Engaged to Life: Episode 5

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The Search (PART 1): When Carlen's engagement ring goes missing she tries to keep it away from Daniel. Meanwhile Russell goes off on a family emergency trip, which makes Anelle reach out to him.

Submitted: June 12, 2013

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Submitted: June 12, 2013



Engaged to Life


 The Search (PART 1): When Carlen's engagement ring goes missing she tries to keep it away from Daniel. Meanwhile Russell goes off on a family emergency trip, which makes Anelle reach out to him.



SCENE: Daniel and Carlen's Bedroom


(Carlen's in the room alone she just got dressed and walks over to the table beside the bed to get her engagement ring, but she doesn't see it.)


Carlen: No, no, no, no, no, no, where is it? This can't be happening, no, no.

(She searches on the table, under her pillow, and on her hand.)


Daniel: (He walks into the room.)

Morning, you're up.


Carlen: Yeah, I'm up, I'm up, up, up.


Daniel: Aright, what is it?


Carlen: What?


Daniel: You tell me, every time there's a problem you tend to repeat words, so what's wrong?


Carlen: I am I'm out of tampons so I need you to go to the store and get some for me.


Daniel: Tampons, shouldn't you be doing that? I mean it doesn't sound so manly for a guy to buy tampons.


Carlen: Well it isn't written in the constitution, so I need you to drive, drive slowly to the store, and take your time honey.


Daniel: Car.


Carlen: Go.

(She closes the door behind him.)

Okay last night I took off my jacket, maybe I left it in a pocket.

(She opens her closet and starts searching for her jacket.)


SCENE: Kitchen


(Anelle’s in the kitchen eating a breakfast bar when Daniel comes downstairs into the kitchen.)


Anelle: Good morning.


Daniel: Morning.


Anelle: Do you know where Russ is, I haven't seen him all morning.


Daniel: He called me in the middle of the night and told me that he went off to Virginia for a family emergency.


Anelle: Do you know what about?


Daniel: No, he didn't get the chance to tell me.


Anelle: I hope he's okay.


Daniel: Same.


Anelle: So where are you off to?


Daniel: Car wants me to buy tampons for her.


Anelle: Shouldn't she be doing that instead.


Daniel: I told her the same thing, well I'm off.


Anelle: Laters.


(Daniel leaves the kitchen and makes his way out the front door.)


SCENE:  At the Store


(Daniel’s at the medical isle looking at tampons when an older woman comes up to him.)


Grace: I hope those aren't for you?


Daniel: No, they’re for my fiancé.


Grace: It's quite brave of you to buy tampons for her.


Daniel: Yeah I know it's not so manly, but I'd do anything for her.


Grace: That's wonderful; I'm Grace by the way.


Daniel: Daniel.

(He shakes her hand.)


Grace: So when's the big day?


Daniel: Oh we haven't exactly set a date yet, but I think it'll be soon.


Grace: Well congrats to you and your fiancé.


Daniel: Thank you.


Grace: The section by your left has better brands.

(She points to the section.)


Daniel: Thanks.


Grace: You’re welcome, nice meeting you.


Daniel: You too, bye.


Grace: Bye.

(She walks away.)


SCENE: At the House, Living Room 


(Carlen runs downstairs just as Cassie walks through the front door.)


Carlen: Cassie!


Cassie: Yeah, you startled me.


Carlen: Have you seen my engagement ring?


Cassie: What does it look like?


Carlen: It’s a small diamond ring.


Cassie: Cheeap.


Carlen: That’s what Danny was able to afford then, it’s a small diamond ring with a silver body.


Cassie: Alright, I’ll look for it.


Carlen: Thanks.


Cassie: But there’s a catch.


Carlen: There’s always a catch with you.


Cassie: You know me so well.


Carlen: What is it?


Cassie: Well this Saturday is the junior prom at our school and I haven’t got a dress to wear yet because I can’t afford one.


Carlen: How much?


Cassie: Fifty bucks.


Carlen: (She reaches into her back pocket for twenty bucks.)

Twenty bucks.


Cassie: What, that’s only gonna afford me a dress at Ross Dress for Less.


Carlen: Take it or leave it.


Cassie: Like the way you do business.

(She takes the money and heads upstairs.)


(Daniel walks through the front door.)


Daniel: Honey, I didn’t know which one to pick so I bought Tampax Pearl and Playtex Sport.


Carlen: You’re back already.

(She says in shock.)


Daniel: It only takes so long to get to the store; here you go I need a snack.

(He hands her the tampons and enters the kitchen.)


Carlen: (She follows him into the kitchen.)

Wait, I need you to.


Anelle: (She’s on the phone in the kitchen.)

What happened? Oh my God, are you okay? Don’t go I’ll be there.

(She hangs up.)


Daniel: Who was that? What happened?


Anelle: That was Russ, he just told me that his dad pasted away.

(She grabs her keys and jacket.)


Daniel: Wait, where are you going?


Anelle: Virginia, I’m not gonna leave him hanging, he needs someone.


Daniel: When are you getting back?


Anelle: I don’t know.

(She walks out the front door.)


Carlen: Poor Russ.


Daniel: Yeah I know, but I still need a snack.


SCENE: Floyd County, Virginia; Russell’s House


(Anelle walks toward Russell’s house and sees him sitting on the front porch steps.)


Russell: Anne.

(He says sadly as he walk up to her.)


Anelle: (She runs up to him.)


(They hug holding each other tightly.)


Anelle: I’m so sorry.


Russell: (He begins to cry.)


Anelle: It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll help you get through this, everything’s gonna be okay


Next Episode: The Search (PART 2)



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