Lovely little wiseman.

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A friend

Submitted: December 09, 2009

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Submitted: December 09, 2009



lovely little wise man how you grew on me,

from the moment that I held you, I felt the roots of your tree.

From a little seedling, your branches they did grow,

reaching out to everyone

to touch their lives in turn.

In your eyes great secrets,

held behind your silent voice.

Love and understanding,

your purpose and your choice.

Friendship,  you trusted with a stranger 

What a gift you gave me, what a gift to have!

I cherished the little seedling that also grew with me

We found our wisdom together you and i,

lovely little wise man, it was your time to die.


Time on this Earth was so short for you yet

long is the time before i can leave this shell.

lovely little wise man, i loved you so well.


Your years not enough. Not enough for me.


In the passing of the age that you shared here,

you were wizer by far than me,

in my whole lifetime, i will never have what you had.

Neither the ability nor grace enough

to love in the way you did.

Giving the essence of your very soul

trusting in me completely.

You looked to me and i looked to you for your strength,

you inner well of giving.

The wisdom in your gaze as your roots entwined with mine,



A look older than both you or i could know

passed between us each of these times.

Thankyou for your friendship, thankyou for your time

Thankyou for being there for me all through these years.

Never was there a second or a moment

when hate flashed in your eyes,

nor jealousy, nor  ugliness.

Always understanding with so much love and loyalty

Lovely little wise man who shared his life with me

Forever, I am humbled by this gift.

We will meet again my friend

across the rainbow bridge.



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