Dont Trust Him

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
She Loved Him. He Loved Her. Or So She Thought...

Sara was having a good life until he spread rumors about her in bed. She thinks her life is over. She is trying hard not to see them but they find her. She wants it all to go away by taking her life.

Will They Make Up? Will She Take Her Life? Or Will It All Go Away?

Submitted: April 24, 2012

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Submitted: April 24, 2012



It all happened after I was walking home from school. I felt a people staring at me but I didn’t think much of it. But then I thought I heard people saying "Ohh shit, It’s her!", "Don’t talk to her, she’s "infected"!", "Did you hear what she did?” All of those different things. 3 weeks ago was prom, of course you know what happens at prom, you get bored go off and have sex for the 1st time. You think it’s the best thing that could ever happen. That’s what I was thinking at the time. But when I got back to school, people were laughing, I didn’t know what I did but I guess it was pretty funny. I walk up to Brad, my boyfriend, and give him a kiss and said hey. Him and his friends laughed and walked away and then the school bell rang, so I went to class. I tried talking to him in class but he ignored me. My best friend, Isabel, walked up to me after class and asked if it was true. I had no fucking idea what she was talking about and I was already pissed. I said, "I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOUR TALKING ABOUT." "Brad told everyone that you were shitty in bed, didn’t know how to please a guy, cried and the worst, that you have him AIDS." "WHAT THE FUCK! I don’t have AIDS! Where did he get that from? I thought he liked it?!" "I guess not." said Isabel  "That bastard!"  I was so pissed all day. I was so tempted to walk up to a wall punch it and run my head into it. At the end of the day, I walked up to that son of a bitch and asked what the fuck is his deal. He told me he went to the doctors and they came back saying he had AIDS. I heard enough bullshit and punch him in the face, he came back and slapped me, pulled my hair and pushed me on my knees. I was crying on the inside, I didn’t want to seem like I was weak. One of his friends grabbed my hair and Brad grabbed my face and put it close to his and he whispered in my ear. “I’m not done with you!” he pulled away but they didn’t let go, I got scared like he was going to slap me around to show that he was pissed. He wiped his nosed and finished talking. “If you’re smart, you’ll prepare for me to find you. Sleep with one eye open from now on, ok sweetie.” And kissed me on my cheek. His friend let go and they walked away. I went to go find Isabel. And she saw that I was crying and figured I had talked to Brad. Brad was the Quarterback. No one could touch him. Isabel told me to tell my mom what happen, but I said no and asked if I could come in.

The next day, I skipped school because I was “sick”. I went to the store and had to go through an ally to not be seen by anybody on my way there. But I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see Brad standing at the end of the ally. I looked up I turned around and tried to run. But his friends were at the other end. There was a door  he got to it before me. I was trapped. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. HE pulled my arm and pulled me into the door. He pushed me against the wall and said, “You led last time, now I’ll lead.” He tried kissing me but I turned and he kissed the wall. “Remember when you use to love me, thought I was your soul mate. Kissed me and let me do what I wanted with your body. If you don’t do that now. I’ll tell everybody you’re a slut, don’t know how to kiss. And fuck anything in sight.” Threaten Brad. I got up saliva and spit it in his face. He wiped it off. And told me, “Ok, I was going to do this the easy way but I guess you need to be taught a lesson bitch!” Smacked me in my face and pulled me onto the old table in the room held me down and tied my arms and legs to the legs of the table, bending my wrist and ankles the wrong ways. I screamed in pain and wishing to be free. At first he got onto of me and just whispered in my ear demanding me to scream his name. Before all this would had willingly did whatever he wanted, I did love him, I did think we were soul mates. When we were dating he did whatever he wanted with my body. I just let him. That was a mistake. My virginity was given to a total asshole who was taking advantage of me because I was the only girl that didn’t know what he was like or I was the only  girl that would let him do all of this nasty shit to me. He started he went soft to me preparing me for the worst. He didn’t give me any drugs to knock me out, he wanted me to feel everything and remember everything. He licked my ear, gave me a kiss and ripped my shirt to see my breast. Kissed everything he could get his mouth on.  He decided it wouldn’t be fair if he was the only one to do this to me. He invited every one of his buddies to stick their dicks in my make me be their own little teddy bear. They pulled my hair made me scream. I tried screaming for help, but no one came. They stuck anything they wanted in me to get the feeling that I wasn’t enjoying it and they were giving me pain and taking my dignity. About 3 hours went by and I think they all had fun. I was tied up for a day. Before someone came to talk to me. They asked if I was in any pain and do I remember anything from what happened. I shuttered yes and yes. They laughed and walked away opened the door and Brad walked in. He asked, “Did you have fun? I sure did.” He turned around and asked the boys the same thing. I was raped by 6 guys. They all were football players who had strength and stamina. They all went fast hard slow soft. Like a pattern. I had never felt so much pain. I had never had so many people do so much stuff to me. They kissed me everywhere, licked me everywhere. Anything they felt like doing. I was there play doll. I was too weak to fight back. Wrist broken, ankles in intense pain. I was waiting to be let go to fall to the ground crying. Brad kissed me, again and again. He was kissing me like he was sorry and it was all just a game. That he loved me. Bullshit. They untied me, brad picked me up and carried me to his car. He drove me home. He picked me up, and walked me to my door. He whispered in my ear before he took me to my room. “Nothing happen. And if you try to skip school and be a pansy. I’ll come and finish everything off, if you’re a good girl ill forgive you and we can go back to our normal lives.” I wanted to scream bullshit and slap him but being tied up for more than 24hours  and being raped by 6 football players doesn’t leave you with much strength. I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone but Isabel came over and she could tell something was wrong I told her everything. She jumped off the side of my bed and wanted to go KILL Brad and his buddies for putting me threw tourcher like that. “I would have  wanted to be killed, then go through this and have to face them until graduation.” “You’re not going to school ever again.” demanded Isabel. “I have to or they’ll come find me and kill me”. 

I went to school the next day and kept my head down not to see Brad. Brad wasn’t my problem, it was everyone else. They laughed and asked if I got punched in the face because I had AIDS. I couldn’t contain my anger anymore. I looked up and said, “look here you low life son of a bitchs, I don’t have AIDS, and all of you stupid whores don’t know shit if you believe that I have AIDS. I don’t have AIDS! OK, put that on Facebook, in the yearbook, on twitter, I don’t care. I just want all of yall to stop believing these lies. I’ll get tested just to show you bitchs, that I didn’t give Brad AIDS. Ok so go tell him, that starting these rumors was hilarious and we loved it, show over!”  “Brad didn’t start the rumors,” I heard as I walked away. I turned and Jasmine, a girl in my Biology class, came to me and finished, “I heard someone else started the rumors. I heard he was put up to this.” “By who!?” I said trying not to scream. “I don’t know.” finished Jasmine. The bell rang and everyone fled not to be late for homeroom. Isabel and I were the only ones in the hallways. Isabel had a sad, gloomy face. “What’s wrong Isabel” I said feeling like I did something. She started crying, “I did it. I started the rumor. I have loved Brad forever, when you got prom queen, had sex with Brad I just lost it. I told him that I would ruin his chances at football later in his life in college if he didn’t go along with the plan. I’m sorry.” “You knew all along! It was you! You told him to rape me with him and his friends. They broke my wrist. How could you, I thought you were my friend. You’re just a bitch! I hate you!” “I’m sorry! I don’t know what I was thinking. I am your friend!” “If you were my friend, you would have moved on. I was happy with Brad. One of his friends actually liked you!” I stormed out of that school. Crying, feeling that no one cared. I had no body. I was done with all this. I went to the drug store got something and ran home. I was running home and I ran across the street and CRASH!!! I  don’t remember much of what happen but when I woke up I wasn’t home. I was away from everything. I can’t tell you much of what happen or of where I am. But I know I’m not home…

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