Pokemon Stories #1: Arrival In Slateport

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starting a pokemon fan fiction series. please comment and review if you get the chance. enjoy!

Submitted: March 18, 2016

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Submitted: March 18, 2016




Pokemon stories #1:

Arrival In Slateport

I was leaning on the railing of the S.S. Tidal, staring off into the distance, watching the wild Wingulls fly by. I was extremely excited to begin my journey to the Hoenn region. I had already become champion of the Kanto and Johto regions. I had gotten so bored of the champion lifestyle that I resigned from that life and decided to see new Pokemon and explore the depths of Hoenn. I had dreamed of the slow life, and the cruise to Slateport was the slowest my life had been in a long time.

We finally arrived at the docking port at noon on the third day. “ we have now arrived at Slateport. All passengers need to exit in an orderly fashion. And remember, have a nice time!” said Captain Briney over an intercom. I came down the ship stairs and I couldn't believe how big Slateport was. I had been to Saffron, Viridian, and Goldenrod city, and Slateport definitely stood up to those cities. The scenery was beautiful, the air was fresh, the city was vibrant and bustling. I hadn't been this happy being in a new place in years. I was walking through the city and decided to let my Umbreon out to walk with me. He was my best friend for as long as I could remember. He was the first Pokemon I ever got. I was walking in the rain, coming home from the Pokemon academy when I found him laying down in an alleyway with cuts all over his body. So I took him home, helped him heal and we've been at each other sides ever since.

I made it to Verdanturf town just before the sun went down. Not being huddled by tons of fans everywhere was a big change, but a great change. I hadn't had a speck of anonymity since I was ten, and I'm sixteen now. Near the entrance to the cave at the north end of verdanturf, I saw a battle going on between two trainers.

“ c'mon umbreon, let's go check it out.” I said, calling umbreon up onto my shoulder. They had to be around my age, definitely beginners. The girl trainer should have already won, since she had an electric type against a water type. She finally called for a thunder shock, which fried the other trainers Marill. “ nice job, but you could have won quicker than that. Any type of electric move could have won you the battle in seconds flat.” I said, seeing her smile quickly turn into a frown. “ yeah, well what do you and that scrawny fox know about battling!?” she snapped at back at us. “ oh boy, here we go” I thought in my head, knowing that I was sure to be drawn into a battle. So I took umbreon down and looked back at the other trainer. “Why don't I show you. Care for a battle?”

she nodded her head and got her pokemon ready. “ OK buddy, it's just like every other battle. Now let's get'em!” I said to Umbreon, and before she could get any words out “ Umbreon use sand-attack, now use shadow ball!” just like that, I knew the match was over. Umbreon came running back over to me and sat down at my feet. “ great job buddy, and I think it was in record time too.” just then I looked over and the girls Pokemon was lying on the ground not moving. “ Uh oh, I think we overdid it again.” I whispered to Umbreon. The girl fell to her knees and started crying “ Electrike, no, please be OK. This is what I get for trying to act tough and confident.” she said, holding her Elektrike in her arms. I walked over and knelt down beside her “ come on, we need to get him to a Pokemon center quickly.” I said. So I helped her up to her feet and we ran to the nearest Pokemon center. I hoped it wasn't too late.

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