The Tree That should Have

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in small village of only a few, a little boy finds a friend that's true.

Submitted: March 31, 2016

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Submitted: March 31, 2016



The Tree That Should Have


Our story begins in a very small town, with only sixty three.


It was known for being a very nice town, with a many things to do.


But there favorite thing was to plant their trees, and watch them grow through time,


but one tree grew in a very strange way, in only a few days pass.


It was planted by a nice small boy, his parents named him Jake.


His only wish was to see his tree grow up to be his friend.


For you see the boy didn't have a friend that he could call his own.


Then his tree grew only six foot three, small branches, trunk and all.


But he went to the hill every single day and played with his new grown friend.


Then one day when the small boy came to see his only friend,


all he saw was a three foot stump, the tree had gone away.


Then the boy,he started to cry and gave his friend a hug.


In the coming days the village grew ill, the sky had turned to gray.


Within the months that came ahead, they all moved away.


But the boy from this day until the day he died, came to see his only friend.


The tree Whose stump still stood on the hill was given a newfound name.


Written down on a plank of wood, they gave him the name “Jake”.

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