Engaged to Life: Episode 8

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I’m not ready: Since he and Anelle have been together, Russell has been a little intimidated by her sexual experience and is hesitant to have sex with her due to his lack of experience. Meanwhile Carlen and Cassie decide to go to a mall which recently opened but they have trouble getting there.

Submitted: June 12, 2013

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Submitted: June 12, 2013



Engaged to Life


I’m not ready: Since he and Anelle have been together, Russell has been a little intimidated by her sexual experience and is hesitant to have sex with her due to his lack of experience. Meanwhile Carlen and Cassie decide to go to a mall which recently opened but they have trouble getting there.




SCENE: The Living Room


(Russell is sitting on the couch watching TV when Anelle joins him.)


Anelle: (She kisses him on the cheek.)



Russell: Hey.

(He smiles.)


Anelle: Whatcha watching?


Russell: How it’s made, this episode is on how hot sauce is made.


Anelle:  Hot sauce?


Russell: Yeah I know, but it’s pretty interesting.


Anelle: Well I have a better idea, how about you come with me upstairs and we can find out how babies are made.

(She says while touching him.)


Russell: Are you, are you sure about that, I’m not qualified for parenthood.


Anelle: Of course we’ll use protection.


Russell: But there might still be a possibility that my sperm could penetrate the condom and impregnate you, parenthood.

(He quickly walks into the kitchen.)


Anelle: What? Well that was a total fail, college guys were never this hard.



SCENE: The Kitchen


(Daniel is sitting at the kitchen table when Russell in.)


Russell: I can’t do this.


Daniel: Can’t do what?


Russell: (He sits at the table and begins to explain himself.)

Okay, Anne is ready to take the next step in our relationship.


Daniel: Next step? Can you be more specific?


Russell: You know what I mean by the next step.


Daniel: No I don’t.


Russell: She wants the sex.


Daniel: Oh, congrats man, you’re so in there.


Russell: Yeah, so in there.

(He says hesitantly.)


Daniel: So what’s the problem?


Russell: Anne is so sexually experienced.


Daniel: Okay, you are too.


Russell: (He stares at Daniel.)


Daniel: No, no, you haven’t? Ever? Wait, but what about Angela? That dare you had with her?


Russell: It never happened; I didn’t want to do it.


Daniel: Well it sure sounded like it happened.


Russell: We faked the whole thing; I was just banging my hand on the wall and screaming yeah, so was she.


Daniel: Why didn’t you do it?


Russell: I’d always believed that I would do it with someone that I truly loved.


Daniel: Do you love her, Anne?


Russell: Yeah.


Daniel: Then you shouldn’t be intimidated or scared.


Russell: Yeah but I am.


Daniel: Then just tell her, she’ll understand.


Russell: Are you out of your mind, I’m supposed to be a man here. You are no help.

(He walks back into the living room.)


Daniel: Well that was a total fail.



SCENE: Anelle’s Room


(Anelle is lying on her bed listening to music on her iPod with an upset look on her face.)


Carlen: (She knocks on Anelle’s door.)

Can I come in?


Anelle: Yeah.


Carlen: (She walks into Anelle’s room.)



Anelle: Hey.


Carlen: I’m headed to that new mall that was opened on Glence Avenue, and I was just wondering if wanted to come along.


Anelle: I don’t think so, but thanks for asking. You should ask Cassie I’m pretty sure that she would want to go.


Carlen: What’s with the long face, are you okay?


Anelle: I don’t know its silly; I shouldn’t bother you with it.


Carlen: Come on, tell me.


Anelle: Alright. I wanted to take the next step in me and Russell’s relationship, but when I tried to get him to come upstairs with me, he hesitated and left the room.


Carlen: Wait, you know that there’s something wrong with that sentence, right?


Anelle: What?


Carlen: When you tried to get him to come upstairs with you.


Anelle: Yeah, so.


Carlen: Anne, it seems like you were trying to force it on him.


Anelle: No, it doesn’t.


Carlen: Yeah, you have to know that he’s comfortable with it first, he probably just needs time.


Anelle: Did you give Dan time?


Carlen: Oh he didn’t time, neither did I, because we were both ready. What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t push it, let it happen naturally.


Anelle: Yeah you’re probably right, thanks.


Carlen: You’re welcome, well I better get going.


Anelle: See ya.


(Carlen leaves Anelle’s room and goes downstairs.)



SCENE: The Living Room


(Carlen walks into the living room where she finds Cassie.)


Carlen: Hey I was looking for you.


Cassie: Found me.


Carlen: I was wondering if you wanted to go to that new mall that was just all Glence Avenue.


Cassie: When?


Carlen: Now.


Cassie: Yeah, I guess, I’m not really doing anything right now.


Carlen: Alright, let’s go.


(Carlen and Cassie leave the house.)



 SCENE: The Kitchen


(Anelle walks downstairs into the kitchen where she sees Russell at the counter.)


Anelle: Hey.

(She says as she grabs a bag of chips from the cabinet and a bottle of water from the refrigerator.) 


Russell: Hey


Anelle: Umm, I just wanted you to know that we don’t have to rush anything, and I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable earlier.


Russell: You didn’t make me uncomfortable, I was just surprised, that’s all.


Anelle: Well if you’re not ready to you know be, intimate or whatever, I can give you time.


Russell: Not ready, give me time?


Anelle: I’m just saying we don’t have to get right into it, we can just take it slow.


Russell: You’re acting like I’m some teenage boy who’s never had sex before.

(He says raising his voice.)


Anelle: And you’re acting like a jerk.


Russell: How am I acting like a jerk?


Anelle: The way you’re raising you’re voice at me. You know what I shouldn’t have even come down here.

(She goes upstairs.)


Russell: Anne, I’m so, I’m sorry.



SCENE: In Carlen’s Car


Cassie: (She’s sitting in the driver’s seat.)

Are you sure we’re going the right direction?


Carlen: Yeah, I think. Why do you ask?

(She says while driving.)


Cassie: Cause it doesn’t look like we’re driving near Glence Avenue and because I haven’t seen this part of Floyd County before? Do you even know where we’re going?


Carlen: Maybe, maybe not.


Cassie: So we’re lost.


Carlen: We’re not lost, I hope.


Cassie: Carlen.


Carlen: Alright fine, I’ll just park the car at the side of the street and you go out and ask someone, who doesn’t look like a druggy for directions.


(Carlen parks the car and Cassie gets out.)


(Carlen’s phones rings so she answers it.)


Carlen: Hello.


Daniel: Hey Car


Carlen: Dan, Honey.


Daniel: You and Cassie have been out for a while, where are you?


Carlen: I don’t know, I think we’re lost.


Daniel: You’re lost?


Carlen: Yeah, but its okay, I sent Cassie out to ask for directions.


Daniel: Alright then, before careful, bye love you.


Carlen: I love you too, bye.

(She hangs up.)


(Carlen looks through the window to check where Cassie is but doesn’t see her.)


Carlen: Cassie, where the hell are you?

(She gets out of her car, crosses the street, looking for Cassie.)

(She finds Cassie in front of a bar making out with some guy, so she runs over to her and pulls her away from him.)


Cassie: Hey, what was that for?


Carlen: I told you to ask for directions, not to make out with some stranger.


Cassie: He’s not a stranger, his name is Tony.


Tony: Hey I’m Tony.


Carlen: Get the hell out of here, before I kick your ass.


Tony: Alright, I’m going, later Cassie.

(He walks away.)


Cassie: Bye Tony.


Carlen: What’s wrong with you?


Cassie: Hold on I got the directions, from Tony.


Carlen: Fine, whatever let’s just go.

(Carlen and Cassie walk back to the car.)



SCENE: Anelle’s Room (In the Evening.)


(Anelle is on her laptop when Russell knocks on the door.)


Anelle: Who is it?


Russell: It’s me, can I come in, please.


Anelle: Fine.


Russell: (He comes into the room.)

Can we talk about what happened?


Anelle: Are you gonna start raising your voice again?


Russell: No, and you were right I was being a jerk.


(Russell and Anelle sit on the bed together.)


Anelle: Is there something wrong, something you’re not telling me.


Russell: There is some thing that I haven’t told you, and I didn’t want to tell you earlier, but you deserve an explanation.


Anelle: What is it?


Russell: The reason why I was so hesitant to have sex with you wasn’t because I wasn’t ready to or because I want to take things slow, it’s because I haven’t had sex before, and I figured that if I did have sex with you I would suck at it.


Anelle: What? Are you serious?


Russell: Yes I’m serious.


Anelle: Suck at it? Russ, sex isn’t a competition to see who’s the best or the worst, it’s a moment you share with someone who you, who you.


Russell: Love, I fell in love with you that day you opened yourself up to me in Virginia, which was the very first time that I actually felt connected to you.

(He strokes her hair.)


Anelle: You really mean that, you love me.


Russell: I really mean it.


Anelle: I love you too.

(She kisses him.)


(And you know what happens after this I don’t really need to tell you or go into the details, common sense girl.)



SCENE: Living Room


(Daniel is sitting on the couch when Cassie and Carlen walk into the house from the door.)


Daniel: Oh hey, you’re back. How was it, what happened?


Carlen: I don’t want to talk about it.


Daniel: Cassie?


Cassie: I don’t want to talk about it, either.

(She goes into the kitchen.)


Daniel: Car?


Carlen: I’m tired, I just wanna go to bed, carry me?


Daniel: Sure.

(He carries her upstairs.)



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