An Old Joke

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I heard this in elementary school. I love this joke.
Blondes May find it offensive.

Submitted: December 04, 2008

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Submitted: December 04, 2008



 So. One day a group of three girls decide to go on a one day trip in a desert.

One girl is brunette, another has black hair, and last but not least, is a blonde.

So the three girls are packing up things they think are neccessary for their little trip.

"I think I'll take some food in case we get hungry" says the brunette.

"Well then I guess I'll bring water, because it's the desert. We're going to get thirsty." says the girl with black hair.Then the two both looke expectantly at the blond e who has been just standing there, staring off into space.

"Well?" the other two girls say at the same time.

"Oh! Right! I'll take the car door." she says with a big smile on her face." If it gets too hot, we can roll down the window."

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