Engaged to Life: Episode 2

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Car VS Anne: After Anelle’s fake apology, Carlen’s been watching her back, but not enough. Meanwhile, Daniel asks Russell to help him find a gig.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012




July 1, 2012




Engaged to Life




Episode 2 OR Car VS Anne:  After Anelle’s fake apology Carlen’s been watching her back, but not enough.

Meanwhile, Daniel asks Russell to help him find a gig.



SCENE 1: Daniel and Carlen’s Bedroom


(Carlen’s in the bathroom, she just finished taking a shower.)


Carlen: (She tries to open the door, but it doesn’t open.)

Wait, what’s wrong with the, door?  Danny? Is anyone there?

Okay Car, calm down. I mean I have a fiancé, he’ll be wondering where I am any time soon, I hope.


SCENE 2: Living Room


Russell: (He's talking to his mom on his cell phone.)

Mom. (He says annoyingly.)

Mom I love yo. (He sees Daniel walking into the living room.)


Daniel: Who was that?


Russell: Uh, my girlfriend.


Daniel: So you call your girlfriend mommy.


Russell: Something wrong with that.


Daniel: Man, every time your mom calls you, you make up the same lame lie about who it is, dude try another lie.


Russell: What do you want anyway?


Daniel: I need you help me get a gig today.


Russell: Alright, what’s in it for me?


Daniel: The joy of helping your roommate out.


Russell: (He stares at him.)


Daniel: Fine, I’ll find you a real girlfriend; I’ll hook you up with my friend Jasmine.


Russell: Deal.

(He shakes Daniels hand.)


(Daniel heads upstairs and Anelle enters the living room and sits on the couch.)


Anelle: (She’s smiling.)


Russell: (He hooks at her.)

What did you do?


Anelle: What do you mean?


Russell: You’re smiling, that either means, you did something, you’re gonna do something, or you just met Zac Efron.


Anelle: So a girl can’t smile because it’s a beautiful day.


Russell: No, you just can’t.

(He walks into the kitchen.)


SCENE 3: Daniel and Carlen’s Bedroom


Daniel: (He enters the bedroom singing and dancing.)

I’m sexy and I know.


Carlen: (Still locked in the bathroom banging on the door again.)

Danny. Danny, sweetie! Let me out of here!


Daniel: Honey?


Carlen: Unlock the door bathroom door.


Daniel: Alright.

(He walks over to the bathroom door and unlocks it.)


Carlen: (She comes out of the bathroom.)

Thank you.


Daniel: How long have you been in there?


Carlen: About maybe twenty minutes.


Daniel: Well it looks like you locked yourself in.


Carlen: I don’t remember locking the door, not from the outside, weird.


 Daniel: You look hot in that robe; you would look even hotter if you took it off.


Carlen: Really Danny.


Daniel: What?


Carlen: I was just locked in bathroom, and first thing you wanna do when I get out is have sex.


Daniel: Yeah.


Carlen: Me too.


Daniel: (He picks her up and kissing her as he closes their bedroom door.)


SCENE 4: Kitchen


(Anelle is sitting at the table and is on her laptop.)


Carlen: (She walk enters the kitchen.)

Good morning.

(She gets a box of cereal, a bowl, and milk.)


Anelle: Morning.


Carlen: Whatacha doing?


Anelle: Just bidding on this Kindle I found on eBay. Three, two, one, yes! In your face HoodThug.


Carlen: You won?


Anelle: Yeah.


Carlen: Congrats.


Anelle: Thanks. Oh, by the way I heard you were locked in your bathroom earlier, what a shame.

(She smiles at Carlen as she grabs her laptop and heads upstairs.)


Carlen: That bitch.

(She says in a low voice.)


SCENE 5: Living Room


Daniel: (Enters the living room)

Alright Russ just had really awesome sex, so I’m ready to hear what you got.


Russell:  First of all you didn’t hire me to hear about your sex life and second of all, eww.


Daniel: Sorry. So did you get me a gig?


Russell: I got you two gigs.


Daniel: Where?


Russell: At a kid’s birthday party and the senior center.

(He smiles at Daniel)


Daniel: Are you aware of what a gig is?


Russell: You didn’t make yourself clear, you just asked me to get you a gig.


Daniel: Yeah, places I usually have gigs at like restaurants, hotels, motels, not the freaking senior citizens center.


Russell: You should at least give one of these a chance. I recommend the senior center; it has to be better than the birthday party.


Daniel: But.


Russell: Look you told me to get you a gig and I did. A deal is a deal.


Daniel: Fine.


SCENE 6: The Next Morning in the Kitchen.


(Carlen is making her breakfast, when the doorbell rings.)


Carlen: (She walks into the living room.)

I got it; I guess I’m the only one who’s got it.

(She opens the door.)


Delivery Man: Hey, package for Anelle Fouller. Is that you?


Carlen: Na, yes, yeah that’s me


Delivery Man: (He hands her the package.)


Carlen: Thank you.


Delivery Man: Have a great day.


Carlen: You too.

 (She closes the door.)

Oh Anne, you make it too easy.

(She heads upstairs.)


SCENE 7: Living Room


Russell:  (He’s sitting on the couch watching TV.)


Daniel: (He opens the front door and walks into the house.)

Hey man.


Russell: What’s up?


Daniel: That gig you got for me yesterday was awesome.


Russell: The seniors liked it?


Daniel: I’m not sure if they liked it, they didn’t really hear it.


Russell: What, what do you mean?


Daniel: Turns out seniors have low ear drums. They kept yelling “what!” on every word I sang.


Russell: So you’re not mad?


Daniel: No, the center paid me double. Half way through the song they all fell asleep, the department said it’s the quietest they’ve ever been.


Russell: Does that mean you’re gonna hook me up with Jasmine?


Daniel: Already did, meet her at the Goliath’s restaurant tomorrow night at 8:00.


Russell: Thanks man.


Daniel: Don’t mention it.

(He heads downstairs.)


Russell: Russell’s got date.


SCENE 8: The Next Night in Anelle’s Room


Anelle: (She enters her room and goes to her laptop on her desk. She notices a video uploaded on her Facebook and clicks on it.) (It’s a video of her snoring and talking in her sleep.)

Oh my God. What the…


Carlen: (She enters into Anelle’s room)

You like it?

(She smiles at her.)


Anelle: You did this.


Carlen: Yeah, I have to take the full credit.


Anelle: But how…


Carlen: It wasn’t too hard to figure out your password, Anne plus Dan.


Anelle: What did I ever do to you?


Carlen: Don’t try to act like you don’t know, you locked me in the bathroom for over twenty minutes.


Anelle: So how did you like stay?


Carlen: You know what, thank you for locking me in the bathroom cause you just made my sex life even better.


Anelle: Dan doesn’t deserve somebody like you.


Carlen: So what, he deserves somebody like you. I know you have feelings for him; I’ve known it since the beginning and have tried to ignore it, but now you’ve gone a bit too far. And now I’m asking you nicely to get over him, he’s engaged to me not to you. What a loud sleeper you are. By the way a package was dropped of for you yesterday, here you go.

(She hands her the package.)


Anelle: Thanks.

(She says in a low voice.)


Carlen: Whatever.

(She leaves her room.)


SCENE 9: Goliath’s Restaurant


Russell: (He’s sitting at a table waiting for Jasmine.)


Jasmine: (She walks into the restaurant and goes over to Russell.)

Are you Russell?


Russell: Yeah.


Jasmine: Dan said you were hot.


Russell: So I’m not hot to you?


Jasmine: Aeehh.


Next Episode: I’m Late





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