The Necromancer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A boy who is fond of magic shows, got bored from all the same dull tricks of every magician. till the day came, when he heard of a new age magician, who is very popular for his amazing illusions and is coming to his town to perform.
The boy decided to attend the performance to see what the fuss was all about, and not knowing of the horror that awaits him.

Submitted: August 13, 2007

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Submitted: August 13, 2007



The crowd roared, as he stepped through the red curtains. I squinted my eyes, in disbelief, due to his lack of height. This guy was no ordinary magician. Where is the top hat? Where is the Cape? He walked towards the edge of the stage and said...

"Thank you so much, everyone. You're all to kind."

The audience got up on their feet, and cheered even louder. But not me, I remained seated. Why should I applaud him? There is nothing he can do, that I haven't seen before. I have seen it all; elephants vanish into thin air, levitations, bare foot on hot coal, women sawn in half and even daredevil escapes from life threatening situations.

"Please take your seats" he said.

Their cheers were reduced to silence in a matter of seconds. That's probably his first trick, not very impressive.

"I would like to ask you all a question..."

"What makes reality?... And what makes an Illusion?" asked the magician.

He strolled from the left to the right of the stage, while staring at the floor in front him.

"Am I real?" he asked the audience.

The sound of vague yeses scattered through the theater. Than the magician continued...

"Really? Is it because I move and talk?"

"You there..." he said, as he pointed to a beautiful young teenage girl in the front row.

"Come up here and introduce yourself to me".

She went to the side of the stage, where the staircase was located. The magician extended his arm, with an open hand, towards the approaching girl. It seemed like he wanted to shake her hand.

She climbed up the stairs and walked towards the magician. He was still in that awkward position, with his open hand extended forward. As she approaches him, she also extended an open hand. The moment her hands touched his, she quickly pulled it away, with an astonished look to her face. The magician was still in that awkward position. Why isn't he moving? The girl faced the audience and yelled...

"He is not real... He is made of wax!"

The crowd started to whisper. Moments later, suddenly the curtains moved and out came the magician! The crowed cheered even louder than before. He approached the girl and told her to go back to her seat. He switched his attention back to the audience and said.

"This just proves that seeing is not necessarily believing"

I was amazed, and yes, even impressed. Two assistants carried the waxed imposter and brought it back stage.

"Hypnotism is the art of mind bending. You all might not realize this, but you all have been hypnotized since you all were at a younger age. The media has hypnotized all of you, because the media tells you; what is cool or not cool, or what is beautiful or ugly." Explained the magician

"Aside from manipulating your beliefs and desires, hypnotism, if used in the right manner, could make you as strong as Hercules, as smart as Einstein. I need a volunteer..."

Many in the crowd raised their hand, but the magician just ignored them as he browsed the crowd, looking for the perfect candidate. His eyes stopped and it seems like his eyes were directed at me. My heart started to beat at an alarming rate. He slowly raised his right hand forward and pointed his finger and said...

"You, young boy, with the blue shirt, come upstage."

He was talking to me! I quickly regained my composure and stood up and walk towards the stairs.

"Give a round of applause to this young boy"

The crowed gave a mediocre applause as I climbed the stairs. I walked slowly towards him. For a moment I turned my head towards the crowed. It was dim and I could barely see the faces of the people seated at the first row. I stood, but a few inches away from the magician.

"Do you ever wonder how it is like to have inhuman strength?" He asked me

"Sure", I replied nervously

He pulled out an overhead mask. It was black and had only 2 holes for the eyes and a, net like, patch for the nose.

"Put this on", he said

I pulled the mask over my head. It reached all the way to my shoulders. Then one of his assistant brings a chair and placed it at the center of the stage.

"Now sit down and relax", said the magician

I sat down and looked towards the 1st row. I felt like he was going to give me a public execution.

"Now watch me as I hypnotize the boy", he said to the audience

He went behind me and started to inhale then exhale.

Each time he does it, it gets louder and even more powerful. A few seconds later my shoulder got numb and a little drowsy. Than a minute later...I blacked-out.

I woke up in a daze. I look around, but all I could see is pitch black. I got up on my feet and started to walk around. My foot keeps bumping into something on the floor. I threw my hands around, trying to find a wall. Then suddenly...a deep scary, but vague, voice emerges...

"Hey boy!"

My leg staggered in fear as I stood still. I started to panic and I could hear the rapid pumping of my heart. A few seconds later, I mustered the courage to reply...

"Who are you!?" I said in a shallow voice

"I am a damned soul, once I was the father of a talented young archimage, who was traumatized by his mother's accidental death. My son sold his soul to the devil and embraced the dark arts to be more powerful. His goal was to seek revenge. He wanted me to suffer...", Explained the scary stranger.

"Is your son... the magician?" I asked

"Yes.", he replied

"What does he want with me?"

"The dark arts brought evil to his soul and consumed all that is good in him. He has become Satan himself. He seeks pleasure by torturing anyone he pleases... and you're his latest plaything. ", he said. I could feel the fear in his voice.

I started to cry and scream, "Get me out of here! Please! I don't want to die... Please help me!"

"I wish I could... but you see..." he said, in a sincere voice

I heard a click, and the florescent light at the ceiling started to flash several times. I could barely see the man. I was able to get a glimpse of his face, it seemed disfigured. The light continues to flash. My heart started to beat even harder and faster than ever than the lights came on. To my horror I saw the man by the door, with his right hand still at the switch. He was made of wax. Some parts of his face were melted away.

"What are you!?" I asked, as tears run down my cheeks.

He looked at me with his dead waxed eyes and replied...

"I'm just like you..."

© Copyright 2020 Sundered Caliginosity. All rights reserved.

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