What Washed the Gloom Away

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DO NOT be fooled by the disheartening title! It is A short story that will surprise you pleasantly if you faithfully read it to the end :)

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013



Everything was bleak. The snow had thinly blanketed the ground creating a bright feeling of cleanliness, despite my location...but only temporarily before it melted away. The trees outside of the white-wood framed windows came into my view like crackled hands begging for moisture, their grey birch limbs scratching at the sky begging it to open. That was what was probably the gloomiest of all. The sky was overcast and grey with secrets in them and expressions on their haughty faces that hinted of future rain. Questions stirred slowly in my mind like molasses. Why did I have to get stuck here? What could possibly give this silent day some substance and life back in it's broken bones? What could melt my sorrows down an infinite drain as quickly as the snow had gone? Well...I guess there is always one thing.I sit in the corner of my humble room on my bed, slowly examining all the nitty-gritty details of the white, emotionless walls and the grey light that was shed on them through the small, square window on the opposite wall. My head leaned carelessly on my right shoulder, almost as if I was crippled somewhere along my spine or in the heart of one of my short, stocky legs. The only difference is that there was no physical pain. Just silence. Silence that hung thickly in the air, sticking to my face in a fashion that was so still and stiff that my thoughts must have been heard through it easily from a mile away. What was I thinking exactly? I guess I was just hopelessly wondering at the moment, staring at this excuse of a room and the few pieces of furniture it possessed. They all seemed to either meet my ignorant stare, or ignore my existence. Funny. I used to do the same to them. They probably didn't even know my name...silly of me to say, but even I have seldom said my name aloud for it sounded foreign when rolled of my lips. I suppose I should fix that. Here it goes; "Shila! Shilaaa Penasloney!" It rang out with a bubbly attitude and echoed against the walls of this small confined space. Wow. I really was out of my mind. I was thankful nobody was home. Nobady was ever home during the day aside from myself. I sat for a long moment, absorbing the sound of my own voice and determining whether or not it's sound appealed to me. And then I heard it.I thought it would never come! I jumped off my bed and waved a sarcastic farewell to the contents of my room, smile spread like butter across my presently enthusiastic face as I dashed to the source of the sound of the bell. Oh, that lovely, happy doorbell! The sudden turn of events (not that there was any event or activity before now) caused adrenaline to flood every system within my running body. I ran passed the bleach white walls of the hallway, let my feet fly down the flight of grey-carpeted stairs, and made a break for the front door. The front door whose worn and weary frame led the way to my heart's source of song and dancing. When I had finally reached it after what seemed like an eternity, I paused in front of this door. My pulse pounded fiercely like battle drums in my ears. I closed my eyes for a moment, taking them off of the door that separated me from what I new and anticipated as pure, instant joy. I inhaled deeply, opened my eyes again, readied my smile, outstretched my arm with as openly eager hand toward the big brass handle....and yanked open. I heard the sound of his luggage drop solidly with a thud against the hard, cold wooden door steps. All my fears and loneliness were washed away as soon as my arms were wrapped around him. His camo uniform was now moist against my cheek with my own tears, and his strong arms were securely wrapped around me, crushing my shaking form against his, never to let go of me, his no longer lonesome daughter, ever again.

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