The Day At The Amusement Park

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it is about fun and rides and enjoyment, and having a fun filled day.

Submitted: May 13, 2014

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Submitted: May 13, 2014



The Day At The Amusement Park

I woke up to a beautiful sunny warm day. My little brother came running into the room, jumping up and down hollering, we are going to the amusement park today! I am going on the big kid rides! I admit he has grown a few more inches than the last time we went. I said "hey, we need to get ready, pack a lunch, and wait for mom and dad."

He said excitedly, " I can't..I want to go now!" I said it doesn't open for another hour. He walked quietly out of the room, and said "okay." It was time to pile in the car, and get to that fun park. We walked to the roller coaster and heard the screams and laughter of others, and i said to my little brother, this is going to be so much fun! He looked scared. I said "remember you were going on the big kid rides and i will sit beside you and make sure you are okay. He was hesitant but got on with me. If you are brave, i will get you a big red candied apple later. He brightened right up!

As we got started, he closed his eyes, and i said, open your eyes and he did and he showed me he was a big kid. i was so proud of him. He gave me the biggest grin, and put up his arms, and laughed all the way through. We walked around the park and he really did enjoy that big candy apple. After that, i got him cotton candy and i couldnt help but laugh! That cotton candy was stuck all over his face from the sticky candy apple. I said we have to get you cleaned up. We rode the other rides and he cheered with joy that he could reach the height of the other rides that the older kids were going on. Our parents sat and watched and smiled from ear to ear.

It was time to go home and my little brother just stood and said, i want to go on the roller coaster again. Pleeaassseee....

We couldnt deny the bight little face that was shown to us. Afterwards, we went home and he fell asleep and i was thinking, moments like today doesnt last forever, but the memories do. What a wonderful day at the amusement park!

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