Engaged to Life: Episode 6

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The Search (PART 2): Still in Virginia, Russell and Anelle spend time together and get closer to each other, while Carlen considers telling Daniel about her lost engagement ring.

Submitted: June 12, 2013

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Submitted: June 12, 2013



Engaged to Life


The Search (PART 2): Still in Virginia, Russell and Anelle spend time together and get closer to each other, while Carlen considers telling Daniel about her lost engagement ring.



SCENE: The House, the Next Morning; in the Kitchen


(Carlen runs downstairs into the kitchen wearing her robe still searching for her ring; she looks in the refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, and the sink.)


Cassie: (She enters the kitchen.)

Still looking for your ring?


Carlen: Yes. Have you found it?


Cassie: No.


Carlen: Listen you cannot tell Danny about this cause if he found out I’m afraid he’ll never forgive me.


Cassie: He’ll forgive you he loves you, apparently and that ring doesn’t mean anything to him, you do.

Carlen: Aww. That’s bull crap, have you been watching Disney channel?


Cassie: Nice one.

(She smiles at Carlen.)


SCENE: Virginia; At the funeral of Russell’s father


(Russell’s in front of the crowd giving a speech in behalf of his father.)


Russell: I didn’t give my father a chance to be in my life and if he was alive today I don’t think I still would be able to give him a chance. My father never acted like a father, he betrayed me and my family one too many times, and his death is one of them. The thing is that no matter how much a child resents their parent it never covers up the pain of losing them, like the pain of my father’s passing. Dad, no matter what I’ve said or done, I just want you to know that do I love you, you’re my father, my only father and no one else in the world can take your place. My greatest regret will always be the fact that I wasn’t able to tell you this when you were still alive. Like again Dad I love you, may your rest in peace.

(He begins to cry.)


(Anelle sitting in the crowd walks up to Russell, and holds his hand. His mother as well walks up to him and embraces him.)


SCENE: Back at Russell’s House


(There are many friends and relatives crowded in Russell’s house.)


Anelle: (She’s talking to Russell’s mother.)

I’m sorry for your lost Mrs. Gray.


Mrs. Gray: Its okay it happens, I mean nobody lives forever. Do you want something to eat or something to drink? We have plenty food lying around in this place.


Anelle: I’m fine, thank you though.


Russell: Mom, we’re just gonna head upstairs.


Mrs. Gray: Okay, if you two need anything don’t bother to ask.


Russell: We won’t.


(Russell and Anelle go upstairs and enter his room where they sit on Russell’s bed.)


Anelle: Your mom, she.


Russell: Acts like nothing happened, yeah she does that, she doesn’t like to accept anythings she doesn’t wanna accept. When our grandfather died she through a party, she looks strong on the outside, but she’s really breaking down inside.


Anelle: How’s your little brother Charlie taking it?


Russell: He’s alright, my dad didn’t really mean much to him, he never got to know Charlie and Charlie didn’t know him.


Anelle: What was the cause of his death, if you don’t mind me asking?


Russell: Colon cancer. He was diagnosed with it five years, he received treatment and he told us he was cured, later we would find that he was lying and dying. He didn’t tell anybody that he was still sick, that’s how selfish he was. One of the worst things in life is losing someone you love.


Anelle: (She looks at him.)


Russell: Anne, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that, you’ve been through way more than I have, losing both you’re parents, the pain you must have felt.


Anelle: The loss of my parents really was the worst time of my life, I couldn’t eat, sleep, nothing, then hearing that they were killed during a bank robbery that made me, that made me break down. I wanted to die, I really did and everyday I thought to myself, how am I gonna get through this day without cutting myself, getting high, or drunk. And Cassie, she was all I had left, so I had got clean, I stop cutting, and began therapy. Russell there’s one lesson I’ve learned and it’s that you need to show your love for someone when there’ll still alive cause when death comes they can’t feel that love you have for them. People say when something terrible happens to you life goes on and it took me a while to realize that. You’ll never forget your father’s passing, but one day you’ll stop crying.


Russell: Thank you.


Anelle: You’re welcome. Now I know today’s a sad day, but it doesn’t have to be for the two of us.


Russell: What do you mean?


Anelle: Remember when you, me and Dan used to come over to your house during college spring breaks, and we’d go to the fair like every week end.


Russell: Yeah.


Anelle: How about we go to the fair?


Russell: What?


Anelle: Come on.

(She pulls his arm.)


SCENE: The House; Living Room


(Carlen’s sitting on the stairs.)


Daniel: (He comes through kitchen into the living room calling for Carlen.)

Carlen, honey, Carls

(He sees her on the steps.)

Oh there you are, I was looking for you. Are you okay, what’s wrong?


Carlen: I need to tell you something.


Daniel: Okay.

(He sits down next to her.)

What is it?


Carlen: This is probably a surprise for you but.


Cassie: (She comes into the living room.)

Carlen, I found it.


Carlen: But I love you.


Daniel: That’s not a surprise, I love you too.

(He kisses her on cheek.)


Cassie: Aauclk Get a cave.


(Carlen and Daniel stares at her.)


Daniel: You two can talk, I’ll be upstairs.

(He heads upstairs.)


Carlen: That was perfect timing, thank you. Where did you find it?


Cassie: Anelle’s room.

(She hands over the ring to Carlen.)


Carlen: Anne. She went that far, stealing my ring. How did she even, oh, oh!


Cassie: Is there some kind of tension between you two?


Carlen: In fact yes there is. Oh, oh!

(She enters the kitchen.)


Cassie: And I thought I was full of drama.


SCENE: Virginia; the Fair


(Anelle and Russell are walking and talking, each has an ice cream cone.)


Anelle: I hate those riding in those bumper cars.


Russell: That’s only because you kept getting hit in the back.


Anelle: Yeah by you. Those seats aren’t even comfortable they made my butt hurt. You got three scoops?


Russell: Yeah triple the fun.


Anelle: (She bumps into him and two of his ice cream scoops fall on the ground.)


Russell: Hey, now you owe me two scoops.


Anelle: Alright whatever.


Russell: (He smears some of his ice cream on her face.)


Anelle: Hey.


Russell: You asked for it.


Anelle: (She then smears some of her ice cream on his face.)

Now we’re even.


(They both laugh at each other, and then begin walking back to Russell’s house.)


SCENE: In Front of Russell’s House


Russell: Thanks for making me get out there, it was fun.


Anelle: You’re welcome.


(They both sit down on the front steps.)

Anelle: So how do you feel? You know what it’s early to answer that.


Russell: No it’s cool. The pain is still there, but I’m gradually trying to accept it.


Anelle: Good, that’s good accepting it is the first step, moving on might be a little harder, and even then you’ll still think about it, it just won’t hurt so much.


Russell: You’re like my counselor.


Anelle: No, I’ve just been through a damn lot to know what you’re going through, losing my parents, losing my childhood, losing my baby. At a point I just thought my life was all about loss. Afterwards I realized that everyone goes through crap, that I wasn’t alone and you’re not alone. I talk too much don’t I?


Russell: No, we haven’t talked or hanged out like this for a while, like since college.


Anelle: I know, I guess we’re just getting to know each other better.

(She holds his hand.)


Russell: I guess.


(They look into each others eyes, lean over and kiss.)


Anelle: (She backs off.)

I’m sorry, that was a mistake, it can’t happen again.

(She gets up and walks inside the house.)


Russell: Anne.


SCENE: The Next Morning; Russell’s House


(Russell and Anelle go downstairs packed and ready to go back home.)


Russell: (He walks up to his mom and gives her a hug.)

Bye mom, I’m gonna miss you; I want you to stay strong.


Russell’s Mom: I will.


Russell: You too Charlie.


Charlie: I am strong.


Russell: I know you are.


Russell’s Mom: Come home for a visit again.


Russell: Don’t worry I will.


Russell’s Mom: I love you.


Russell: You too. Bye.

(He gives her another hug then he and Anelle proceed to leave.)


Russell’s Mom: Bye, oh Anne can come visit too, you know since you guys are together.


Russell: Oh we’re.


Anelle: I’m not his girlfriend; we’re just friends nothing less, nothing more.


Russell’s Mom: Didn’t look like that yesterday.


Anelle: What?


Russell: You heard her.


Anelle: Let’s just go. Bye.


(They both leave the house.)


SCENE: Back at Dan’s House


(Anelle and Russell walk into the house.)


Cassie: (She enters the living room.)

Hey you guys are back; Russ I heard about your dad, death sucks doesn’t it?


Russell: Thanks for the support.


Cassie: Anytime.

(She heads upstairs.)


Daniel: (He walks into the living room.)

Hey Russ sorry about dad, how are you holding up?


Russell: It’s hard but I’m holding.


Daniel: That’s good, you have to. When my step uncle Harry passed away I couldn’t get over it until I found out that he was a former serial killer.


Russell: What are you trying to say?


Daniel: I’m not sure, but keep holding up man.

(He heads upstairs.)


Russell: They sure know how to cheer a guy up.


Anelle: Yeah.

(She says quickly.)


Russell: Can we talk about what happened?


Anelle: Maybe later.


Russell: Maybe?


Anelle: Later. I have to do something important.


Russell: Anne.


Anelle: I promise maybe, later.

(She walks in kitchen.)


SCENE: The Kitchen


Anelle: (She walks into the kitchen and sees Carlen sitting at the table.)

Hey, how are you?


Carlen: Wow I’m surprised you’re actually concerned.


Anelle: What do you mean?


Carlen: I mean for somebody that doesn’t give a damn about another who she slightly doesn’t like, you’re a damn good actress.


Anelle: Alright what did I do?


Carlen: You stole my engagement ring, you know I knew you were little crazy but this, this is just sick. You know I’ve been sitting here for about twenty minutes thinking of ways to get back at you but I can’t, I can’t sink down to your level.


Anelle: Car. I totally forgot I did that, I’m sorry.


Carlen: No, you have been constantly fighting with me, trying to be better than me cause you feel it can win you a prize, so what’s the prize? Danny? I don’t wanna fight anymore so you’ve won, you can have him. I just want you to know that if you’re trying to be with Danny to complete yourself or whatever your motive is, it’s not gonna work, love is about how that person makes you feel, not how they make you feel better. I’m just starting to notice that there’s a lot more to you than what meets the eye, don’t let your past control your life, trust me it doesn’t feel good.

(She leaves the kitchen.)



Next Episode: Anne Confides


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