Engaged To Life: Episode 1

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After his recent engagement to Carlen, Daniel invites her to move in with him. Although Daniel fails to mention to her that he lives with three other roommates. As the five live together in one household they stubble through relationship problems and life.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012





  • Daniel Moretti (Danny/ Dan)
  • Carlen Davis (Car)
  • Anelle Fouller (Anne)
  • Russell Gray (Russ)
  • Cassie Fouller (Cass)



  • Daniel and Carlen are engaged and in love with each other. They have a good relationship and are waiting to get married at the right time.
  • Anelle isn’t so happy for Dan and Car. Her past with Dan is too much to just let go like that. Her, Daniel, and Russell have been best friends since college, and suddenly Car ends up in the picture. Anne won’t quite so easily, she’s taking back what’s rightfully hers.
  • Russell is the type of roommate that doesn’t get too involved in all the household drama, he’s nice to everyone and they consider him a cool wise guy. Later, that will all change when he develops feelings for someone in the house.
  • Cassie is Anelle’s 17- year old younger sister. Everyone thinks she’s a rebel due to her the drama in the house, but nobody’s really taken time to understand this teen, there’s much to this girl than you seem.



June. 30, 2012



  Engaged to Life

Pilot: Daniel invites his fiancé Carlen to live with him, but Carlen’s a little hesitant, she doesn’t quite know why though she’ll find out.



SCENE1: On the street outside Carlen’s apartment complex

Carlen: (She walks out of the apartment holding a box.)

Alright that’s the last of it.


Daniel: Good.


Carlen: So we’re really doing this, me moving in with you?

(She asks questionably.)


Daniel: You seem unsure.


Carlen: Well you never really asked, you just suggested.


Daniel: Honey I’m sorry.


Carlen: It’s ok, but I want a proper proposal.


Daniel: For you. (He gets down on his knee.)

Carlen Jane Davis.


Carlen: Yes.


Daniel: Will you move in with me?


Carlen: Yes.


Daniel: Yes. (He gets back up and kisses her.)


Carlen: You can get more of that later.

(She says as she walks toward the moving van.)


Daniel: (He smacks her butt.)



SCENE2: Outside Daniel’s House


Daniel: (He’s outside the door.)

You’re gonna love it.


Carlen: I hope so.


Daniel: (He opens the door.)



Carlen: (Walks in, and sees two people in the living room, they look up at her.)

Danny, who are they?


Daniel: My roommates.


Carlen: Ro-rroommates.


Daniel: Yeah, ro-rroommates.


Carlen: But you told me you lived alone.


Daniel: Yeah alone, with my roommates.


Carlen: You never mentioned you had roommates.


Daniel: You never asked.


Carlen: (She gives him the look.)


Daniel: Honey, come on in. Guys meet Carlen, Carlen meet Anelle and Russell.


Russell: So you’re the fiancé, nice to finally meet you, Dan talks about you a lot.

(He shakes Carlen’s hand.)


Anelle: Not really.

(She says in a medium tone voice.)


(They all stare at Anelle)


Carlen: Danny I love that you invited me into loving home, even with these circumstances.

(She looks at Anelle and Russell.)


Anelle: Circumstances?


Daniel: But.


Carlen: But I’m not sure of it all; I mean I don’t wanna feel like an intruder letting myself in, or…


Daniel: Car, first of all this is my house, and I invited you in, not only because you said yes to my proposal, but because I love you.


Carlen: (She smiles at him.)

I love you too.


Anelle: Someone get me a barf bucket.


(They all stare at Anelle.)


Anelle: Sorry, I’ll be in kitchen; it was nic-okay to meet you Carlen.

(She goes into the kitchen)


Carlen: It was okay to meet me. What’s with her?


Russell: Who knows, probably her Chi, I told her to do something about that.

(He goes upstairs)


Carlen: Her Chi, interesting roommates you got there.


Daniel: I’m very lucky.

(He smiles at Carlen.)


SCENE3: Kitchen (Later that Day.)


(Anelle is sitting at the table)

(Russell grabs an sub form the refrigerator)


Russell: Thinking of ways sabotage their relationship.


Anelle: Why do you care?


Russell: Because if you start a war Carlen’s gonna win. Anne everyone knows you have feelings for Dan, you know except for Dan. I’m just saying let him go already.


Anelle: He’s not taken yet.


Russell: Anne, they’re engaged, Dan’s gonna marry her.


Anelle: They’re not married yet.

(She leaves the kitchen.)


Russell: (He takes a bit out of his sub.)


SCENE4: Kitchen


(Carlen comes downstairs and enters the kitchen)

(She watches as a girl comes through the backyard into the kitchen then opening the refrigerator)


Carlen: (She stares at the girl.)


Cassie: (She turns around holding a can of soda and facing Carlen.)



Carlen: Sup.


Cassie: Who are you?


Carlen: Carlen.


Cassie: You new here?


Carlen: Yeah, today’s kind of my first day living here, sure to say. Danny invited me, I’m still getting to know everyone and everything and, wait do you even live here, what’s your name?


Cassie: Cassie.


Carlen: And.


Cassie: That’s all you need to know.


SCENE5: Upstairs Hallway


Carlen: (She sees Anelle in the hallway about to enter her room)

Hey Anelle.


Anelle: Call me Anne.


Carlen: Anne, there’s a girl downstairs, says her name’s Cassie, blond, uses slangs like sup.


Anelle: Sister.


Carlen: Oh she’s your sister.


Anelle: Yeah, she’s been living with us for that past month. My parents, foster parents couldn’t deal with her so they sent her to live with me.


Carlen: Nice to know.


Anelle: Hey Car.


Carlen: Yeah.


Anelle: I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry about earlier, we got off on the wrong foot.


Carlen: It’s ok, probably just your Chi.


Anelle: What, never mind that, what I am saying is that I welcome you into our household with open arms. (She opens up her arms.)



Carlen: Oh. (She gives her a hug.)

Thanks Anne.


Anelle: You’re welcome.


SCENE6: Daniel and Carlen’s bedroom


(Daniel’s at the bathroom and Carlen’s on the bed.)


Daniel: So I saw you and Anne getting along in the hallway.

(He comes out the bathroom and lies on the bed with Carlen.)


Carlen: Yeah, she apologized for earlier.


Daniel: You seem set with everyone, even Cassie?


Carlen: Yeah. But her apology wasn’t convincing.


Daniel: Who? Anne?


Carlen: Yeah.

(She looks at Daniel.)


Daniel: You probably just miss understood.


Carlen: Yeah, maybe. By the way, where were you earlier today?  I was looking for you.


Daniel: I went out for a run. I told Anne to tell you, guess she forgot.

(He holds her close and kisses her on the head.)


Carlen: Yeah, maybe.


Next Episode: Car VS Anne


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