Everything has changed (similar to the hunger games) part 1

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in the ruins of what was north America lies in silence. not a survivor in sight. but soon the ones who did survive see no reason to live on. a new force called the upperclass has held hostage and formed 14 districts. when an over the top uprising happens and 4 districts are nothing but ashes. soon the upperclass makes a promise that repairs will be made and paid for if the uprising ends. war 10 is what is born and for 49 years it runs still going. but even after these games only 3 districts are earned back. a big uprising leaves 14 dead along with the uperclass. replaced by the capitol district 13 is also lost but if we back up to the story of the district 10 tributes you will see before the hunger games this was the life of the world and it did not improve when the capitol took their shoes but have yourself ever wondered: what was the beginning and what happened in the beginning. now this is your answer to the beginning of the ways of the upperclass even before the hunger games life had its tolls.

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Everything has changed (similar to the hunger games) part 1

Submitted: November 27, 2013

in this story a girl must sacrifice everything to save her sister from being sent away to fight to death. but will she die herself. or will there be a winner who will return home. read to find out. Read Chapter