Calling WA Home

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is my own work and somehow my feelings for being here
in the west, and how i came to stay so long.
hope you enjoy!!

Submitted: November 27, 2007

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Submitted: November 27, 2007






i came across to wa more than 30 years ago,

a little bit reckless & a little bit helpless,

I took a liking to this great big land,

as it took me by the hand,

It said "wait awhile"

My family was distraught as one can only imagine,

the distance and dirt between us was far, greater than they could ever go

Years spent here instead of there

For them it was  a mystery, for me it was history.

I wanted to have an adventure

to see the sights like most young gals,

but never could see any reason to stay

within the boundaries of sunny queensland

i had a yearning or calling for another land.

THe sunsets are the best

the beaches are not like the rest,

the bush i've come to love as nature calls it their home

The wildflowers are unique,

just some of the beauty of this state.

The sunsets are to die for, the colours are superb

pink, orange, dusty crimson

after a shower of rain, colours of champagne,

wondrous sights and visions that linger on forever.


The years are flying b y and still i am here.

I recall the first day spent here and the first month and year

I have a lot of memories which i can only share,

it make me a much better person for the trials and obstacles and

stairs that i had to climb.

For want of love i found in other people

for which i shall be ever grateful.

along the road of life.

I am proud to say that i have climbed that road

many times,

but am still here, sometimes at crossroads

and never knowing what may be.

A lovely home and 3 times moved, and now

have more than just a yard and broom.

I have a home and 5 acres of grass, some sheep

and fish and a view of colour.

It is not always green, mostly brown, and dusty to say the least

you wash your sheets and hope they don't fly away.

Regular visits of feathered friends makes for a

more cheerful day, parrots and wrens and cockies, and don't leave out

the big galahs and kookaburras.

waiting for a drink or otherwise preoccupied with their partners,

they sit and linger for a while just to hear that cheerio.

Visitors are unexpected at times, exceptional examples of the duck family

they waddle through and waddle out, i quickly get my camera out.

as i know it is a site not to frown at.

Lizards too, are fond visitors, and the bobtails that linger about.

Oh no, i wouldn't change a thing, as i hear those birds sing.

the hay bales at dusk, as i walk along that dusty road.

has taught me to love and feel free.

Freedom nobody can take away

© k. wisbey

© Copyright 2020 suntanoz. All rights reserved.

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