Engaged to Life: Episode 7

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Anne Confides: Anelle has a talk with Carlen about who she really is. Meanwhile Cassie asks Daniel for a favor.

Submitted: June 12, 2013

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Submitted: June 12, 2013



Engaged to Life


Anne Confides: Anelle has a talk with Carlen about who she really is.

Meanwhile Cassie asks Daniel for a favor.




SCENE: The kitchen; in the Morning


(Anelle’s frying eggs when Russell walks into the kitchen.)


Russell: Good morning.


Anelle: Morning.


Russell: So whatcha making?


Anelle: Eggs.


Russell: Okay, how’s you’re morning?


Anelle: Good.


Russell: Alright Anne we need to talk about what happened we’re not even speaking to each other anymore, you’re answering every question I ask you with one word.


Anelle: There’s really nothing to talk to about.


Russell: You really believe that?


Anelle: So what we kissed, people kiss all the time.


Russell: You and I know that wasn’t just a random kiss.


Anelle: I told you it was a mistake, why don’t you just take my word for it?


Russell: So you’re just gonna pretend it never happened?


Anelle: No, it did happen but it was a mistake.


Russell: Look me in the eye and tell me that kiss meant nothing you.


Anelle: I don’t need tell you anything.


Russell: Say it; say it, if you say I won’t bother you about it any more.


Anelle: I told you it was mistake let it go!

(She says in a loud tone.)


Russell: Got your message.

(He leaves the kitchen.)


Anelle: God what’s wrong with me?


SCENE: The Living Room


(Daniel is sitting on the couch when Cassie comes downstairs into the living room holding a guitar behind her.)


Cassie: Hey Danny, Daniel, buddy.


Daniel: Hey.


Cassie: I got something for you.

(She reveals the guitar behind her and hands it to him.)


Daniel: Wow a guitar, I’ve been wanting to get a new one, this must have cost you a lot, thanks.


Cassie: You’re welcome.


Daniel: Wait, what’s the catch?


Cassie: What catch, there’s no catch, why would there be a catch?

Daniel: Because the last time I told everyone that I needed a new guitar you said and I quote, “So get yourself a new guitar, cheapskate”.


Cassie: Okay I may have been a little harsh. But this gift is from me for you to play at my high school.

(She says quickly.)


Daniel: What?


Cassie: I kinda promised my whole junior class that you would play a song at school during lunch tomorrow.


Daniel: And how did me playing at your school just come up in a conversation?


Cassie: Well Hallie Cunculls was like, “lunch is so boring we should have some entertainment” and I was like, “how about a musician to play” and she was like, “do you know a musician?” and I was like, “yeah, a professional musician” and she was like.


Daniel: And I was like, stop.


Cassie: So will you do it?


Daniel: Can I keep the guitar?


Cassie: Sure.


Daniel: Alright. What kind of a last name is Cunculls?


SCENE: Kitchen; Later in the day


(Carlen is reading a magazine at the kitchen table when Anelle walks in.)


Anelle: Hey.


Carlen: Hey.

(She says in an uninterested tone.)


Anelle: Can we talk?


Carlen: Wait let me check if I have my ring on.

(She says in sarcasm.)


Anelle: Yeah I deserved that.


Carlen: No you deserve a lot worse.


Anelle: Can I tell you why I did what I did.


Carlen: I know cause of your own selfish reasons, because you like to go after guys who are engaged, or maybe it’s just a personal thing, you have a problem with me?


Anelle: You don’t get to judge me like that you don’t know me, and it’s not about you or Dan.


Carlen: I don’t think you even know yourself.


Anelle: Whatever.


Carlen: Why did you steal my ring?


Anelle: Now that you’re asking I don’t even know.


Carlen: What do you mean you don’t know?


Anelle: I don’t know! Huh. Yeah you’re right about something; I don’t know myself, I don’t who I am. I’m chasing after Dan who I have no interest in, I just made eggs this morning, and I freaking hate eggs, and to top it all off I kissed Russell who I may actually have feelings for. It is so nice to let that all out.


Carlen: Wow you’re right I don’t know you.


Anelle: Yeah.


Carlen: Okay let’s go through this one at a time, you don’t like eggs?


SCENE: The Cafeteria, at Rivera High School; Cassie’s School


(Daniel just finished playing a song.)


Daniel: Thank you.

(He says to the crowd.)


Cassie: (She comes up to Daniel.)

You’re actually good.


Daniel: Surprising right?


Hallie: (She walks over to Cassie.)

So you succeeded, good job Fouller.


Cassie: Thanks Cunculls.


Daniel: Cunculls, I never get tired of that.

(He chuckles.)


Hallie: Bet you can’t get Maroon 5.


Cassie: Done.


Hallie: If you pull this one off I’ll me impressed, later Fouller.


Cassie: (She walks over to Daniel.)

Do you have any links to Maroon 5?


Daniel: (He stares at her.)


SCENE: The Kitchen


(Carlen and Anelle are still talking when Russell walks into the kitchen.)


Carlen: Hey Russ.


Russell: Hey


Anelle: (She looks at Russell in a guilty way.)


Russell: Wow you can’t even say hi.

(He walks to refrigerator and grabs a bottle of orange juice then heads upstairs.)


Carlen: Whoa it’s like Romeo and Juliet but without Juliet; this is all so new to me.


Anelle: Me too.


Carlen: So what are you waiting for? Why don’t get on that ride, looks like you’ll have nice ride.


Anelle: Stop.


Carlen: How did you guys even, you know.


Anelle: Kiss?


Carlen: Yeah.


Anelle: It was in Virginia.


Carlen: So that’s how Russ got over his dad’s death so quickly, you too jumped in bed, had some kind of love vacay.


Anelle: We didn’t have sex we just kissed.


Carlen: Why are you so scared to go for it?


Anelle: I come with too much baggage; I’ve ruined every relationship I’ve ever been in, this one is just waiting to be ruined.


Carlen: What baggage?


Anelle: When I was eighteen both of my parents were killed during a bank robbery, it left me depressed, I started using drugs and alcohol there wasn’t a drug, a bottle of  liquor or beer that I didn’t know about. A year later I decided to get self together after Child Services threaten to take Cassie away from me; she was all I had left without her I had nothing. So yeah I do come with baggage, a whole lot of it.


Carlen: Why do you do that to yourself?


Anelle: Do what?


Carlen: The only reason why you say you come with baggage is because you carry it with you. Yeah what happened to you was horrible but you’re not the only one.


Anelle: What are you trying to say?


Carlen: I’m saying you’re lucky you got out of that life of drug abuse and addiction; you got yourself together, there were people there to help you, to take you in. Honestly I think you’re being naive.


Anelle: You don’t know what I went through.


Carlen: I probably don’t but you should know that there are people out there who are still going through what you went through, not because they don’t want to get out of their situation it’s because there’s nobody there to help. When I was in college I had this friend, Leanne, she and I were really close. After college I found out she was using, apparently her father abused her mother so much that her mom decided to kill herself to just end all the pain. Leanne had lost it after that, then a few years later I heard she died, cause of death, she overdosed and that broke me. I’m not much of sobber but when I heard that I just, I partially blamed myself.

(She says emotionally.)


Anelle: Why did you blame yourself?


Carlen: When something like that happens to someone you can’t help but think you should have tried to stop it. Danny told me about you and your college degrees. I mean master’s, that is a big deal.


Anelle: Yeah.

(She smiles.)


Carlen: Don’t judge yourself based on who you were, judge based on who you are.


Anelle: Thank you.


Carlen: You’re welcome and I’m pretty sure Russell likes you for who you are now, not who you were, so talk to him.


Anelle: Alright.


Carlen: One last thing, if you never liked Danny why were you after him?


Anelle: I thought if I liked him I would finally fill that empty space in me, but Russell goes in there.


Carlen: That’s so sweet. Does that mean we’re good, no more fighting?


Anelle: No more, come here.

(She hugs Carlen.)


Carlen: So when are you and Russell getting engaged?


SCENE: Russell’s Room


Anelle: (She walks into Russell’s room.)



Russell: (He’s on his laptop.)

What do you want?


Anelle: I’m sorry about earlier, I wanna explain.


Russell: Now you want to talk.


Anelle: Russell please, can we go somewhere to talk.


Russell: Alright.


SCENE: The Parlay Park


(Anelle and Russell walk around the park.)


Anelle: I lied, that wasn’t just a random kiss, I really did want to kiss you and I liked it. But that’s not why I didn’t wanna talk about it.


Russell: Then why, because we’re just friends?


Anelle: No it’s not that at all. Since you’ve seen the old me, that messed up girl who almost throw her life away to drugs and alcohol, I thought you wouldn’t feel the same about me.


Russell: Why would you think that? Anne I’ve known you for five years and not once have I ever judged you for who you were. I honestly respect you for how you struggled out from that life you had, cause there are people out there who find it hard to do what you did. And for the record I really wanted to kiss you too.


(They both make out a little.)


Anelle: (She smiles.)


Russell: (He smiles.)

So where does this leave us?


Anelle: I think we both know.

(She kisses him.)

How come you never told me you were a good kisser?


SCENE: Outside of the House


Russell: Wanna make a scene and surprise them?


Anelle: Oh you mean.


Russell: Yeah.

(He rings the doorbell.)


Daniel: (He opens the door from the inside and sees Russell and Anelle making out.)

Oh my God!


Cassie: (She also sees Russell and Anelle making out.)

Oh my God!


Carlen: Aww, they look so cute.


(Russell and Anelle stop kissing.)


Anelle: Oh hey guys.


Cassie: What, what is, what is this, what’s going on, am I in some kind of nightmare? Are you guys together, like together, together, are you two couple?

(She says in a frustrating tone.)


Daniel: I never saw it coming not in a trillion years.


Russell: Yeah we’re together, together.

(He looks at Anelle and gives her a kiss.)


Anelle: Yeah, we’re happier than ever.


Cassie: My life is over.


Carlen: Come on, they look so cute.


Daniel: You don’t look surprised, did you know about this?


Carlen: Umm, maybe.


Cassie: And you didn’t care to tell us.


Carlen: I’ll be in the kitchen.

(She walks into the kitchen.)


Cassie: No. you’re not going anywhere.

(She follows Carlen into the kitchen.)


Daniel: Imma go too.


Next Episode: I’m not ready









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