The Demon Niki

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I was feeling the pressure from the holidays as I looked at the very meager and somewhat crappy gifts I was FORCED to accept with grace. They weren't all bad, but I rather prefer cash. My husband and mother tried to convince me I was scandalous when I said that. Then I realized what a bitch I am.

Submitted: December 25, 2009

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Submitted: December 25, 2009



The Demon Niki
She lies to all to please,
But there is no end to her suffering.
Run here and run there,
Put yourself last because that’s what’s fair.
She loathes the very idea of being last,
She despises being the one to get the shaft.
The breach of conduct is tempting to say the least,
To hell with you all this little piggy shall have her roast beef1!
Twisted until broken and beaten,
She’s tired of fighting and tired of weeping.
Nothing pleases and nothing satiates,
It’s all fruitless and failure it radiates.
Dammned if she does and dammned if she won’t,
Will somebody throw this tired bitch a bone?
Too tired for the cries of “mommy!”
Too weary of the role of wifey.
Exhausted and sore from defeat.
It’s time to plan an orderly retreat.
A demon for wanting a little for herself,
Who gives a damn if she rots in hell?
Depraved and maddened by too much work,
Don’t look now, the damn is gonna burst!
The demon only wants a little bit for herself,
But that’s wrong because she doesn’t need any help.
She can do without a cry,
But since she’s a demon we know why.
The demon Niki is cruel and demanding,
She’ll take all that as you keep handing.
Empty is what she’d like you to be,
For she is a demon as you can see.
She only wants a little for herself,
For that she should burn in hell.
She’s a demon plain as can be,
She’s a demon, that bitch Niki.

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