"On that Day"

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This is about someone whom relizes how life is short and things they wanted to say to their daddy before that day.. A poem for a Daddy from a daughter..

Submitted: August 01, 2013

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Submitted: August 01, 2013




  When tomorrow starts without me and I'm not there to see;

  For the sun will rise to find your eyes filled with tears for me;

For I wish you never cry;

As you did on that day.

While thinking of all those many things that were said;

Still yet so many were not said nearly enough;

For, I have always known you loved me;

As i will forever love you!

Daddy, for when tomorrow starts without me;

As all i ask, please try and understand;

See, today an angel came and called me by name;

As she took me by the hand, for now0 it seems;

My place is ready in heave far up above;

For this is why i must now leave;

All of whom i dearly love.

But, here as I turned to walk away;

 Upon, my cheek fell a tear from my eye;

See, I always thought I didn't want to die;

For there were still so much I had to live for;

And, still so much yet I wanted to do;

For it seemed almost impossiable;


That on this day i was leaving;




Read these words carefully, though I love you dearly;

For, I must now go, see i've been called Home to stay;

  Dry your eyes and don't be sad now, daddy;

For your baby girl is now forever safe;

So, please worry no more;

For Me.

See, I will never truely be gone to far;

 I'll always be watching from  heaven above;

 Now, always keep these words close and near;

For, there is no need for anymore tears;

See, Daddy your baby girl will;

Always and forever be;


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