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The story is set in a traditional Indian Road with regular mud puddles. The hero is a pedestrian finding it difficult to cross a huge mud puddle. In his transit an Indian State Transport splashes mud water all over him.The hero irate but reacts to it very interestingly.

Submitted: August 19, 2010

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Submitted: August 19, 2010



Once upon a time there was a mud puddle. Unlike many mud puddles, this one was most unusual. It was ostensibly innocuous with its moderate size for the plane eyes but it was quite deep filled with water. It almost beckoned people to enter. In this case it beckoned the sadist “Big Red Beasts with four wheels”. Like the \"The Spirits of Ecstasy\" or \"Flying Lady\" or \"Silver Lady\" I mean the Rolls Royce hood ornament, most of them have the “T” of TATA or “L inside a Wheel like structure” of Ashok Leyland. Many states in India call it the “State Transport”. So we will see in our little story a similar beast and the rider of the beast a Kakhi – clad devilish arrogant person who is the Antagonist of our story.

Beside the mud puddle was a large sign which read: “THOU SHALT NOT WALK THROUGH MUD PUDDLES!”, and it was signed, “God.” Our hero was a normal human being with two legs. Nothing godly, angelic or ungodly about him was visible. He was walking keeping the left side of the road obeying all pedestrian ethics. When he saw the puddle in front of him he was puzzled. He stopped for a second or two and then thought it must be a prank and just carried on. He carefully planned to cross the puddle through the space available to its left side.

All was fine as he reached half way without trouble. But something evil he could smell not that far away. He looked to his left it was a load of cow dung. He carried on. The puddle was still like the artic ice. A few more meters and then he could pat himself for the successful completion of the Herculean task. But not all happens according to the plan. The Big Red Beast the vehicle of our villain was asked to run faster than it could possibly run. Like all the Villains, sadism was the visible trait of our Khaki –clad antagonist. The demonic smile adorned by bloody lips (induced by paan and tobacco). He was spinning the wheel of fury (steering) and the Joystick (Gear). Within split seconds the “White Shirt” of our Hero got a first entry into the “To-do list” of his Washing Machine, the biggest challenge for it till now. There were times when people feel that calmness should be maintained every time in any situation. But the Volcano of fury in our Hero eclipsed the eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull.

If there was no twist to the story then what is the greatness of writing a story? Why our hero is called “Hero” if he did not stand fit for that tag? He closed his eyes and summoned all his intellectual strengths for few seconds and then ran out of the scene. But I will not take my story away from the scene. Let us wait to see what he was going to do. He came back to the scene. He had a bucket and cup in his hand. He started collecting the muddy water from the puddle into the huge bucket. He also put some pieces of the source of evil smell in it. He took a chalk from his pocket and corrected “WALK” on the sign board to “PASS”. Now the sign board read “THOU SHALT NOT PASS THROUGH MUD PUDDLES!” He carried the bucket with one hand and the board with another and crossed the road and waited...

After a long wait the moment had come. He could see the Beast speeding with its entire monstrosity and the Rider’s Demonic smile. Our hero just walked slowly into the middle of the road with the board in his hand. The Beast stopped. The Rider with his smile all gone was furious. He stepped out of the bus and closed the door, and started intimidating with his devil mouth. Our hero did not wait a second and did the needful. The mysterious juice of the Mud Puddle mixed with pieces of evil smelling substance found its deserved place. The bloody smile vanished…the smile of Vengeance won…

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