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Who knew that a night of fun could turn to a night of horror in a matter of seconds?

Submitted: August 11, 2010

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Submitted: August 11, 2010




“I’m coming I’m coming hold your horses!” Kimberly yelled to the person at the door. She walked quickly, while still drying her long blond hair on a towel, to the door and opened it.

“Kimberly! Hi!” Her friend, Charlotte Hempton exclaimed standing in the doorway. Next to her was Annabelle Dixie. Annabelle was always quieter than Charlotte, but Annabelle was prettier than Charlotte. She had black ringlets that fell past her waist, a skinny bodice with the right curves in exactly the right places, and orphan blue eyes. She was always extremely pale though, and couldn’t seem to get a tan even at a tanning bed.

“Hey guys come on in. Make yourselves comfy, I’m going to go finish drying my hair quickly.” Kimberly said as she walked away. I should put on some makeup too she thought.  I don’t have perfect looks like Charlotte or Annabelle. Like Charlotte’s perfectly strait dark brown hair, flawless tan skin, perfect figure, and gorgeous big brown eyes.

Kimberly finished drying her hair, and put on mascara around her big green eyes. She applied a shimmery lip gloss to her full lips, and then admired herself in the mirror. She looked amazing wearing her purple tank top that sparkled when she moved, and her dark jean short shorts. Her body was the perfect size, big chest and butt, but skinny everywhere else.

“Ok guys what would you like to do before we go to the movie?” She asked coming back into the living room.

“We should make videos and put them on YouTube!” Charlotte suggested.

“Alright sounds good to me! Are you up for it Annie?”

“Sure that sounds like fun.” Annabelle answered.

They decided to make a murder mystery, and Annabelle got to be the person that had been murdered, and Charlotte was the murderer. Kimberly was the detective, so she got to take the camera.

Once the girls finished creating the scene, and putting fake blood all over Annabelle, Charlotte hid and they began the scene. Kimberly knew the whole scene was fake, but they did such a good job that she was actually scared. They had knocked over lamps, moved the furniture, and over by where Annie was laying they smeared fake blood all over the floor and wall. They even dragged her along the floor, so it looked like she had struggled.

“I think I found the weapon! A carving knife. I’ll take this back to the lab to see if there are any fingerprints.” Kimberly narrated while she continued along the “crime scene”.


“Huh! I think the murderer is still here!” She whispered into the camera. Just at that second Charlotte jumped out around the corner holding a smaller knife than she “killed” Annie with.

“There is no way I’m going to let you take that evidence back to your lab so that your colleagues can hunt me down!”

So Charlotte took the knife and pretended to stab Kimberly, and that was the end of the movie.

“Great job guys! Let’s watch it!” Kimberly said.

They all settled on the couch and watched the movie commenting on the how dead Annabelle really looked, or how scary the scene really was. Then they all cleaned up the mess, and washed Annabelle off.

“Oh my god we missed the movie!” Charlotte exclaimed after they had finished.

“Dang we did!” Annie confirmed.

“Well we might as well go set everything up for when we are ready to go to bed, then we do makeovers and paint our nails!” Kimberly suggested.

The girls went downstairs to the basement, and set up pillows and blankets on the large sofa, then started to put on makeup.

“Hey Kimberly do you have eyeliner?” Annie asked.

“Ummm, yes right here.” She answered rummaging through the makeup bag.


Kimberly pulled out body art and body gems, and the girls decorated themselves until they looked like goddess! Each of the girls had a different color that they stuck to. Kimberly picked red, Charlotte took green, and Annabelle decided on blue.

Next they started on their nails. They had just finished painting Annie’s fingers gold, when they heard a huge BANG!

“What was that?” Charlotte asked sounding frightened.

“Shhhhh! Everyone get into the bomb shelter quick!” Kimberly answered sounding confident, but feeling very scared.

The three girls ran into the bomb shelter, and sat there for thirty minutes without hearing anything. After another ten minutes of nothing Annie suggested that it might have been one of Kimberly’s cats.

“Well we should go and see then in case if anything is broken.” Kimberly said. “But just in case, everyone grab a weapon.”

They all grabbed a baseball bat, and then made their way to the stairs. They walked very slowly and quietly up the steps, and then turned into the hallway. From there they began to check every room turning on the lights as they went.

They had made it the whole time without seeing any disturbances, but when they reached Kimberly’s room they saw something that sent chills down their arms.

“Oh my god.” Was all that Annie said.

They were all too stunned to say anything else. Before them on the floor was a picture engraved in the hardwood. It was a picture of all three girls laying in a row with their heads switched around and floating above their necks.

“What does it mean?” Asked Charlotte.

“I think it means that whoever drew this is going to chop our heads off.” Annie said in a grave voice.

“We need to call 911, do either of you have your cell phones?” Kimberly asked patting her pockets.

“No I don’t.” Charlotte answered.

“Me either.” Said Annie.

“Great. That means that we will have to go back out into the living room to get the phone.” Kimberly said starting to panic.

“None of you are going anywhere!” A male voice behind them exclaimed.

The three girls screamed and whirled to face the man. He was handsome with a tall muscular body, light brown hair, and grey eyes. He was also frightening because he was holding a gun, and his eyes were burning with anger.

“Why do you want to kill us?” Annie asked with a steady and firm voice.

“Because I enjoy killing beautiful girls! You remind me of why my daughter jumped off of a bridge after being teased about being ugly!” He answered with a voiced filled with pure hatred.

“But why us? We did nothing to your daughter, and we…” Kimberly never got to finish the sentence, because the man shot her in the chest.

“Kim!” The other girls yelled at the same time.

“You will pay for this.” Annie said just as she leaped at the man and struck his head hard with the bat.

“Aaag!” He yelled and shot the gun.

The bullet struck Annabelle in the arm, but she didn’t give up. She continued to beat the man, until he grabbed the bat and smacked Annie hard in the gut. He threw her off, and then grabbed her by the head. Then he grabbed five scarves and tied Annie to a chair, and gagged her.

“You shouldn’t have done that little girl! Now I am going to kill you slowly, and more painfully than your friend over there.” He said and gestured to Kimberly.

Then he shot Charlotte without even a glance in her direction. Annie screamed against the gag, and tried to yank her arms free, but her struggles were futile. The man walked toward her pulling a knife out of his belt. He started at Annie’s forehead, and traced a line down her neck, her chest, her stomach, all the way down. Annie continued to scream in pain. Then he took the knife back up to her chest and stabbed her heart. He grabbed her hair and cut off her head, then did the same to the other girls. Then he just walked out of the house leaving the girls there.

When Kimberly’s parents came home they called the police, but the police couldn’t find the murderer.

Now the ghosts of the three girls haunt that house, and they will forever more.

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