Engaged to Life: Episode 3

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I’m Late: Anelle gets surprised by Carlen’s news and tries to help her through it.

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



Sunday OFS

July 3, 2012




Engaged to life




I’m Late: Anelle gets surprised by Carlen’s news and tries to help her through it.



SCENE 1: Living Room


Anelle: (She comes downstairs into the living room.)


Cassie: (She comes through the front door and enters into the living room.)


Anelle: Where were you last night?

(She says questionably.)


Cassie: Over at Blake’s.


Anelle: What were you doing over there?


Cassie: What, I can’t stay over at my boyfriend’s house?


Anelle: Not overnight. So what did you guys do?


Cassie: What do you think I did?


Anelle: What teens your age are doing.


Cassie: You think I sex with him, I can’t believe you would think that low of me. We didn’t have sex.


Anelle: Then what were you doing over there?


Cassie: We were just hanging out, that’s it. You know what pisses me off, the fact that you just can’t trust me.

(She walks away from Anelle and heads upstairs.)


Anelle: Cassie.


Russell: (He walks into the living room from the kitchen.)

You should learn to trust her more.


Anelle: She my sister, you don’t know her.


SCENE 2: Daniel and Carlen’s Bedroom


Carlen: (She’s pacing across the room.)

Okay, okay, okay, okay.  So, first, what am I gonna do first, what am I gonna do? Alright I’ll take the test; I mean there’s a possibility that I couldn’t be pregnant?

(She grabs her purse from the bed and heads downstairs.)


SCENE 3: Living Room


Carlen: (She’s in the living room ready to leave.)


Anelle: Where are you headed?


Carlen: Just out to buy some groceries.


Anelle: Since you’re going, I also have a list of things you could buy on the way as well if you don’t mind. That’s only if you don’t mind.

(She grabs a list on the table next to the couch.)


Carlen: Na, no I don’t mind, don’t mind.


Anelle: Are you ok, you seem stressed.


Carlen: Do I look stressed? I’m not stressed.


Anelle: Alright then, here you go.

(She hands her the list.)


Carlen: (She walks out the front door.)


SCENE 4: Upstairs Hallway


Anelle: (She heads for the bathroom, but over hears Cassie talking on the phone so instead stands by her bedroom door and listens to her conversation.)


Cassie: Last night was really fun; I haven’t done that in a while. You were like in control, I know right, I can’t believe we didn’t protect ourselves.


Anelle: (She enters Cassie’s room.)

That’s it. (She takes the phone out of Cassie’s hand.)

Sorry Blake, but Cassie isn’t available right now, and probably won’t be available for a very long time.

(She hangs up.)


Cassie: What did you do that for?


Anelle: You told me you didn’t have sleep with him.


Cassie: I told you I didn’t.


Anelle: Really, last night was really fun, I can’t believe we didn’t protect ourselves, you were like in control!


Cassie: Last night, me and Blake went bowling against another group of high school kids. When we won, they started throwing their bowling shoes at us, and we didn’t protect ourselves from them.


Anelle: Oh, okay then.


Cassie: See what I mean, you don’t trust.

(She leaves her bedroom.)


Anne: Huh.


SCENE 5: Living Room


Carlen: (She comes back from the store and enters into the kitchen and puts the grocery bags on the counter.)

I’m home.


Anelle: (She enters the kitchen.)

You’re back.


Carlen: Yeah.


Anelle: Did you manage to find that super smooth shaving cream?


Carlen: You mean SmoothShave; yeah it’s in one of bags, I had to go to two different stores just to buy it.


Anelle: (She shuffles through the bags to looking for the SmoothShave Cream, and see a pregnancy test.)


Carlen: Oh, not that bag, huh.


Anelle: (She looks up at Carlen.)

Are you?


Carlen: I’m late.


SCENE 6: Upstairs Hallway


Anelle: (She’s standing outside the bathroom, waiting for Carlen to come out.)


Carlen: (She’s comes out the bathroom and looks at Anelle.)


Anelle: So?


Carlen: Positive, for all three of them.


(Carlen and Anelle walk downstairs into the kitchen and sit down at the table.)


Carlen: What am I gonna do?


Anelle: Well the first thing is to probably tell Dan, so you guys can see a doctor and confirm that you are pregnant.


Carlen: I thought we were safe, how could this have happened?


Anelle: You guys were always using protection, right?


Carlen: (She looks at Anelle.)


Anelle: Right?


Carlen: Yeah, except for one night, we were always using condoms; we just wanted to have some more fun.


Anelle: Really? Using protection isn’t about having fun or not it’s about being protected. You know if you are really pregnant, everything’s gonna change for you. I mean have you and Dan ever discussed about having a baby?


Carlen: Yeah we decided after we got married, we would have a kid or two but, not now, I don’t think I’m ready. (She pauses.) I don’t understand why you’re being so helpful? We don’t even like each other.


Anelle: When I was a senior in high school I got pregnant the second time I had sex with my boyfriend and as soon as he new, he bailed. I, myself was confident, I promised to be the best mother I could be, but I didn’t know I would lose my baby during labor.


Carlen: I’m so sorry.


Anelle: Don’t be, can you promise me something?


Carlen: Sure.


Anelle: Promise me that if you do have this baby, you won’t take it for granted; having a baby is one of the greatest gifts in life.

(She begins cry.)


Carlen: I promise.

(She hugs Anelle.)


SCENE 7: Later that Night in the Kitchen


Carlen: (She comes downstairs into the kitchen and sees Daniel at the counter.)



Daniel: Hey.

(He says holding a bottle of wine.)


Carlen: How was your concert?


Daniel: It was good, I had two encores and two standing ovations, I think, well the crowd was already standing.


Carlen: (She smiles at him.)

I’m happy for you.


Daniel: Thanks. You want me to pour you a glass of wine?


Carlen: No thanks. Can we talk?


Daniel: Sure, I’m listening.


Carlen: No like really talk, I need to tell you something, can we sit down?


(Carlen and Daniel both sit down at the table.)


Daniel: What’s on your mind?


Carlen: I don’t know how to put this, so I’m just gonna say it.

(She pauses.)


Daniel: Carlen you’re making me nervous.


Carlen: I’m pregnant.


Daniel: (He stares at her.) What? It was that one night, wasn’t it? I knew we should’ve used protection.


Carlen: What are you feeling?


Daniel: A little shocked and a little proud. I’m gonna be a father, huh, wow. I am a father.

(He gets emotional.)

How do you feel?


Carlen: I was a little scared and I thought about it, but knowing that I’m having this baby with you makes me proud too.


Daniel: (He holds her hand.)

I promise you Car, I’ll be there for you and for this baby.

That one night was fun wasn’t it?


Carlen: (She smiles at him.)


SCENE 8: The Next Morning at the Doctor’s


Carlen: (She’s lying on the bed holding Daniels hand that’s standing next to her, both waiting for the Doctor’s results.)


Dr. Andrews: I don’t know how to put this, but Carlen you’re not pregnant?


Carlen: I’m not, but?


Dr. Andrews: What ever pregnancy test you used was cheap as crap. What store did you get at?


Carlen: Dolly’s Dollar Store.


Dr. Andrews: There you go. Sorry guys, but try harder next time.

(She leaves the room.)


Carlen: (He sits up on the bed.)

I know you’re mad at me, so spill it.


Daniel: Spill what?


Carlen: Come on I just got your hopes up on being a father, I would be mad I me too.


Daniel: I’m not mad, mainly because I know one day we will have a baby together. I don’t know why but I guess the universe didn’t want that to be today. The question is are you okay?


Carlen: I guess, I mean I liked the feeling of the thought of being pregnant, other than that I’m okay. I’ve gotta say, the man that I saw yesterday, the man that was proud to call himself a dad, that’s the father I want for my baby and that’s the man I wanna call husband.


(They both look each other in the eyes.)


Daniel: (He gives her a kiss and hugs her.)


Carlen: I love you.


Daniel: I love you too.


SCENE 9: At the House, In the Living Room


(Carlen and Daniel walk into the house and sees Anelle sitting on the couch.)


Anelle: So?


Carlen: I’m not pregnant.


Anelle: Oh thank God.


(Carlen and Daniel stare at her.)


Anelle: I mean, oh.


Daniel: I’ll be in the kitchen.


Anelle: (She looks at Daniel as he walks into the kitchen.)

Well Car, the thing is that if you were really pregnant I would back off from Dan, since you’re not I have to resume chasing what’s rightfully mine.


Carlen: So that was all an act yesterday.


Anelle: No, everything I said came from my heart, it’s just time to put it back in and face reality.


Carlen: You can chase him, but you won’t get him.


Anelle: Just watch me.


Carlen: You don’t wanna play this game.


Anelle: The game began a long time ago honey.

(She enters into the kitchen.)


SCENE 10: Upstairs


Carlen: (While walking to her room she hears Cassie crying in her room, she walks up to her door and knocks.)


Cassie: (She’s sitting on her bed, wipes her tears away.)

Come in.


Carlen: (She enters her room.)

Are you okay?


Cassie: I’m fine.


Carlen: I find that hard to believe, come on share.

(She sits next to her on her bed.)


Cassie: Well last night I was at my boyfriend Blake’s place and he tried to talk me into having sex with him.


Carlen: Let me guess, you said no, he got mad, then he broke up with you.


Cassie: Yeah, that’s exactly what happened, how’d you know?


Carlen: Because the exact same thing happened to me when I was in high school between me and my boyfriend Ian. The only difference is that I broke up with him. Cassie the thing is that many guys will come and go many guys and when you meet the right one he’ll be the only guy you know of, other guys are just be like balloons, they just fly away.


Cassie: Like you and Dan.


Carlen: Me and Danny aren’t perfect, but everyday I find new reasons to love him even more, like today.


Cassie: Yeah, I heard you thought you were pregnant.


Carlen: I can see news travels fast in this house.


Cassie: Thanks Car.

(She hugs her.)


Carlen: You’re welcome.

(She hugs her back.)


Next Episode: Double Date



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