What a close shave, or not

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What a disaster! No one could manage what l had just done

Submitted: July 07, 2012

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Submitted: July 07, 2012



It had been Billy’s idea, and partly mine. Let’s just say trusting Billy had been my worst idea that week. My parents now stood in court facing Judge Judy, the meanest judge in country. Her pale wrinkled face matched her ebony gown and obviously fake silvery wig. I shivered as her bloodshot eyes peered down at me. She gave the final verdict, and slammed down her fancy hammer, and spat out the frightful words no one except the Bungey’s had wanted to hear.


Instead of beaming with joy that l wasn’t in trouble, l stood up and shouted at the top of my lungs, ”I......”


Two nights ago, Billy and l had planned on throwing the bash of the year. With mom and dad gone, who could have stopped me?

Three to four hours went by, everything was good. The beer had arrived and everyone was partying like no mans business. The Bungey’s had called twice already and threatened to call the police. But who cared about them right?

Caught by a cheerleader making out with some random guy, she handed me  the phone as drunk as she was. “Claire?”

Mother dearest’s voice came through the receiver.”Claire?”

“Hey mom. How you doin? How’s grandma’s?”

“It’s okay.....”Tick-Tock stared playing and the volume was turned up to full blast. Even the windows were dancing as they vibrated.

”What is all that noise?”

“Oh, well.....that’s just Billy the music really loud.”

“Okay, well l just called to let you know we’re on our way back. Apparently grandma had planned her entire weak out with her boyfriend. Can you imagine that?”

“Wait! Mom no.....”Then he words registered.”Grandma has a boyfriend?”

“Yes! Well see you later darling”

“Mom wait!” but she had already hung up. Oh well grandma’s house was six hours away. It would take them time to get here.

Clasping a half empty bottle of beer sprawled on the floor five hours later, roaring with laughter over nothing really. With the music blaring at full blast, no one could have guessed or heard the crackling flames as they crept to the bash. Only when the flick of amber dashed across the wall, engulfing whatever was in it’s way, screams and shouts came from every direction. I watched as everyone ran panicking, confused, dashing out every open doorway or window into the cool night air. Having the sense to follow Billy. Still laughing as l reached but he seemed zoned out. He was string at something either than me. Pivoting to follow his stare on bare feet. The beer slipped from my palm as l took in the sight of our beloved house being devoured by the hissing flames. A cab pulled and my enraged father flew out, my petrified mother staggering behind after him. I stood transfixed. Our house and the Bungey’s house, after many hours with the fire fighters trying to put it out, lay in cinders. The acrid smell teased at my nostrils. I was in deep trouble!


I had told them that l’d left the stove on and l’d gone over to Billy’s. I couldn’t tell them the truth, i was too big a risk. So here we are now in court, and me well.”I’m guilty!”

All eyes set on me now. Craving to sit down and tell them l was lying, l managed to man-up and once l’d started telling the truth no one could stop me.

“I threw a party and everything was going well until Billy and some random girl l’ve never seen at school before started playing with fire and then-‘

“Miss Cutland!”The judge looked even scarier. Was that normal. I received  78hours of community service which was a lucky break. Thank God! Now all that was left was to see if  l could burn down the judges house. Now that will  be a challenge.

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