Mister Morgan's Marvelous Mustache

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The people of the town of Yesterday have a big problem, but Mr. Morgan and his marvelous mustache might just find a solution.

Submitted: December 19, 2013

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Submitted: December 19, 2013



Mr. Morgan had a marvelous mustache.  He called it a handlebar mustache, because it looked like the handlebars on a bike.


Mr. Morgan could use his mustache for all manner of things, like carrying Mrs. Morgan's handbag or poking holes in lightning bug jars.  But mostly he used it to make the people of Yesterday smile.


One day early in April the people of Yesterday decided to plan a special picnic for a day in June.  They were very excited about the prospect of such a special picnic and of course they wanted to hold their picnic on an especially glorious, sunny day.  


But the people of Yesterday soon realized they had a problem.  They did not know how  to pick a fine day so many days into the future.  All the townspeople sighed and felt terribly sad when they imagined that rain might fall on the day of the special picnic.  Some even cried as they thought of raindrops falling on their hotdog buns and filling up their muskmelons as if they were boats taking on water.


Mr. Morgan felt especially sad about the possibility of rain falling on the special picnic.  "But what can I do to help?" he said to himself as he paced in his study, twirling his mustache.  "June is such a long way off.  I don't even know the weather for tomorrow.  Not even my marvelous mustache will make the people happy today."


All this thinking about rain made for such sadness in Yesterday that the people of Yesterday finally said, "We cannot plan a special picnic if there is a possibility of rain."


The townspeople of Yesterday posted a sad sign in the middle of Main Street.  The sign said, 'The special picnic has been cancelled due to the possibility of rain.  Whenever a citizen walked beneath the sign, tears came to his eyes.  When Mr. Morgan walked beneath the sign, he felt so sad that his mustache drooped for a moment.  


Eventually the town came to accept that there would be no special picnic in June.  They went about their business as if nothing had changed, but they were never quite as happy as they had been before.  


Only Mr. and Mrs. Morgan were too sad to go about their business.  Though they had never left Yesterday before, they decided to plan a trip to the country to try to forget their sadness.  


Mrs. Morgan suggested a trip in June, so that they would not be in Yesterday during the sad month when the special picnic was to have taken place.  


They took down the big calendar from Mr. Morgan's study wall and they started to turn the pages.  


"April 10, April 20, May l, May 10, May 15," Mr. Morgan said.


"Mr Morgan, what is happening to your lip?" Mrs. Morgan asked with alarm.


"It does feel a bit funny," said Mr. Morgan.


"I believe it's wiggling," Mrs. Morgan said.  "Every time you turn a page of your calendar, your lip begins to wiggle."


"How odd," said Mr. Morgan.  He continued turning the pages of his calendar.  "May 16, May 18, May 20."


"Mr. Morgan!  Your mustache!" yelled Mrs. Morgan.  She jumped up in alarm.


"Whatever is the matter?" asked Mr. Morgan.


"Your mustache is pointing every which way when you turn the pages of your calendar."


"How can that be?" asked Mr. Morgan, in a state of worry, for he was not accustomed to such strange happenings.  "Quick, Mrs. Morgan, get me a mirror."


Mrs. Morgan got her husband a mirror and held it up to his face.  He saw that whenever he turned a page of his calendar, his mustache would point in a new direction.  Sometimes it would point straight up to the sky.  Sometimes it would droop nearly down to the ground.  Sometimes it would point due east and west.  


"How peculiar," said Mr. Morgan.  "Perhaps I am ill from too much worry."


"Could it just be," said Mrs. Morgan, "that your mustache is telling the weather for each day on the calendar?"


"What a marvelous idea, Mrs. Morgan," Mr. Morgan said.  "What is the date today?"


"April the first."


"And the weather is altogether clear and sunny, is it not?"


"It is, Mr. Morgan."


"Let me turn my calendar to April the first and see what becomes of my mustache."  Mr. Morgan turned to April 1.  Immediately his mustache pointed straight up to the sky.


"Call the Town Council!" Mr. Morgan said to Mrs. Morgan.


All the members of the town council gathered in Mr. Morgan's study to witness the pointing up and down and out of his mustache as he turned the pages of his calendar.  "What does it mean?" asked Mr. Morgan.


"We are confident," said the wise people of the town council, "that your marvelous mustache is telling us the weather for all the days to come.."


"Mr. Morgan, what will the weather be on June the 1st?" asked the President of the Town Council.


Mr. Morgan turned his calendar to the month of June.  When he reached June the 3rd, his mustache drooped to the ground.  Everyone sighed.  Tears rolled from Mrs. Morgan's eyes.  "My my," she said.  "Nothing but rain."


When Mr. Morgan turned to June the 5th, his mustache pointed east and west.  "Ah," said the President of the Town Council.  "Part clouds and part sun."


Mr. Morgan turned to June the sixth.  His mustache pointed skyward.


Everyone cheered.  "That settles it," said the President of the Town Council.  "On June the 6th, we shall have our special picnic and enjoy perfect sunshine."


When the citizens of Yesterday heard the news of Mr. Morgan's marvelous mustache, they were overjoyed and they took down the sad sign and put up a happy sign that said,  Special Picnic--June 6--no possibility of rain.


And on June the 6th, the sun shone on their picnic all day long.


From that time on, the people of the town of Yesterday had only to consult Mr. Morgan if they wanted to know the next day's weather.


Even Yesterday's cats and dogs knew to visit Mr. Morgan if they wanted to know whether tomorrow would be a fine day for mousing, or for roaming about the town.


Mr. Morgan was very gracious about his mustache forecasts.  He offered them freely to all who knocked at his door--young or old, two legs or four, rich or destitute.  He charged no fee for his service and asked no favors in return.  So the town loved him well and was proud of his marvelous mustache.

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