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The name itself......

Submitted: August 11, 2013

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Submitted: August 11, 2013



“Love begins when two unknown eyes meet  and mould into a third eye of beauty.It is the eye of baby's dream that quivers like dew drop amidst a vast evergreen leaf adorned with simplicity and care,enhancing the vision of myriad lives.The soul fires up with a faint sudden touch of desperate silence and elation spreads like the touch of a flower on a still undiscovered river .The vibrant waves moves like nature's harmony and kisses he unknown coast from where a real dream begins its journey towards Nirvana.”


“Like those candles up in the heaven,that lit up the rarest spots of this never ending universe,my love is like one of those faintest stars focusing the obscurest corner of your heart that is unknown to many others.Let me stroke the purest river of silence to stir up your stagnent elation and harmonise it with mine.”


“Mortals are blessed with the vibrant gamute of emotions that is like the rainbow arching to unite two souls and leaving them before an undiscovered era.Just like the rainbow that comes from the purest origin emotions deliver the sermons of the souls.At times it become violent like the crimson and at the other times it assumes the blue greenish hue of peace and love.Bound together by strong knit of conscience they represent a human being and devastates when the bond breaks.”


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