Abuse and Love and Death

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A person (or people) is/are abused...yea I suck at summaries but I have to have them. :)

Submitted: March 17, 2010

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Submitted: March 17, 2010



Abuse comes in diffrent forms

Yet they all have a cycle

Over the years it has

Become more violant

And more invisable

They live all around you

The abused that refuse to make a sound

To run away when they can

Because of the fear and loathing

That they know

With all the obvious signs

That no one sees

Until it becomes the only thing

That you can see

Then you curse yourself

For being so oblivious

Of their pain and suffering

Until they are in there most dire state

Right at your door

Begging to be freed

Into the unfnown

And never beaten again

Never degraded or teased again

The pain of your own

Screaming their loathing of you

Hurts every time and

Makes you think

That you are unloved

When even your superhero

Can't see

Or refuses to see

Your utter agony and despair

Then you see no reason to live

And end the agony permanatly

Convinced that you are unlovable

And leave your secret lover

In a ball of grief and regret

At the thought of you

Ending your life

At the thought that no one loves you

When that person

Loved you all along

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