Extraordinary Love volume 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is about a lonely and sad girl and her extraordinary love ....

Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 18, 2016



" Lia ....Lia ...are you listening ? I was searching for you ... what are you doing here ? "

" Oh mom ....I am sketching that tree and I like to be here away from the crowd ...here is peace and that tree never complains me about anything this place is my favorite and perfect place . "

" Okay...okay miss ..get up and come with me it's lunch time , your dad also waiting for you . "

" Hmmm....Okay let me say bye to my tree friend . "

Lia and her mother moved together inside their home .

" Come dear enjoy tasty lunch . "

" Why not Dad... "

" Lia I want to talk with you about your studies ."

" Yes dad ... you can say everything clearly , what's going on in your mind ? "

" Em...Lia me and your mom .. decided to sent you out of city for your graduation darling . "

" But dad.... how can....I mean ..dad you know better how much I love this place .. I love to be here..."

" Lia ... dear we know everything baby but we are just thinking about your good future ..."

" Mom I appreciate that but I am not going anywhere . "

" Try to understand Lia .. you are our kid and we just want your best and you are going out of city next week "

" I am not a kid dad I can take my decision and I am not gonna leave this place . "

" Enough ... no arguments Lia just go to your room . "

After listening this Lia left lunch and went in her room and cried . Lia wanted to live this place because her childhood spent here . She didn't have any friend besides a tree on a hill in front of her house . She was emotionally attached with that tree because she shared everything with that tree . After hearing her parents decision she couldn't make up her mind .

" I don't want to leave you friend , I know you will miss me . I love you and always will . "

Lia was whispering in front of a sketch of tree that she drew .

At the mid night Lia left her bed and moved to the tree . She talked with that and said .

" Hey please answer me will you miss me ? Are you gonna cry after I go ? or will you forget me ? .... tell me ..."

Suddenly very strong wind started to blow ... It was like a storm . Tree was shaking and Lia was sitting under that tree with tears in her eyes .

One week later _

" Lia it's time to go hurry up..."

" hmmm....coming mom ..."

" Looking cute dear... I will miss you girl "

" I will miss you too dad . "

" Okay come dear sit in cab ... "

Lia was looking toward the hill with a broken heart .

She finally said good bye to her best friend .

Her mom and dad kissed her and shut cab's door .

Lia moved to another city without knowing how hard or easy her life would be there .

Lia put her head phone and closed her eyes .


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