Yugioh Story (with AtemxTea and JoeyxMai) part 2

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Kaiba is hosting a dueling tournament, but it's much different than what it used to be with many more twists and turns! However, something goes wrong and someone was able to hack in, making the events occur during the tournament real! The contestants find themselves fighting not only for the championship title, but for their lives! Will the Pharoah and his friends be able to make it out alive & what sacrifices will each one of the duelist will have to make to save the ones they love? Created by summerw68 on Thursday, January 05, 2012

Submitted: January 26, 2012

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Submitted: January 26, 2012




Tea awoke to see five faces staring down at her: the Pharaoh, Joey, Tristan, Serenity, and Duke.

“Whoa!” Tea jerked back.

“Take it easy Tea,” the Pharaoh cautioned.

Tea sat up in the hospital bed, surprised to see Kaiba leaning on the wall in the doorway.

“Kaiba?” Tea said incredulously.

Kaiba turned to her, eying her carefully, “You must’ve shopped a long time because you felt so tired you..fell down the stairs.”

Tea gapped at him. “The stairs?!” she repeated.

“You must’ve taken a nasty fall,” Serenity said soothingly, “Lie down and rest.”

“It’s fine.” Tea got out of bed. “I feel fine.”

She put her shoes on and glanced at Kaiba. “Kaiba, a word?”

Tea left the room and Kaiba smirked, following her out. The gang looked at each other for a long time.

“What is going on here?” Duke asked, “What’s with tea?”
“Tea,” Serenity said, concerned, “What is happening?”

I fell down the stairs?! Is that the best thing you could come up with?” Tea demanded.

Kaiba shrugged casually, “Hm. It seemed like you would do a clumsy thing like that.”

“Watch it,” Tea warned.

“Anyway,” Kaiba glanced at Tea, “You feel better to work again?”

Tea gave him a hard stare, “I just got released from a hospital.”

“Huh.” He turned, “I work under any condition, rain or shine, cold or hot, sick or healthy. I need my employees…to do the same.”

Tea gritted her teeth, rubbing the back of her head. “What exactly happened? I just remember being cuffed on my legs and the computer played something called Just Desserts. That’s it.”

“That computer should never have played that card! I didn’t even put it in the gaming system.”

“Well you apparently did. And it knocked me out! What kind of holograms are those?”

“My team’s working on what caused this. Trust me, the person who got away with messing with my dueling system won’t go unpunished. Whatever he did, I’m going to undo it! This whole entire operation is messed up. And the cuffs that grabbed your feet? They aren’t even in the design plan!”

“Now wait, that’s impossible!” Tea protested, “Kaiba, if they weren’t in the design, the someone must have tampered with it—”

“That’s ridiculous!” Kaiba interrupted, “My technology’s state of the art. No way can anyone but me get in!”

“Stop saying that! You said that last time and Zigfried hacked in. Rebecca Hopkins hacked in. Your half brother hacked in before that. There are always people out there!” Tea was frustrated. “Kaiba, someone must’ve done something or these things won’t happen!”

“Is everything alright guys?” Joey and the gang approached them. Tea and Kaiba regained their positions immediately.

“Hey guys,” Tea nodded, trying to keep her cool. “Yeah, everything’s fine.

“C’mon Tea!” Tristan coaxed, “Let’s all go hang out together in Yugi’s grandfather’s shop.”
“sure,” Tea agreed, “Sounds like fun.”

“Let’s get out of this hospital then!’ Joey cheered, then turned to Tea, “By the way, rich boy’s covering up your expense.”

Tea looked at Kaiba and he nodded.


“Alright, Tea, tell us now,” Joey demanded when they all settled into the living room.

“Tell you what?” Tea murmured weakly, trying to not have her voice squeak.

“Why you suddenly skipped classes to go shopping, and then you fall down the stairs which you never do, and conveniently, rich boy shows up and pays for your hospital fee!” Joey exclaimed, “I mean, Kaiba never uses his own money on us!”

“And all of this happened right after Kaiba showed up to talk to you.” Duke added.

“All… really good questions,” Tea said slowly, trying to make a story in her head.

Then the bell rang in the store. No one moved. It was a customer, and probably Yugi’s grandpa was taking care of it already.

“Guys,” Grandpa called, “There’s someone here to see you.”

Everyone got out of their seats and walked towards the shop. Tea blew a sigh of relief. They found Mai Valentine, leaning against the counter, looking through the duel monsters cards that were taken out. Her long fingers moved through each one, her boots clicking on the ground. Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders. She wore the same thing she wore back in duelist kingdom.

“Mai,” Joey said, completely surprised and happy at the same time.

Mai looked up at the gang, smiled, and stood straight, “Hey guys.”

“Boy Mai, we haven’t seen you in ages!” Tea exclaimed. Serenity nodded.

“I know,” she put her hands to her hips her bright purple eyes shining, “It did feel like forever didn’t it?”

“How have you been Mai?” the Pharoah asked sincerely.

“I’ve been going around here and there,” Mai returned to studying the cards, “visiting different places, dueling people all over, meeting new people, it’s actually been quite fun.”

“I promised myself that when I when I was going to face you guys again, I was going to set things right, especially with you Joey.”

“Heh?” Joey asked.

“I’m sorry Joey,” Mai faced him, clenching her fists, “Back then, I was angry, hurt, and confused, and I blamed all my loneliness out on you. I can understand if you feel we shouldn’t be friends anymore.”

“Not friends?” Joey protested, “It’s ok Mai.”

Mai smiled, “Thanks for being such a great friend Joey. All of you guys. For sticking up for me when I need help.”

She turned to Yugi’s grandpa, scooping up a couple of cards from the counter with the swift of her hands, “Mr. Moto, I’ll take these.”

Yugi’s grandfather’s eyes popped open. “All of those?”

“Of course,” she smiled sweetly, placing a lot of bills down on the counter, “Keep the change.”

Mr. Moto’s eyes shined, handing the cards to her, “Enjoy your cards Ms Valentine.”

“Thank you,” Mai stuck her cards into her deck.

She turned to her friends and held her hands up, “Bye guys. I’ve got to get going.”

“What?” Serenity protested, “You’re leaving already”

“You can’t be serious Mai!’ Joey exclaimed.

Mai smiled warmly at them, “You know me. I can’t stay in one place for too long. I’ve got things to do, and places to be.”

“But Mai,” Joey protested, “You sure you gotta go?”

“It’s not like you’re never going to see me again. Trust me. We’ll be bugging each other again real soon, maybe in a dueling tournament.”

She headed out.

“Guys,” the Pharoah looked around, “Where’s Tea?”

“Aw man!” Tristan exclaimed, exasperated, “She ran out on us again!”

Joey turned around to face the direction Mai headed. He thought, it’s a good thing that she’s moved on and happy with her life. I mean last time I saw her, she was downright miserable. I’m happy for her. See you soon Mai.

“Let’s go find her,” Duke suggested.

“No guys,” the Pharoah however said, “Whatever Tea’s up to is her business. If she wants her actions to be kept secret, we need to respect that and not interfere.”

“What if Tea’s in trouble man?” Duke countered, “She’s up to something, and that something is not good or she wouldn’t be so secretive.”

“Even so, we can’t.”


“Let’s get to work,” Kaiba said when Tea walked into his office.

Tea glared at him. “Hello to you too.”

“I’ve figured out the reasons why strange things are occurring in the dueling system,” Kaiba typed on his computer and then flipped the computer over so Tea could see.

Tea came closer, the heels of her boots clicking on the ground.

“Kaiba Corp computers detected a virus by the name of Spinster.”

“Spinster? I don’t know what that is.”

“Well of course you don’t,” Kaiba’s eyes scanned the screen, “I’ve never seen something like this in my life! I’m not even sure if it even is a virus!”

Tea glanced at kaiba, “Why are you telling me all this? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Why not hire a professional computer engineer—”

“You’re paid to follow my orders, not ask questions.”

“Fine,” Tea said, not knowing what else to say.

“This virus--” Kaiba murmured, “I’ve run it through all the possible viruses scan and it doesn’t show up as any!”

Tea folded her arms and narrowed her eyes. “Well then obviously it’s either not a virus or a virus no one’s discovered.”

“I don’t need you to repeat the obvious,” Kaiba said tersely, still examining the screen with intense focus, “This obviously is the cause of all of this. We need to find out who launched this virus and how the virus can affect the dueling system.”

He banged his fist on his desk, “No one messes with my dueling system and gets away with it!”

Tea jumped a little at his sudden outburst, “Jeez Kaiba, calm it with the attitude.”

Kaiba ignored her, “If we don’t do something soon, this virus might take over every technology I have in Kaiba corp! And I can’t let that happen! There’s no way I can host a dueling tournament at this rate! We’re going too slow!”

“It’s been only 10 minutes—”

“Zip it,” Kaiba pressed his intercom button, “Rolan come in.”

“Mr. Kaiba sir, you’ll be pleased to know that we traced the virus to the computer who activated this virus.” Rolan reported.

“Who’s computer?” Kaiba demanded, getting excited.

“You wont’ believe us sir-”

“I didn’t ask you whether I should believe it or not. Who’s computer activated Spinster?”

A pause before Rolan answered. “It’s…it’s Mokuba’s sir.”


Part 3 coming up January 2012!

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