Faith Mountain

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What's at the end of life? You're point for living... to please the world or to please God?

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



Imagine you heard a rumor,

that if a person were to climb

to the top of Mount Everest,

they would see God's face.  Suppose, 

for a moment,

that you take up this challenge.

You pack all essential equipment,

make all necessary arrangements,

and head out on your quest.

Your guide leads you to the top

in record time, knowing

your urgency to see God's face.

At the summit, cold,

glittering winds, blowing at negative

degrees, chill you to the bone,

ice forming on the tip of your nose.

Your arms outstretched, you shout,

"God, God, where are you?"

You have learned the awful truth...

the rumor was a lie.

Three steps down from the peak,

you slip, sliding hundreds of feet

before coming to rest in a snow bank.

Your body was never found.


Now, imagine that you are standing

before the throne of God.

He has just asked you

what you did for Him with the life

He gave you. You say,

"Lord, I climbed Mount Everest

for You." He looks at you,

with piercing eyes, and says,

"Child, with faith the size of a seed,

you could have moved that mountain

with a feather-light push.

You would have discovered heaven;

with every step,

you would have found treasures

that would have lasted an eternity

in My house.

Physical acts do nothing alone... 

it is faith that climbs mountains."

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