Hank The Pony

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Silly story I wrote a few years ago.


Once upon a time there was a polka dotted pony named Hank. Hank was the only pony on his farm, and all of the horses made fun of him because he was so small compared to them. He yearned to prove himself, and promised himself one day, he would find love. And he did. He was trotting along at sunset, staring out at the sparkling lake, when he heard a new set of hooves pounding down the trail. Hank whinnied and bowed his head for the horse to pass, but not before he caught a glance of the horse trotting by.

She was the most magnificent horse he had ever seen, it was love at first sight. She was a smoky grey colour, with shimmering blue eyes, her mane was as brown as the dirt beneath their hooves and she trotted in a way that out graced any show horse he had ever seen. she stopped abruptly, her powerful leg muscles loosening, and she stared at hank with stunning intensity.

"Hello," Hank neighed. "I haven"t seen you in these parts."

"I'm new here."She snorted majestically, and with that she raced off, leaving Hank in shocked silence. After a few minutes being dumbstruck, he shook his head. "Women!" He snorted.

That afternoon, he went to the horse fortune teller and asked a question.

"So you have met the love of your life, and now you want me to tell you what to do," said Sasha. "Yep, that about sums it up," Hank looked around, then in a hushed tone, "you do know... what to do.. right? "Uh yeah...um ....okay... sure...." Sasha's voice trailed off then she snapped back to her usual self."Yes. Yes I know, just let me read your fortune," she neighed. Five minutes later she sat up and said, "You know you can fly right?" Hank was confused. "Fly?"  "Yes," she said."You can." "Okay..." Hank looked at her uncertainly."But what am I supposed to do about my love?'" "Well," In order to win her over, you must show her you can fly, otherwise she will never be yours." "Thank you Sasha," said Hank, and he went to go deliberate what she had told him.

The next day, he was leaping along the ridge on the side of a steep cliff, feeling the wind through his mane, and thinking once again about the strange mare he so dearly wanted to be his. He thought about what it would be like to fly and if he could really do it. Then he heard a vaguely familiar trotting sound to his left. He looked over and saw the mare keeping pace with him. She was looking at him with curiosity. He then made a snap decision that was probably the worst decision of his life. He jumped.

And it wasn't suicide or anything. he expected to take flight, impress the mare and lived happily ever after.

Well unfortunately gravity had a different plan for him. He tumbled through the air making his final desperate attempts to fly, and the ground rushed toward him at light speed. I'll spare you the more gory details, but lets just say he went 'splat'.

The mare stopped mid-trot as he jumped, completely struck by the pony who jumped off the cliff.

So let this be a moral- Don't jump off a cliff just because a fortune teller horse says to.


Submitted: March 09, 2013

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