Shattered Promise

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This poem is about my reaction, as a six year old, to the death of my close aunt.

Submitted: June 06, 2012

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Submitted: June 06, 2012




Shattered Promise
You promised we’d meet,
But you’ve left
To another world; 
Where my hands,
My voice
Can not reach you.
Where your hands, 
Your voice
Can not reach me.
I had disbelief within my heart,
Or perhaps I was so stunned,
Like a deer
In a streetlight.
But reality is unavoidable
And cruel.
The storm of anger
Overwhelmed me.
How could you leave me behind
With nothing
But a broken promise.
Yet my heart
Was young and fragile.
Tears clouded
My eyes,
And started rolling
Down my cheek,
Like the rain 
Falling from a storm.
When the storm had finally passed,
I sat and stared
Into the endless, blue sky
In search of you.
My voice,
My hands
May not reach you.
Your voice,
Your hands
May not reach me.
But wherever you are,
My heart
Will always reach you,
As yours 
Will always reach mine.
A shattered promise,
That can never be fulfilled:
We’ll meet again.



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