Get out of your hole

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There are times in life when you seem to be stuck in emotionally situations and it may seem that there's no way out but there is, read this poem and you'll find your way out of your hole.

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



Sunday OFS

April 18, 2012



Get out of your hole


Being in fear

Is so hard to bear

No one cares

The worst part of it all


Have you ever been in a place?

Where you can’t breathe

There’s no air to inhale or exhale

Not physically, but emotionally


Looking inside out

Others are laughing enjoying life

But when you try to do the same

You’re back in the dirt


Trying to be like everybody else

Because you’ve realized that

Being you sucks occasionally

Not appreciating yourself

Not caring about yourself


Because you’re trying to get your thoughts

Somewhere else


You know what the right thing is

You’ve seen it,

You’ve even been it for a short period of time

But you just can’t get back

Not because you can’t

But because something is pushing you not to

Lack of interest, lack of effort

It’s almost depressing


But you can’t be in the dump for the rest of you life

You have to dig your way out

Curious, confused on how to do that

Nothing can help me, nothing can change me


Then you remember somebody,

Somebody that has been there

On the other side waiting for you

People say he’s not real,

No way to prove his existence


Though you haven’t seen him either,

But you feel his presence

He has helped you in hard times,

Cared for you, protected you,

Loved you when others can’t

He’s not only a friend; he’s your heavenly father

You can ask him anything,

And he’ll answer

So you question those none believers,

If he’s not real, then why can he heal?


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