You Steal Like You're A Pro

Status: Finished

You Steal Like You're A Pro

Status: Finished

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You Steal Like You're A Pro

Book by: SuperNaturalGirl1399


Genre: Fan Fiction



Demi Lovato is currently judging the third season of the X-Factor USA. What happens when somebody from her past returns for an audition? Will Demi be able to handle it or will she crack under pressure?


Demi Lovato is currently judging the third season of the X-Factor USA. What happens when somebody from her past returns for an audition? Will Demi be able to handle it or will she crack under pressure?

Author Chapter Note

Demi Lovato is currently judging the third season of the X-Factor USA. What happens when somebody from her past returns for an audition? Will Demi be able to handle it or will she crack under pressure?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 06, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 06, 2013



I awake to somebody shaking me.

"Demi, we're here," Kelly says.

I nod with a yawn. I can't believe I fell asleep during the drive to the auditions! I step out of the limo and roars from the crowd begin. I smile as cameras flash and manage to sign a few autographs before Simon yanks me away from the crowd.

"Do you even realize how rude you are?" I question him.

"I do, but the thing is, Demi, I don't care," He replies.

I roll my eyes at him.

"I heard you fell asleep in the limo."

"Not that it's any of your business, but I couldn't sleep last night. I kept thinking I'm going to screw this up," I confess.

"Demi, you said the same thing last year and now look at where you're at. I've said it once and I'm going to say it again; the worst thing that can happen to you is that you can't remember a single thing, you make a complete fool of yourself, and your career is over," He says with a straight face, just like last year.

I glare at him. We enter the greenroom and are immediately are sent to our dressing rooms. I change into a patterned dress by Isabel Marant and grey colored heels by Schutz.

"I thought we agreed that you'd be revealing less cleavage this season," I tease Simon.

He sarcastically chuckles. I stick my tongue out at him as we make our way to the judges' table.

"Please welcome our judges! Paulina Rubio, Kelly Rowland, Demi Lovato, and Simon Cowell," The announcer says.

I wave and smile as the crowd turns into a cheering frenzy. We claim our seats and prepare to listen to the first audition.


We haven't had a good performance in about thirty minutes. We're all starting to grow a little restless.

"Take a break," One of the producers says.

I thankfully rise from my seat.

"The talent sucks," Simon bluntly says.

"Some of them have been really good," I argue.

"I'm sure we'll find another talent. Just remain optimistic," Paulina smiles. 

Twenty minutes later, we're forced to return to the panel. All of us girls are too distracted teasing Simon to notice that the next contestant is on the stage until she clears her throat. I turn my head to look at her. Immediately the smile that is lingering on my lips fades. I involuntarily gasp. The other judges look at me, but I'm not worried about them. I'm more worried about the girl in front of me; the girl who made my life a living hell; the girl who is the origin of my problems.

"Hi, my name is-"

"Alicia Cole," I introduce for her, my mind in a foggy haze.

"Yep," She says, popping the "P". "Did you miss me, Demi?"

"Do you two know each other?" Simon asks.

"Demi and I go way back."

"How far back?" Simon inquires.

"Elementary school," I answer, swallowing the lump in my throat.

I hear gasps from some people, probably Lovatics, in the audience. I clear my throat and try to regulate my ragged breathing.

"What will you be singing today?" I question her, just wanting her to leave.

Her eyes burn into mine with a familiar hunger for other people's pain, especially mine.

"Skyscraper," She replies in an innocent tone.

I can practically feel my heart plummet to my stomach.

"Good luck," I manage to mumble into the microphone.

The music begins.

"Skies are crying, I am watching
Catching teardrops in my hands
Only silence, as it's ending, like we never had a chance.
Do you have to make me feel like, there's nothing left of me?" She sings.

I can't deny the fact that she has a beautiful voice. As she belts out the chorus, I feel as if I'm going to be sick.

"Demi, are you okay? You look really pale," Simon whispers.

I can feel my chest tighten as my former bully continues to hit every note. I rapidly blink my eyes to keep my tears from falling. Why the hell am I letting myself get so worked up just at the sight of her? I inhale a shaky breath as she finishes the song with a smile on her face. The audience is on their feet as well as Kelly and Paulina.

"Girl, you were sensational," Kelly compliments.

"Thank you."

"Are we ready to vote?" Paulina questions.

"Yes," Simon replies, still glancing worriedly at me.

"It's a yes for me," Paulina says.

"Heck yeah," Kelly agrees.

"Demi?" Simon awaits for my response.

I look up at the girl who used to belittle me to the point where I developed not one but two eating disorders and whose words drove me to self-harm.

"Your singing was beautiful," I reluctantly compliment. "It's a yes for me."

"Congratulations, Alicia. You just received four big fat yeses," Simon announces.

Alicia squeals and runs off the stage with a grin on her face. I turn my microphone away from my face.

"I'm going to be sick," I inform, before hurrying back to the greenroom.

I enter the bathroom and lean over the toilet, expelling everything I ate today into the toilet. I hear footsteps rushing towards my direction.

"Demi?" Kelly calls in an alarm tone.

"Did you-"

"No," I interrupt Simon before he can even ask. "I didn't purge," I mutter, feeling somewhat annoyed that he has no faith in me.

"Who was that girl?" Paulina questions.

"She's one of the kids who bullied me while I attended public school," I reply, not wanting to go into further detail.

After fretting over me for another twenty minutes, the other judges leave. I lock the bathroom door behind them and splash cold water onto my faceI need to get a grip! I grab my personal makeup bag from the cabinet and touch of my makeup. Upon returning the makeup bag, I notice my package of shaving razors.

"Do it, Demi," my demons whisper. "Just a quick release.

I forcefully shut the cabinet door and shake away the disastrous thoughts. I exit the bathroom and return to the judges' panel like nothing even happened.








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