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If John obey the decision of their father so he absolutely not get into troble.

Submitted: March 23, 2016

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Submitted: March 23, 2016



John's father name Mr.Albert have their own school so the study in their father school. John did not like his father because John father is very strict towards their the John. He always force their decision and they also made their own rules and regulation. But their always try to understand how to live their life how to earn for the livelihood but they always disagree.

Mr.Albert are very curious about John so they decided they sent John to their friend Mr.Francis so that John at least should learn from them. Mr.Francis is very intelligent, smart, successful, banker. John always want to live free life now he get the opportunity to live as they want. Mr.Francis give the job in their bank so that he will become a responsible person and also earn to live. As the day increase John take interest in gambling, tumbaccy, drinking. Their lifestyle was start worst and worst. John were move into debts due to the gambling.

Due to not repay their debt he decided to rob the bank so he should repay their debt. John not even discuss their problem with father . So make plan to rob the bank and he is successful to rob the bank and also repay their debts.

Now the John problem not finish this is the begging of problem . Mr.Albert heard a news of John robbery so as a father he try to save their children but he was unsuccessful and later tom was in the hand of police due to their crime.

John accept his crime and also later John realise their of he share their problem with his father so he may not get arrested.

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