The Feeling of New

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A girl, a store, and a dream of desire.

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



How was I to know that new things are so strongly capptivating to the point of addiction? I think it was the light. I feel like a fly when I say that, but I was genuinely hooked on the golden glow of light that was carelessly cast in my path. Walking down a wide, heavily populated sidewalk in downtown new york city, I, Bria Clovoski, was drawn to this splendid bright spot. I lingered for a moment and took a regretably long gaze at the upbeat and lit up store that I had stumbled upon. To take in all the enchanting colors and tell myself that I didn't want all six of my senses flooded with this rich environment would have been a lie. It was inevitable. No, it was infactuation at first sight. Awestruck, I strutted in the store, my clogs dully clicking on the tile floor. I took in my surroundings. The source of the angelic glow that had first lured me in hung above me in the form of a magnificently royal-looking chandelier. Customers browsed carelessly and socialized amongst themselves in a way that only new Yorkers did. Consciously. Not one of them seemed lost in a haze of wonder as I was by the designer handbags in the far right back corner, or the scarves to my left that swayed lazily, chattily bragging their newness to one abother and all who passed by. As a matter of fact, I was so absorbed that I had barely managed to dodge an oncoming clerk that was looking for someone to assist, a cheesy smile plastered to her makeup-drenched face. In the meantime, I wallowed in my excited thoughts, thinking to myself what a turn of events this was, what going from blah new York streets to this wonderland. I allowed my finger tips to slowly run down a turquoise cashmere blouse. Electric lust coursed through my veins, and suddenly all the day's past worries melted away, absorbed like a water in a sponge into the cashmere. A new sensation crept stealthily up my spine; my body detected the feeling of newness that every pricey, magical product in the atmosphere seemed to ooze from its form and inject in the very air I was now inhaling. Concealed behind the shelf that was stuffed with products screaming my name, I was left to just me and my thoughts which allowed my to savor and relish this feeling of rejuvenation. I feared that as I shakily got up and strided out he door with the wretched remembrance of looming debt, that I would be forbidden of experiencing such bliss again.

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