Enough's Enough Already

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I decided to take Funny Bunnies Challenge and line she gave to me was, "the blessed I am." I don't know if it was chosen especially for me or not but to let you know, I am a moody person. The only thing that is constant is my faith, but I am as moody as all get up. I wrote this as how I was feeling this particular day. Funny Bunny, I hope this is not a disappointment to you, but transparency is an important virtue that allows me to be able to post my poems that are sad and dark also.

Submitted: June 16, 2008

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Submitted: June 16, 2008



Enough's Enough Already

by Susan H Fouts

The devastation sorrows me

As I look around

Floods are overwhelming Iowa

When will the waters come down?

Earthquakes are rocking China

Hurting Japan too.

They are striking everywhere

More and not a few.

Tornadoes in the midwest

Have given many a scare

Sirens sounding endlessly

Leaving cities bare.

Hunger in Ethiopia

Children's bellies bulge

It makes me feel so guilty

When I over endulge

But sitting in my ramsacked home

The blessed I am to have

Through hateful vengeful atmosphere

My heart could use a salve.

The weather though tumultuous

Can dwell within a home

Tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes

And sadness like a tomb.

Do not depend on outward circumstances

For your peace

Because you will not find it

Your soul not be at ease.

If I had not known Jesus Christ

I know that I'd be dead

There's nothing for me in this world

My life would be misread

For truth of my existence

I look to Him above

I thank God for His goodness

I thank God for His love.

I thank Him for the food I eat

I thank Him for my children's love

I only wish I could be strong

And endure though, enough's enough


© Copyright 2018 Susan Hartline Fouts. All rights reserved.

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