The Potter and the Clay

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I wrote this piece in December 1994 when I was going through what I would call a nervous breakdown. My self esteem was at it's lowest and were it to go any lower I think it would have been death. I believe it was divinely inspired by God who could not and would not leave me in the mental state that I was in at the time. Thank you, God!

Submitted: June 11, 2008

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Submitted: June 11, 2008



He was working at the wheel

Patient indeed

Carefully turning the wheel

Searching every need

For He saw a picture in His mind

How He wanted it to be

And He saw a glorious vessel

In you and you and me


The vessel he was making

Was spoiled in His hands

Was it due to circumstances

Or the enemies plan

But He never tossed that lump aside

Giving it up

But determined Himself to finish

The work He had begun...He had begun


Oh, I'm so glad that I'm in the Master's hand

Though the wheel spins oh so swiftly

I don't think I can stand

That's when I'm reminded that the work

Which He has begun

He will perform it and bring it to pass

Till the day of His return...His return


Cannot I do with you as this vessel

As the clay is in his hands

So are you in my hands

Child, you're in my hands

And I'm making into a vessel

For the world to see

My mercy and my grace

which I've bestowed upon thee...upon thee.


He was working at the wheel, patient indeed.

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