like sleeping in?" the Pharoah stuck hsi hands in his pocket.
Tea repositioned her purse nervously. "I've got somewhere to go."
"To see Kaiba?"
"Of-of course not!" Tea broke into a run, shouting back, "I'll catch up with you guys later!"
"Well Pharoah," Yugi said, "It looks like you were right."
"Le'ts not confront her. We can't interfere with her choices. But, if it gets to a point where she might be in dancer, then we'll step in."

Tea sauntered into the Kaiba Corp building, and almost imediately, rolan was there to greet her and to take Tea to Seto kaiba's personal office.
The elevator swung open and Tea found Kaiba sitting behind his desk, typing away on hsi computer.
Tea stepped in, and the elevator door swung closed behind her.
Kaiba smirked from behind his computer, "At least you're not late."
She held up the dancing scholarship. "How'd you know I needed this?"
"The Pharoah told me."
"Uh..."Tea repeated, "The Pharoah?"
"Yes," Kaiba stood up, "But we have more important things to discuss."
Tea took out the big envelope. "This--"
Kaiba seized it from her hands, "is trash."
He dumped it in the recycling.
"It's a fake. Just a precaustion in case you were stupid enough to tell your friends about this."
Tea wasn't sure if he was giving a compliment.
"Now," Kaiba sat back down on his seat, intertwining his fingers together, "You can play duel monsters can you?"
"Um.." Tea fiddled with her fingers, "I'm not very good at it."
"You beat Mai Valentine, to win those star chips for Yugi back in Duelist Kingdom."
Tea put her hands to her hips. "How did you know about that?"
"The pharoah told me," Kaiba repeated, eying the files on his desk, "You can't wonder the amount of babbling he does about you."
Before Tea could answer, kaiba said, "Enough about this! We have a ton of work to do! So prepare yourself Tea!" He slammed his hand on his desk.

"It's not like Tea to skip out on classes," Joey commented, as he walked down the hallway with Tristan and Yugi.
"Don't you guys think it's a bit strange that after kaiba had that 'talk' with Tea last night that she's een acting weird ever since?" Tristan proposed.
"Yeah." Yugi nodded.
"I say we confront rich boy and tell him we demand to know what he's doing to Tea!"
"Let's not act too rash." Yugi cautioned.
"Rash?" Joey repeated. "Don't worry Yug, I'm a very cool and a collected kind of guy."

Joey slammed his hands on Kaiba's desk and yelled, "Tell us what you're doing to TEa right now kaiba!"
"That's cool and collected Joey for you all, " Tristan mocked.
"How in the world di you manage to get into my office?!" Kaiba demanded.
"Listen buddy, forget how we got here. Listen to why we are here." Joey said.
"You've lost it," Kaiba smirked from behind the desk.
"Ever since you talked to Tea last night, she's been skipping classes!" Joey pressed, pointing a finger at kaiba, "And there's no way she would ever skip classes, not unless someone is responsible for making her like that, Kaiba!"
"What do you suggest happened Wheeler?" Kaiba countered, "Don't tell me that an evil person is going around stealing people's souls and you're afraid Tea might be a victim."
"That's enough jokkes!" Joey protested.
"We just want to know where she is, and we thought you might know," Tristan tried to act calmer than joey.
"If you're really growing paranoid over her disappearence, then why don't you just call her? Use my phone."
"Yugi." Joey turned to him. "You know Tea's cell phone number. Why don't you call?"
Kaiba glared at Yugi, then the rest of them, "Why is it that only Yugi knows her phone number? Don't you irresponsible dweebs need to knw it in case of emergencies?!"
"Jeez Kaiba, don't get so worked up over nothing." Joey defended himself.
Yugi dialed Tea's number and waited for the ring.
"Tea? Tea! Where have you been?" Yugi asked into the phone.
Teh gang listened.
"Oh ok," Yugi nodded, "I'll see you later."
He hung up the phone and turned to hs friends. "Tea went shopping today."
"Shopping?!" Joey and Tristan exclaimed.
Kaiba looked completely mortified.
"She would skip class for shopping?!' Joey folded his arms, "Something's not right."
"This party here is over!" Kaiba ordered, "I've had more than I can take of you people and I have a company to run, so if you don't mind, leave my office and have a nice life!"
"No need to get upset," Tristan said, and all three of them backed away to the elevator and disappeared.
Kaiba whipped the phone from his receiver.
"Shopping?" Kaiba repeated incredulously, " You seriously think that they'll believe you went shopping?!"
"I panicked!" Tea protested, "I'm no good at lying to people."
"No one is supposed to find out about this project and if your friends do, the whole entire operation will be at stake because of yoru not being able to make an excuse!"
"Chill out!" Tea exclaimed. "It's not like I'm doing this on purpose! I'm trying the best I can!"
"You'd better be. did you at least set up the dueling system like I told you to?"
"Yeah," Tea typed on the computer, her fingers flying across the keyboard.
"Good. I'll be down there in a minute," Kaiba hung up the phone.
"Rolan," Kaiba pressed the button on his intercom, "How's the research?"
"Still working it on it, Kaiba sir!"
"I want answers now."
"Yes, right away sir."

"Remember I asked you if you know how to duel?" Kaiba asked Tea.
"Mmhmm," she nodded.
"I need you to test the new dueling system to see if it..functions correctly."
Tea folded her arms, "So basically, you're using me as a guinea pig to test out the nw system and if something were to go wrong I'd take the fall."
"Pretty much." Kaiba pressed a button.
"Starting dueling system." the computer said.
"Hold on, I never agreed to put my life on the line just to test yout your new toy!" Tea protested. "You will, or I'll cancel that dance school scholarship."
"Fine," Tea went and rose herself on the dueling platform, "You'd better be sure this works."
"Don't worry. I promise I won't let anything happen to you."
"I'll hold you to that promise." Tea took out her deck, and placed it down, "What do I do?"
"Wow," Kaiba mocked from the microscope, "You're even more of an amateur than I thought. I can't belive that you even beat someone like Mai."
Tea frowned.
Kaiba typed on his computer, "You're going to try beating the computer."
"The computer?"
"Level 5.'
"Level 5?!"
"Stop repeating what I'm saying!' Kaiba demanded, his voice blaring through the microscope,"Just duel!"
"Ok, ok," Tea drew out five cards, "You're always so pushy."
(2000 Life points each)
The computer decided to go first. "Flame Swordsman. Attack Mode. One card face down. End of turn." (Flame Swordsman Atk 1800 Def 1600)
"Hm," Tea glanced at her cards, thinking, "I don't even have a monster to stand up to 1800 attack points."
"We don't have all day, Tea!" Kaiba yelled into the microphone.
"Will you be quiet?!" Tea retorted, tightening her grip on her cards, "You're like a chattering baboon!"
Tea took out her card, "Shining Friendship, in attack mode." (Shining Friendship Atk 1300 Def 1100)
She took out another card, "Oh and I place one card face down."
Kaiba burst out laughing. "How pathetic! If your cards are as weak and puny as that, there's no way you're going to win."
Tea glared at him. "Just let me duel. You're not here to laugh at my dueling skills. You're here to just make sure everything's working right."
"I play the Gaia the Fierce night in Attack mode." The computer said, and the monster appeared. (Gaia Atk 2300 Def 1500)
"Wha-" Tea stepped back. "Gaia?"
"Gai the Fierce night. Attack Shining Friendship>"
"Hm!" Kaiba smirked, "You're screwed."
"Not so fast!" Tea interfered, flipping over her face down card. "I reveal my face down card. Waboku!"
Waboku appeared in front of shining friendship.
"Waboku reduces the attacker's attack points to zero, "Tea explained excitedly, pulling out a card in her hand. "Getsa Fuhma. In attack mode."
(Getsa Fuhma- 1800 Def 1600)
She slammed the card on the platform.
Tea pointed to Gaia the Fierce night, "Attack, Getsa Fuhma!"
With the sword in her hand, she sliced Rude kaiser away and deducted 300 life points from the computer's life points.
"Score!" Tea exclaimed.
"Don't get so excited Tea," Kaiba cautioned.
"Playing Just Desserts." the computer said, flipping over a card.
"Just Desserts?!" kaiba exclaimed. "That computer isn't supposed to have that card!"
"Well apparently, it does now!'' Tea said frightened.
A ghostly hand came out of the battle floor and reached towards Tea.
"Uh, Kaiba?" Tea asked nervously, "This is isn't part of the holographic system is it?"
Kaiba shouted to his henchman, "Shut down the system now!"

"It won't let us Mr Kaiba sir! There's a virus that's controlling the main frame!"

"Tea!" Kaiba shouted, "Get away from there!"
Tea tried steppign back, but then something came out of the bottom and cuffs grabbed ahold of her feet and wouldn't let go!"
"Kaiba!" Tea yelled. "I can't move!"
"Where did those cuffs come from?!" Kaiba demanded.
"You designed it!' Tea screamed. "How will I know?"
The ghostly hand crept closer to Tea and Tea nervously leaned backwards with her back, since she couldn't move her feet. However, the hand touched her face and immediately, Tea collapsed, unconscious.

Author's note:
its going to continue! I'm planning on releasing part 2 sometime in January 2012! I hoped you like it; it may seem a bit slow right now, but it'll pick up i promise!

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