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The following piece of writing is in black and white to review the worth of hardwork and NOT taking it as a trivial issue..

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



For reaching any destination, there is a certain path that leads to one’s definite endpoint. That passageway could not always be an easy one for as leading straightaway to one’s supposed destiny but it could be dark and tough engrossing all the difficulties that one could encounter during travelling. It is quite true that life is not a bed of roses but it is a labor of toil and passing it productively and effectively is quite not possible without following the maxim “No Pain No Gain”. So it’s pretty obvious that devoid of hard work and willpower one cannot reach its ultimate goal and the dreams would be left lingering around merely as a plural of the word: ‘Dreams’. 

In the way of journey of life, sometimes certain challenges are encountered when the human control doesn’t seem to be apprehending with all the things and consequently the human ends giving up. Giving up is just like surrendering in front of your gravest foe for whom it’s more jubilant to watch you wounding and throbbing helplessly in pain than the victory that comes to it. It’s just that you have backed off of your target out of the searing pain you underwent and didn’t fight till the last minute.

It requires a great deal of emotional element, too. We need to be zealous about what we are up to so that we may accomplish our mission. Everything that has been created in the world by the people is not ‘just’ created; rather it counts on all the hard work that is draped invisibly behind the developments. And this, in result, has brought bounty in the lives of human beings.

Thus, despite of experiencing all the hardships and agonies in the process of succeeding, if we stay positive and focus towards what we want to achieve; there’s nothing that could ever venture to clog our way- we only need to be determined.

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