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I just got stabbed in the back, and I'm feeling a little blue.....It's my own fault, but I'm so confused.

Submitted: May 17, 2011

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Submitted: May 17, 2011



Brick by brick, stone by stone, I have torn everything down I built to be with you.

Day by day, time and again, I have destroyed it all beyond what I can undo.

I have manipulated and wrecked, I have decimated and demolished everything,

I have twisted and splintered, I have ripped apart and crushed into nothing.

Hour after hour I dreamed and I prayed, I lied and I foughtfor no reason.,

And now you tell me you are done waiting, and now I have committed little better than treason.

You say you are tired of waitng, you say you have done enough.

I say you don't understand, and I am just not as tough.

You tell me you are done, and you tell me it's not enough to say wait.

I stand here like a fool, my heart in my hand broken and stained.

I have been stabbed in the back enough for many souls, but now I have done what I can never repair.

And you have nothing to say, except that life is sometimes unfair.

How dare you let me believe you love me, and how dare you promise to do what you did not?

How can you lie like that when I have sworn you are all I have got?

One more slap in the face, one more thing I cannot mend.

In this life I have been used many times, but this I can't comprehend.

Beside myself I feel like a fool, I believed you loved me forever,

And now I hold the ruins of my life, and you move on and I am severed.

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