Blue Frost

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The story of all of our fears.

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012




The Blue Frost coats

It all; still.

Listen to the music,

Of the silence and the chill.


The grass will turn to glass under our feet

As the blue frost freezes our bloody past

And still you will fear me

Free at last


I have seen the

Corpses, under the blackwood tree

Sweat still dripping

From trying to run from me


And I have seen the man that walks

Stooped low to the ground

And I have seen the crippled who

Walks straight and tall and proud


And I have seen the fire die

Under the storm of tears that I did cry

And I have seen the bird no longer fly

As frost like syrup merged the sky

And I have seen the heart of the eye

The prize we fight for, the prize we try

To achieve for ourselves, so tell me why

Do we hurt others like us and cheat, and lie

Only to feel the pain of my






They all search for an answer

A few, they have asked me for a way

A way to cheat, to beat, or defeat me

 “There is no way,” I would say


But to a few who should come before me

With a thirst to satisfy

And a hunger to devour the truth,

I have given the secret to never die.


“The key to immortality,” I would say,

“The trick to seeing another day,

Is to leave your very own Mark

And let your legend live on,

in the next generation’s heart.” 

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