a love story

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A girl who never believed that she could ever be loved by someone... just hard that he could chase all the way for her..

Submitted: September 16, 2013

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Submitted: September 16, 2013



A love story

A girl who was born thinking that she needs a silent world of peace and person who can spare a few moments to listen to her and can be a good friend of her. Hundred have passed on the way but she never talked. As a daily routine that used to go in her life. a silence world. As usual she had few friends and few name even more than that a point to point answer to every one question. She won’t add up anything until you ask in detail. She used to mark her goal and lived the way she wanted. She had a good attitude and a good self understanding capability. She never needs anything from anyone but always in search of a loyal friendship. She is bit shy in nature that is the willingness to talk was a crime to her she will never ask anything to an intruder. She was all in the way to which life took her.

One of childish act she had in her to see whether somebody is looking at her or not while she is doing something even while having her food as if someone is going to steal her food and go away. She was bit funny in nature and hell lot of confusion in her mind. On which way she should go. She was thin, 5 feet height and a bit interested in fashion world. You will be amazed to know about suit story. The dresses were never perfect for her. The suit tailor should stop stitching in her point of view if they did not stitch perfectly. I sometimes thought in old days I mean about the ages of king she would have been the king of tailor. I am sure this question even her boyfriend will ask her. She refused me and scolded me that she would never have a boyfriend. I teased her whenever I liked ..it is a fact that many faces may pass by but for some you may have a kind heart. As she was bit shy in nature so she could never tell anyone why in those hundred she liked him the most. They never know how they met on the way going to their destination. As they both were doing to same destination she never thought the will ever talk to an intruder. Somebody has said the truth that whenever you like someone you like to be their friend first.

Among all boy  she wanted to do friendship with him but the boy when saw her at first he liked to know how come she can be so quiet and accommodating very well . they met in the train journey which was ruling to their destination. He asked her are you feeling boarded but she gave no answer. She said to herself why he was going and coming again and again. He gave a brief introduction to her and where he was going .. this question was common to both.  They had a talk for a very few moment but to the girl it seemed like a lot because she was not habituated. Every moment she thought whether he could really be a friend. He offered his hand to do friendship but she replied i am a friend to all.  then they remain their path way. Whatever the boy used to ask she used to say that much only that is till that moment she was with him. One day when the boy asked will you be my friend forever she said yes then promise me the boy added up. On the next day she said I am going and nice to meet you then he said immediately can I drop you? Mean while one the path he proposed her then she said no and went off. The boy did not had the time to ask her why?  by the time she went off. Again the day came they meet at receiving their memorandum from the place they again met.  The boy thought what she will say but finding her alone and came near to help her then he asked don’t be angry we are friend and will be friends but please give me your cell no. he again added not to refuse him as she had promised him. Then she gave him the cell no. on the next day she called him saying sorry but she didn’t know what to say. Again their friendship when went strong the boy asked why did he refused him. Still then she had no answer and when he proposed again she said yes and agreed to meet him.

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