Date with a vampire

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

about dating a vampire....

I was searching peace . Peace between vampires and humans . During this I met a boy . I didn't know his name but he was a vampire I doubted . As he often came in my cafe and sit on the chair and ordered nothing just stared at peoples around.

One day...

I felt like someone staring at me , It was him . I went near him and asked " Hey whats wrong with you , do you want something ? "

He left without saying a single word .

After finishing my work I was going to home . I was alone on the road .It was almost 10:00 pm of wintry dark night. I heard foot steps besides mine . I turned nobody was there. I became scared . I heard screaming of someone . I ran in the direction of voice . I saw him , he was shucking someones blood with his sharp fangs . I couldn't stay quite . I screamed out loud with fear . He ran towards me and leaned me towards walls .

That was so scary, he grabbed me in his arms tightly . I became hyperventilated . His fangs appeared like going to drag in my veins . I closed my eyes and cried " please leave me .... don't kill me ..."

I felt his finger on my lips and then on my cheeks .After this I opened my eyes and saw he had gone .

Next day the cafe

I was confused a little bit why he let me go , I saw he didn't come today . I was busy in my work and still thinking about him . Suddenly he appeared just in front of my sight . He whispered in my ears " Meet me here after your work "

He gave me an address and left .

It was 10:00 PM . I was wondering if I should go or not . I decided to go on a date with vampire .

I reached at the address that was given by him . I saw he was on table no. 7 .

He helped me to sit and ordered coffee for me . After a silence he broke the ice .

" Are you okay , are you going to speak or not " .

" Hmmm....I am thinking you invite me for a dinner or I am your dinner ? " I asked curiously .

" Hahahahaha.... you humans are really very funny " he laughed .

He took my hand in his hand and said

" Lisa ... I am .. Chris and this is true that I am a vampire and It is also true that I have feelings for you which are very special " .

I was hypnotized by his deep blue eyes and his cute smile . I couldn't believe that a handsome boy with long blond hair loves me .

I asked " Oh... very strange .. Why a vampire loves a human ? "

" you are different Lisa .. You makes me feel alive again dear , believe me I wont hurt you , I just want to love you and keep you with me ". He explained his feelings with me .

After this I was much impressed . I said nothing just smiled at him .

He asked me gently to dance with him .

I was ready then we danced and he took me in corner put his arm around my waist and came closure to me and kissed me .... He made me feel special . He came outside on the road with me today I was not alone on the wintry night . He covered me up with his black leather jacket , he put his arms around my waist and kept me closure and said " You are my life" .

He dropped me home and said bye and kissed me on my lips . Our story started . I was lucky to have date with vampire .

Submitted: September 17, 2016

© Copyright 2021 surbhi nautiyal. All rights reserved.

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surbhi nautiyal

I just started writing , just learning writing in a great way.....

Sun, September 18th, 2016 8:23am

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