Engaged to Life: Episode 4

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When Carlen and Daniel go on a double date with Anelle and her “boyfriend”, Kevin things get a little out of hand. As well as when Russell gives Cassie the permission a go to a party that Anelle strictly told her not to go to.

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012



Sunday OFS

July 5, 2012



Engaged to Life



Double Date: When Carlen and Daniel go on a double date with Anelle and her “boyfriend”, Kevin things get a little out of hand. As well as when Russell gives Cassie the permission a go to a party that Anelle strictly told her not to go to.



SCENE 1: Late at Night in Living Room

(Carlen and Daniel walk downstairs together into the living room holding hands and all dressed up.)


Daniel: When we get there don’t ask to use the restroom.


Carlen: Why?


Daniel: Apparently they have this policy for ladies using the men’s room and men’s using the ladies room, and guessing on how the female body is functioned it would be impossible to do so.


Carlen: Maybe we should go to another restaurant.


Daniel: Other than their urinal policy, the restaurants great.


Anelle: (Anelle is sitting on the couch watching TV.)

Where are you two headed?


Daniel: We’re going to Goliath’s for a dinner date.


Anelle: Lucky you two, I haven’t gone out to dinner for like ever, huh. I guess I’m just gonna sit here on this lonely couch and watch re-runs of, “If I only went out to dinner that night”.


Carlen: Honey let’s go.

(She grabs and pulls Daniel’s arm.)


Daniel: Hold on, how would you like to come with us?


Anelle: Are you sure? I mean I don’t want to ruin your date.


Carlen: Feel free to say no.


Daniel: Be a little sensitive.


Carlen: I thought it was just finally gonna be just the two of us. You remember the last date we went on when you invited your manager Agus, he ordered the Rib Supreme, ate the whole tray of them, used his shirt as a napkin, burped, then left.


Daniel: I still have flashbacks. This time is gonna be different.


Carlen: She doesn’t even a date.


Anelle: Yeah too bad I don’t.


Daniel: Yeah you do, why don’t you call up that guy you’ve been seeing, Kevin.


Anelle: Kevin.

(She says annoyingly.)


Carlen: Kevin.


Anelle: I don’t know me and Kevin aren’t even that close.


Daniel: What are you talking about, I see you guys making out like you’re killing each other every time I walk by. So come on give him a call, it would be like a double date.


Anelle: Alright, I guess I could give him a call.


Carlen: (She stares at Daniel.)


Daniel: What, privacy is one sacrifice of living in this house.


(Cassie comes downstairs also looking all dressed up; ready to leave, at the same time Russell enters the living room.)


Anelle: Hold, where are you going?


Cassie: Tyler’s party.


Anelle: The day before final exams, I don’t think so. You’re gonna to stay home and study.


Cassie: But, it’s been announced that this is the last party of the year.


Anelle: Well if you don’t study you won’t be going to any next year.


Cassie: Why do you have to make my life so miserable?


Russell: Take it a little easy on her.


Anelle: I think I’m taking it a little too easy on her; you make sure she doesn’t leave this house.


Russell: Where are you going?


Anelle: Actually.


Russell: I don’t wanna know.

(He goes into the kitchen.)


SCENE 2: The Goliath’s Restaurant


(Carlen, Daniel, Anelle, and Kevin walk in together and find a table.)


Anelle: How about you Carlen sit next to Kevin and I’ll sit next to Dan.

(She holds on close to Daniel.)


Carlen: I don’t know, but I think it would all make sense if we all sat next to our dates. I mean wouldn’t you rather hold on to your date, Kevin.


Kevin: (He smiles at Anelle.)


Anelle: He’s fine.


Kevin: So Dan thanks for inviting me.


Daniel: No problem.


Anelle: Isn’t Dan so generous?


Daniel: I try my best.


Carlen: I hope I can get through this night without strangling anybody, in particular.

(She says in a low voice.)


Anelle: What was that?


Carlen: Nothing. Waiter!


SCENE 3: Living Room, All Lights are turned off


Cassie: (She sneaks downstairs on her way to the front door.)


Russell: Where do you think you’re going?

(He turns on the lights.)


Cassie: Ahh! You scared me to death.


Russell: Your sister said you’re not going to that party.


Cassie: You don’t get it; going to this party is birthday present.


Russell: What are talking about?


Cassie: Today’s my birthday and nobody remembered except my iphone. Haven’t anybody ever forgotten your birthday Russ?


Russell: Yeah, ever since I was born. Alright you can go; you’ll be home in an hour, and don’t get into any trouble.


Cassie: Will do, thanks Russ.

(She leaves.)


SCENE 4: The Goliath’s Restaurant


(Daniel and Anelle are laughing.)


Anelle: And remember the when the donkey was chancing you.


Daniel: That was your fault; you’re the one who opened the gate.


Anelle: I just wanted to see what was gonna happen.


Daniel: What did you think was gonna happen?


Kevin: You’re college trip to the zoo was a really good story, time to hear a better one. So Carlen I see you and Dan are set for the big day, so how did you two meet?


Carlen: You wanna tell the story?


Daniel: Of course I do, it’s not that romantic. Well.


Anelle: Dan try some ribs.

(She shoves it in his mouth.)


Kevin: Excuse me, but I need to use the restroom.


Daniel: Hold it, don’t ask.


Kevin: Well I’m just gonna leave then.

(He gets up to leave.)


Anelle: Kevin, hold up.

(She walks over to him.)

The nights still young.


Kevin: And I’m too old to be playing theses games.


Anelle: What are you?


Kevin: Every time we’re together you’re always talking about Dan and it’s come down to feeding him now.


Anelle: That was nothing.


Kevin: No that was something; you obviously have feeling for a soon to be married man. Anne we’re done, I’m sorry.

(He leaves the restaurant.)


Anelle: (She comes back to the table.)


Daniel: Where did Kevin go?


Anelle: Kevin went home, we broke up.


Daniel: What about?


Anelle: Uh, he was getting tired of me.


Carlen: Oh no, who would ever get tired of you?

(She says in sarcasm.)


SCENE 5: Back at the House that same Night


(Someone rings the doorbell.)


Russell: (He opens the door and sees a police officer with Cassie and another girl.)

Hello officer.


Police Officer: Are you their guardian?


Russell: No.


Cassie: (She stares at Russell.)


Russell: I mean yes, I must have forgotten.


Police Officer: Okay here you go, theses two are off on a warning.


(Cassie and her friend walk into house.)


Russell: Thank you officer, good night.

(He closes the door.)

What happened and who is she?


Cassie: Oh, my friend Faline.


Russell: Is she drunk?


Cassie: No.


Fauldin: Why is the room spinning?


Russell: What happened?


Cassie: Well everything was going great until my ex-boyfriend Blake showed to the party, that’s when he and Tyler had a confrontation, about me of course which led to a fight. And since Blake got beat the crap out by Tyler, he decided to call the cops and snitch about alcohol being distributed at the party that’s what happened.


Russell: That’s a crappy birthday present.


Cassie: It’s not my birthday I just told you that so you could let go to the party.


Russell: You used me?


Cassie: Are you surprised?


Russell: Not really.

(He heads upstairs.)


SCENE 6: The Living Room


(Carlen, Daniel, and Anelle walk into the house.)


Anelle: (She notices a girl sleeping on the couch.)


Carlen: Who is that?


Anelle: Russell!


Russell: (He walks into the living room.)



Anelle: Who is she?


Russell: Oh, um it’s actually a funny story, or not, the thing is.


Cassie: (She walks into the living room.)

It was me; I went to the party even though you told me not to, the cops arrived and dropped me and my friend Faline home, Russell had nothing to do with it, so blame me not him.


Anelle: You’re.


Cassie: Grounded I know, I know.

(She heads upstairs.)


Russell: What are we suppose to do with her?

(He points at Faulin.)


Anelle: I guess kick her out when she wakes up.


Russell: Sounds good to me.

(He walks into the kitchen.)


Anelle: (Turns around facing Daniel and Carlen.)

By the way thanks for dinner Dan, I had a good time.


Daniel: Me too.


Carlen: I’m going to bed, coming?


Daniel: Yeah.


Anelle: Good night.


Daniel: You too.


(Carlen and Daniel head upstairs.)


SCENE 7: Daniel and Carlen’s bedroom


(Daniel and Carlen are lying on the bed together.)


Daniel: It didn’t look you seemed to enjoy tonight.


Carlen: I don’t know I didn’t even get to sit next to you because Anne was trying to have you all to herself.


Daniel: Are you jealous?


Carlen: No, but I’m just wondering was there?


Daniel: What?


Carlen: Was there something there between you too, tell me the truth.


Daniel: Alright, there was something there, but it was before we met.


Carlen: What happened?


Daniel: We hooked up a couple times.


Carlen: Hooked up? Like.


Daniel: No, we never slept together, just make out sessions.


Carlen: Oh good, go on.


Daniel: She wanted to be serious but I wasn’t ready to be. It wasn’t only that I knew she wasn’t the one I would end up with so I just ended it completely. There’s nothing there anymore, she has moved on.


Carlen: Are you sure about that?


Daniel: Carlen, there’s nothing to be worried about. Honestly I’m one hundred percent happy I ended it, cause if I didn’t I wouldn’t have met you, the woman I love.


Carlen: I love you too.


SCENE 8: Upstairs Hallway in the Middle of the Night


Anelle: (She sneaks into Daniel and Carlen’s room and walks over to the table on Carlen side of the bed and takes her engagement ring, then walks back into the hallway.)

I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t walk down that isle.


Next Episode: The Search (PART 1)


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