My Husband Was Right Again

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
A very short story of an experience with a co-worker
may it lead others to think how they treat people, always
treat them as you would like to be treated yourself.
Be happy!

Submitted: November 15, 2007

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Submitted: November 15, 2007




 My husband was right again!!


It wasn't like I really didn't see it coming either, as I am a pretty good judge of character, but sometimes, I just expect all people to be fair and not mean.


It was a good little job, and at first it was only meant to last a few weeks, but then

it went on for ages, our job at the vineyards, both my husband and I were enjoying

getting out of the house and doing a good day's work, it all seemed so easy.

We were managing to save a little extra cash and buy a few extras too. It was hard

yakka, and not really my type of work, but I didn't mind so much.


It was all going well, apart from one person who worked there as well, Maree

was her name, and she seemed to be ready to do most things as well, so I thought

or I should say take over everybody elses!! We had worked with her before and I

never really encountered a problem with her, she always seemed friendly, and

always was polite, in fact I thought she was ok.


It wasn't until we started to do the extra work that her attitude seemed to change.

The owners were to go away for a months vacation overseas, and Maree was put in

charge with most of the household and buying & selling of wine, and of course any

computer work that had to be done.


The first day that we arrived in our work gear, she came along in her smarter attire

and the look on her face was enough!! I knew she loved the new role, even if it

was temporary. She passed by us with a look of air..

I thought to myself "gee hasn't she changed" now.


We were also given a list of jobs to do, plus a board was put out for all to see

when and if we arrived each day, with  what work duties we were given..

It was made perfectly clear as well, if we needed anything, do not hesitate to ask Maree, she would oblige, as she also had some outdoor jobs.. and most importantly

had all the keys to the bigger & better equipment, if in case we needed them.


Well, as the weeks wore on, we didn't get to use any of the ride on or make it

easy equipment, in fact we were lucky to even get a "hello". Something that

bugged my husband, the fact that she sat in the office or house for most of the

day and didn't seem to be doing anything...


We were struggling a little, as we took our old worn out equipment along, and

dragged all the big branches and trees into the piles and even took some to the tip.

We even cleaned up the garden and even with all the rain that took ages..

My husband remarked on more than one ocassion that we were "slaves" and doing all

the hard and heavy work, but I just reminded him that we were being paid..


This went on for another week, even the boss's car , got used to her benefit.

I guess she was too mean to use her car, but she only lived next door.


Well, I guess you live long enough to learn or so you hoped.

We were into our 3rd week, so I thought it was only right to ask about the

door to be left open for me when I did the cleaning.

Well, what a horrible surprise I got, as soon as I mentioned this arrangement,

she quickly stated that I was not going to be doing it, but that she would be

and it was all prearranged, "with whom I said", and her smart remark, was

"with out boss before she left," funny enough she forgot to inform me, and it was

still on the board of things to do.

I gave her a mouth full, and unless my husband came along I would have really

gotten into her. I could not understand how she worked, but I was learning pretty fast.

In fact, now I understood why my husband didn't seem to like her.

It wasn't that, it was she didn't seem to trust us - I noticed this as we came to the

door that morning, as she barely opened the door and it seemed she was hiding something. I wonder what!!!


I could have guessed she got her own way again, not only was she taking over

the whole place, as recently we encountered a small change of workload, we

were offered first, but then we were told later that it was given to her.


As soon as we parted, I noticed she quickly ran down to the shed, where the board was and erased the listing "house cleaning"

She thinks she will get away with this, well perhaps she will, but there will not be

too many people working with her in the future I reckon.


I am yet to know what she is hiding, but I would say it is her own self doubt or

insecurity, and of course I always believe that when you are a new comer to a

job there is always one bitch!!! I wonder what she has to gain from her behaviour.

I certainly do not feel threatened by her, but my guess is she feels threatened by us!!

We had a nick name for her, and I really would like it if  "Big Bird" could come down

to a slightly lower level, but I think she is too tall for that!!

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