Waiting for SuperMan

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Riley is loved. She's normal. She's popular. She has many friends. But there's one ordinary friend, Dain, who just sticks out... He's super strong, he's very cute, he's funny, he's her best friend. There's just a day, April 23rd, that changed their lives forever... Welcome, SuperMan.

Submitted: May 10, 2014

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Submitted: May 10, 2014



Part 1

“Time for dinner!” *double click* *double click* “Be down in a sec!” Riley Kennedy looks at the clock. Maybe tonight will be different, she thought. 7:13. I guess not. “What’s for dinner?” She asked her mother. “Tacos.  Dain’s family is coming over for dinner tonight, and Chelsea requested tacos.”  Great. Riley was in her ‘normal’ clothes. Her dad’s old baggy t-shirt, her favorite pair of basketball shorts, and her hair thrown up in a pony-tail.  “When?”  Please don’t let it be soon, please, please, please, she thought to herself. “7:30. Go get something nice on. You have 10 minutes.” 10 minutes isn’t enough for Riley, though.

She runs upstairs and grabs her blue Hollister t-shirt, and throws on Aero jean shorts. She throws down her hair, and 1 minute later the pony-tail has turned into a side-fishtail braid. “Bow, black bow, please show up,” she mumbles as she scrambles through the maze of hair accessories. “Ha! There you are!” Riley pulls her bang back by the braid and clips the bow in. Quickly, she fumbles through her make-up bag to find her mascara. Her phone vibrates. DainnnJ. It read, “No make-up please, gorgeous. Take your hair and put it back in the pony-tail it was in. Change back into that old shirt and basketball shorts from last season. You don’t have to try to look pretty for me. See ya in 5(:” Quick glance at the clock- 7:26. 4 minutes.


@RileyyGracee has liked your photo. Dain Hall has been friends with Riley Kennedy since pre-school. He’s had a crush on this girl since 3rd grade. Ugh, he thought, when will I be brave enough… “Tell Riley we’ll be there in 5 minutes,” Chelsea Hall (Dain’s mother) tells him. “Okie dokie,” he replies. After he texts her, he checks Instagram. What picture did that little brat like now, he thought to himself. ‘A guy can always use a girl best friend, and a girl can always  use a guy best friend.’ It was a picture of the two friends when they were in 6th grade at the park. Dain was on his bike and Riley was on her skateboard. Riley didn’t know that Dain was taking a picture and she was singing to him. Dain can remember that moment like it was yesterday… “I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ve loved you for a thousand years,” he sings to himself in his head.

“So have you figured out when you’re going to ask her out yet?” His mom asks. “Mom! Stop… But, no, I haven’t… I haven’t gotten the nerves to…” Dain has always been the outgoing,  loud, kind of person. It’s not like him to be scared to say something. “OkayJ I’ll be ready. See ya in a bit(:” Riley had replied. “You should ask her while we’re at her house. Lead her into it, thought. Don’t mention her father, though. She would break down.” “Yeah, such great advice, Mom. I’ve kind of learned to not bring Will up.” Then they arrived.



Riley heard Dain’s voice when he walked in and greeted her mom. Perfect timing. She was ready. She quickly and quietly went down the stairs. The Hall family didn’t seem to notice her. “Hey, babe. I missed youu!” Of course, Riley was going to flirt with Dain to scare him. But when she jumped up on his back when he wasn’t ready was probably enough to scare him. “Mwah,” he said, putting her down. “Come on in, welcome, welcome,” Riley’s mom was kind of nervous. She doesn’t really like it when Riley was all lovey with Dain. “I see you got my text.” Dain made a comment on what Riley was wearing. “Yep,” she replied with a grin. “Wanna go hang out in my room until dinner’s ready?” Dain smiles, and says, “Of course. As long as you don’t tackle me on the stairs, too.”


Awkward silence fills the room after the door to Riley’s plum-purple room closes. “So, how’s life been since the 6th grade? I saw your Instagram post,” Riley said with a stubborn tone to her voice. “Ry-Ry, you know why I did that,” he replies. Please ask me out, she thinks, todays the perfect day for it! “I do…?” “Yes, you do. Because, well, I don’t really know either so I can’t say anything. I thought you would say something…oops.” He’s a nervous wreck, it must be happening. “Anyways, I have to ask you something-”  Here it comes! “-It’s very important.” Almost there… “I was wondering…”

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