The Mine

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Two hundred boys are imprisoned during World War III

Submitted: November 02, 2012

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Submitted: November 02, 2012





The boy awoke to the guard screaming “Aufwachen!” which translated to wake up. He glanced around his miniature cell. It was dimly lit by a single bulb hanging from the ceiling. It flickered on and off desperately trying to breath amid the thick, dank air. He awoke his two sleeping companions. They arose silently with restless frightened looks in their eyes. The small iron door slid open which brought in the cold and the taste of death with it. Silently, their heads down, the boy’s trudged out, leaving hope behind them, and joining the fear that prevailed on the outside.

The three boys got in line behind the two hundred other boys who had emerged from their cells. They were in a large rectangular compound, with 75 cells everyone identical to each other in design, small and frigid. The guard that had awoken the boys ushered them towards two immense doors, however one cell had remained closed. The guard angrily stormed inside it, and the sound of human flesh being struck and the cries of pain that the three boys who had not awoken echoed throughout the compound. Bruised and cut they hurriedly joined the others.

Once they reached the end of the compound, two guards opened the massive doors and steered the boys through the gray, dirty, slushy snow toward four colossal trucks with beds covered by canvas. The massive metal monsters growled and rumbled, while spewing out black death. The boys entered into the back of the truck’s while accompanied by a guard. The metal leviathans roared off. Inside the trucks, the silence and despair set in, so that it thickened the air, suffocating all inside the trucks. The silence caused time to crawl. After an eternity the trucks neighed to a halt. The boys clambered out and were equipped with a variety of mining tools. The boys stared at what the man made beasts had stopped for. It was the black ominous hole in the ground that fear called home, the mine.


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