My Journey with love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
One moment we came face to face
Our eyes was like mirror
Wished it was only me and her

She smiled and our Journey started….

Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



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Chapter 1 Our First Meet

I was alone in a crowd
Was busy with my routines
Nothing but had reasons
To fight with life

But life had its own twist and turns
It had stored something for me
I met her

She is a simple girl
Felt she is independent
Her beauties was in her qualities
Lives her life in her own way

My heart was like saying to me
She is the one
She will fill your empty space
Hold on
What I’m going thru
I never felt so before

My eyes was halted at her
Like she is my destination
And I need to travel
Didn’t know how to reach her

Was in a confusion
Never thought talking to someone
Would be so difficult

One moment we came face to face
Our eyes was like mirror
Wished it was only me and her

She smiled and our Journey started….

Chapter 2 Love or Infactuation

Days passed after first meet
Her smile did the magic
Felt like I know her

I have met many people
But her face didn’t fade away
From my mind

I was finding an answer
Whether its infatuation or love

Have heard in books
Everything is possible in love
My heart was breathing for her

Life changed for me
I found it interesting
My likeness changed
From materialistic to realistic

Sunrise was a hope for me
Sunset was beautiful than ever
Felt Flowers blooming and its breezes
Sky was a common place
I was sharing with her

Will I meet her again?
Or I will never meet her
Is it the end or a new beginning?

Chapter 3 A mistake

Was driving to office

With a new freshness

Thinking of all the possibilities

Of meeting her

To talk to her

To become friends

Every story starts with friendship

And sometimes end with the same

My ideas was speeding up

And so my speedometer

And then

A crash

I met with an accident

My car dashed a girl

All messed up

I got out of my car

Bloods on the road

People gathered took her to hospital

And I followed with them

I was cursing myself

How can I be so careless??

Never been so guilty in my life………..

Chapter 4 Unexpected]

What I have done
I was just praying everything
Should be fine

Her parents arrived
I didn’t had strength to look
Into their eyes

She was taken to ICU
After some time
Doctors came out of the room

Was hoping the words she would be fine
But I was wrong
She was in a critical stage

Her mom fell down unconscious
Her bro and dad started crying

They asked the people what exactly had happened
They pointed their hands towards me

A big sound was heard in the hospital
Her dad slapped me
My face was down

They told me to leave the hospital
I left the hospital

When I saw my car my headlight
It was filled with her blood
I ran from there
Its was raining
And I was shedding my tears in it

Chapter 5 Night neve been so long

I reached my house
Unlocked the door

Mom slept after long waiting
I was not in a mood to eat food

Went to my room
Had a shower
Close my eyes
And the accident scene was flashed
I opened my eyes

I went to my bedroom
Laid on my bed
Again I closed my eyes
And the accident scene was flashed

What’s happening?
I didn’t understand
My inner consciousness was pricking me
Everything was fine
What went wrong?

Went near window
Looking in the sky
With a hope of getting things to normal
Was waiting for sun to rise

I went to the hospital next day
Her family was still waiting outside ICU room

I was standing at the same corner where I was

I was curious to know about her health
But then I was afraid to ask to her family

My phone ranged and pick d phone
It was police inspector at the other end
They have taken my car to police station
And told me reach there by half an hour
Else they would come

I went to police station
Seen my car standing outside

They were waiting for me
He started asking question
Who are you?
A racer, drunker or mentally handicapped
I was silent
They said you got a good luck
None of her family members had filed a case against you
If they do
Then prepare for the worst…..
“Pick your car and get lost from here”;
And I went towards my car
I didn’t want to drive anymore

Called up my friend and told him to drop my car at my house
I went back to the hospital

Chapter 6 I deserve it

I reached hospital back
Her mom was sitting on the bench
Her tired eyes was explaining she hasn’t slept
I took a coffee for her

Sat beside her
“Aunty Coffee for you”
She smiled and took the coffee cup
But then she cleared his eyes
And she recognized me
She told “You are the one responsible for this!!!”
And thrown the coffee over my face

“You have ruined our happiness”
“She was the bread earner for our family”

I said to her “Aunty I’m really sorry for my act”

She said”Can you bring my child back?? ”

I couldn’t answer to her question

Suddenly nurse hurried to doctor room
“Doctor the girl is very serious”

Her mom hurried inside
But she was not allowed

She started crying
After an hour doctor came out of the room
She asked “Doctor please let us know is she safe?”

Doctor said “We are trying our best??”
“But she is still in critical condition”

My phone ranged
It was my friend I was reluctant to pick up my phone
I cancelled it
But again my phone rang
It was him again
I answered his call
He said “I have called you to inform that the girl whom you liked I have collected her information”
I said to him “Forget it”
He replied “Forget her, did you know she met with an car accident, she is admitted to hospital and she is very serious”
With a heavy heart I asked him “What’s the name of the hospital??”
And he answered
Tears rolled down from my eyes

I ran towards ICU room
Went to her bed side
It was her
I was dreaming my life with her
And I have taken her life from her

Chapter 7 Shattered Dreams

I was shattered
With the script of god
What he had written for me

When I met her for the first time
I had a reason to live my life
To share my life with her

Out of many possibilities of meeting
I never thought I would meet her in this way
I was the unluckiest one in this world

I was standing outside the ICU room
This time I wasn’t in a corner
But I was in a place where I can see her thru a glass
I was standing their still
I can’t even ask for forgiveness for my mistake

Praying for her
It’s hard to see the one whom you like
Is fighting for her life

I was blaming myself
For every pain she is experiencing

Didn’t knew when I slept
Around 3 I got up
When I heard she is responding
Her room was filled
Up with doctors and nurses

Somewhere in the darkness
A ray of hope was seen
I was watching from the glass
Her mom and dad was happy
Hearing this

Doctor’s came out
They told her parents
“Yeah she is better but care should be taken”
Her mom and dad went inside her room

Her dad called the police
This was the time for them to punish me
I was standing there still

Early morning Police arrived
Inspector entered the hospital
He gave a smile to me
As if saying “Get ready for the consequences”

Police started interrogating her
I was watching the scene
I was ready for my punishment
They were about to leave the room
And I was waiting for them
Outside to handcuff me

And closed my eyes to face it
It was hard
My career and my life all was about to end
Heard a sound of a jeep
Opened my eyes and I turn back
Inspector was gone

I went inside the room
She looked into my face
I told her
“I’m the one responsible for all this”
“Why did you saved me”
She smiled looking at my face
“It’s not your fault”
“Actually I was in a hurry to cross the road and didn’t saw your car”
And all this happened
Her mom and dad came towards me
“We are sorry child we didn’t understood you at that time”
“You were there with us the whole night for two days”
I replied “It’s ok”
I went near to her bed and told her
“It’s good to see you back”

I came out of the room
Its was a new life for me
A new beginning
And I decided to make up my broken dream to real
“She is the one I want to share my life with her”

Chapter 8 Unforgettable journey

My life
It changed from black and white
To Eastman color
Everything was back to normal
Except me

I was in a new world
We became good friends
Hospital was my meeting place
Strange but true

Every day I use to meet her
With flowers I use to greet her
Slowly and steadily I knew
Her likes and dislikes

She likes coffee without sugar
I tried once
No comments
She dislikes if anyone is not in time
I was late once and experience it
But one thing
Even in her angry mood
She is nice

I have seen her in
Happiness and sad times
She cares for other
Which I liked the most

Like every day
I was on my way to see her
When I reached hospital
Four people had came to visit her
I was waiting outside
But then volumes started rising
I could hear things
They have come to break the marriage proposal
With excuses
Her family was broken
She was silent

Through glass I seen the boy’s face
Arguing with her dad
Her dad was saying
“You know each other from childhood”
“How can you break the marriage?”
He said “I can’t marry your girl she has met with an accident”
“God knows she is fine or not”
“I can’t take the risk of marrying her”
I was wishing that I can throw the boy out of the hospital

He came out of the room
And I was waiting for him at car parking
I pleaded him “Not to break the marriage”
“Her family is already broken”
“And this one would add to their sorrow”
“If your sister had met with such accident and someone denies her”
“How will you feel?”
But he didn’t listen to any of my words

I came to her room
She smiled to me
Shedding her tears behind those smiles
I was speechless

I consoled her
“Everything happens for a reason”
“Might be this is not the right one”
“Your prince is on his way”
She replied laughingly
“I’m the princess waiting for his arrival”

Chapter 9 A moment

Her birthday
How did I know??
Good question

From her report
I want to make her day special
Planning for things to surprise her

But inside hospital
That too in ICU room
A birthday celebration
Weird right
But its was for her happiness
So I took a chance

It was 11 pm
1 hour to go
I was waiting outside her room
With all preparation

From morning I was fixing all things
Its 11:55 pm
I called her at her cell
She was not sleeping

I greeted her “Happy birthday”
She said thank you
I said not finished yet
I said “Open the window”
“I’m standing outside”

This was the first time I climbed a building
She was shocked to see me
“What are you doing here” she asked
I said “Its Celebration time”
“Celebration in hospital” she asked
And I said “Yes”
Close your eyes

She opened her eyes
I was ready with cake
Lighted the candles
She said “Thank you”

It was like a dream
I played a song from my mp3 player
Created a good environment for party

She was happy
And I was happier than her

Felt like this night should last
Than ever

Its was time for me to go
Back to the window
And was afraid to go down
But her two words
“Take care”

My happiness knew no bounds
I knew I was complete with her
Together we can make our life
A perfect one

Chapter 10 Proposal

This was the first time
I was proposing someone
Never been so tensed
Rehearsed many times
Before mirror
But it was in vain

I called her
But she didn’t answer the phone
I made up my mind
To tell her
Face to face

Left house
Droved car to flower house
And picked the red rose bunch
And went to the hospital

Went to her room
She was not there
Waited outside for her arrival

Her mom was sitting in the bench
I went towards her
And ask about her

Her mom started crying
Yesterday night she went breathless
Due to brain injuries
Doctor told she is in danger

My heart was like
It stopped beating
Why it happens to me
Whenever I feel im close to her
Things mess up
I was watching her from the same glass

After sometime
I went inside
She was sleeping
Sat beside her
Hold her hand
Tears were just rollin down from my eyes

Words which I was suppose to say her
I told her
Hi it’s me
I want to say you something
It started from the day I met you
It made me felt I wasn’t alone

When your there wit me I feel my world is complete
And when your not I feel I’m lost

Your smile makes me feel how beautiful this world is
Your one drop of tears make me feel how enclosed is your world

My heart started caring for someone
I like the way you care for others
The way you make other happy

I may not be the perfect one for you
But I will never let go this smile from your face

Days, months, years, decades
I will be holding your hand

Will you marry me??

I felt like she heard my words
She was trying to say something
But I was advised
To wait outside

And this time I was counting every second
Every minute
Every hour
For her answer
For her reply

Chapter 11 A Beginning or an End

I was waiting outside
Sitting on the same bench
Praying for her life
She should be fine
That was the only words
Going thru my mind
Never knew when i closed my eyes
Somebody called me
I turned around
It was her
My eyes filled up with tears
Even her eyes was filled up
She hold my hand
I heard what you told me
Just hours before
I'm here for your answers
You have been caring for me
We met as strangers
But u were more close to me
Then my belonged ones
You made me smile
When I was in my tears
You encouraged me to live
When I left hope
I wanna hold your hand forever
I feel secure when I am with you
But now I need to go
I will be always there with you
As a shadow
Whenever you wanna meet me
Just close your eyes
She was leaving
I wana tell her
Don't go
Don't leave me alone
I waked up screaming
Her mom and dad was crying
Inside icu room
She left just minutes ago
I stood there
My heart stopped beating
Eyes were numbed
I found my love
And lost her

It's been years now
I come to her grave everyday
I feel she is with me
Whenever I touch her grave
A sense of belong ness
Is felt
It's different
She kept her promise
Whenever I closed my eyes
We meet each other
Her memories is the only strength
For my rest of my life

© Copyright 2020 suns. All rights reserved.

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