When depression hits

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Depression is a disease, and when it hits.... damn, you're gonna wish it didn't.

Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



when depression hits, everything punches you with a big, black baseball bat. everything loses their interest and those simple, easy things are suddenly one of the hardest.

when depression hits, your own bed becomes your castle. and there are no others allowed. there are invisible chains holding you down and you realize you haven't showered in 3 days.

when depression hits, it can crawl into you without you noticing or it can attack you in just one minute. either way, it always ends up the same. you think it's just a bad day, but it turns into a bad week, a bad month and you notice you are uncapable of answering your friends and you just swallow all that pain inside without making any noise.

when depression hits, you are your only friend and that friend hates your guts. you become a ghost on social media and you feel like you are falling into the black abyss where you can't get up.

when depression hits, you are coloring with a black sharpie, because it's always the same. this is your life but you didn't choose this. you didn't want this and you feel like you can't make it go away.

it doesn't play by the rules. it is not fair. it has broken families, destroyed many dreams. it's an illness just like any other, like flu or cancer. expect no one believes you and nobody thinks it's an acceptable reason to get a sick day.

they say "take a walk, you'll feel better" but you can't do that because you can't even put on clothes.

they say "it's just a bad day" but it isn't, you know it isn't. it's a damn rabbit hole and it's repeating everything over and over again.

they say "you need to get a hold of yourself" but it seems impossible when you have been laying in your bed for 3 days, too tired to open the door where your own mother is knocking.

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